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  1. hi britprius my wife uses it mainly and get 34.8 mpg dont think she has mastered the off throttle bit yet .. ... 50 thats brill .
  2. dont the headlights have an adjustment on them to set the level . my sc430 did?????
  3. Hi john yes realised that refrained from putting in gearbox cheers tho.
  4. well done they are a fab car and for a large unassuming car quite quick...... ask the guy in the focus st turbo at the lights see ya
  5. HI MANY thanks for the input , i bit the bullet and ordered a new shock, when the guys took the adjuster off the top it was leaking from the top .. it now drives superb ... would still like the car a little lower so if another one goes ill be going that route .. on a foot note WOW I LOVE THIS CAR about wolf in sheeps , more like a t rex in a baby chick lol the wife get 33.9 mpg when she uses it and i get a HOOT when i drive it ... best of both as they say .
  6. hi yes the one banging is dry ! if it has locked up can it be unlocked !
  7. only tried bouncing on norm , it solid . looks slightly down on the rear right , had a new one n/s fitted by lexus in june (by prev owner)
  8. hi yes i had it on a ramp thursday the bushes have no play in them .i would call it a BANGING as opposed to knocking the odd thing is you cannot move the back end when you press down on the rear quarter it SOLID , is that correct. cheers
  9. i would try another independent body shop sounds a lot of money to me .
  10. just get a 2 x4 and winter tyres !
  11. brill thanks for getting back so quick , thought it would be ok as it is brilliant stuff , the warning is just incase i suppose , like every thing nowadays to save blame . as i said i used it in an rx8 when everyone siad you couldnt .. what your mpg like as i notice a slight inprovement with it . did you use it in the gearbox as well . i put it in my engine on gs300 sport 2003 and gearbox , and my wife gets 31mpg on straight runs to work and back .
  12. ok just looked through the history and it had a new n/s rear shocker in june this yr ...... by lexus , only 1 fitted ????
  13. so i have been using ZX1 extra lube for years put it in all my cars even an RX8 with no probs , i have just noticed there is a sticker on the new box saying that zx1 have not tested fully in hybrid cars , but some peole have used it with no issues ... the ice part of the car is only a standard internal combustion engine and an electric motor outside of the ice unit , if i am right . there is no crossing over of engine oil to the gearbox / etc or am i wrong . as i would like to put some zx1 in . any help on this would be mucho appreciato