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  1. Good Evening Gents, does anyone know if a short shifter for a US Lexus IS300 will fit a UK IS200? thanks david
  2. Im going to wait until Figs has finished the 1st Gen upper camber arm solution and then i will just buy every(geometry related) product they sell and hopefully that should give me the adjustability i need :)
  3. erm ... i use mine everyday! you just have to go very slow over speed bumps or put up with loud horrible noises!
  4. this is mine :) but it has been lowered more since F+R, im on BC RS coilovers - i paid 4X your price and i didnt even get Teins! I think you might be in the wrong place if you are looking for positive feedback on how low the car is! its why i dont have a build thread on here!
  5. JayJay i had the same problem with revolution, they took my money, asked me to sign a disclaimer and told me to raise my car. also i had asked them TWICE that the steering wheel wasnt straight and it was either left or made worse. i really wouldnt bother with them they seem to have all the gear but no idea! im busy trying to convince my lass to go down to scarbourgh for the weekend because thats the nearest WIM approved place! well or edinburgh. ive given up looking tbh but if you find somewhere local that isnt totally incompetent then give me a shout!
  6. my manual has cruise control ;) its an aftermarket kit that a previous owner fitted. i just get the car up to the speed i want, in the gear i want and then press the button and it stays at that speed until i brake or dip the clutch. i can speed up and if i release the acellerator pedal the speed drops back down to what i pressed the button at. if it helps the stalk in my car has EuroCruise II printed on it.
  7. i can see the prices of fiat stilo armrests going through the roof!
  8. nicki - where did you get the exhaust from? i really like it and my standard has started blowing ;)
  9. i think thats how it works but i might be wrong. tbh if you ask whoever is making your replacement studs for M12x1.5 they will be the correct ones.
  10. as far as i know only automatics got it. how to change the stalk? i imagine it would be a couple of screws to remove the cowling and then im not sure without the car infront of me. tbh if you cant work it out just by looking id leave it to a professional.
  11. The way I did it was leave the spring as is and I moved the bottom 'cup' bit up and down and I did mine by trial and error with a big ruler! I got one side how I liked it and then measure the height of the top of the arch and then trialled and error’d the other until it was the same! This was the longest part of the install! if I hadn’t had to mess with the ride heights so much I would have been done in half, if not a quarter of the time! I then the next day I spent all day playing with the damping!
  12. Evening all, Just wondering if a backbox for a jdm 3SGE will fit a UK IS200 and when I mean fit I mean straight bolt on, I know almost anything can be made to fit with enough time/skills/money. I ask because I've found one resonably cheap but it isn't cheap if I have to fanny around making it fit. Thanks David
  13. could someone email me the guide aswell please? thanks
  14. first off wrong section, this is for the 1st gen IS. second, if you dont trust lexus to do this big of a job on your car then who would you have do it? i think you need to be more trusting of lexus considering they designed and built the car. if you are still worried id suggest you repost this question in the 2nd gen forum and see if anyone there has actually had the work done. PS welcome to the LoC. STiX
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