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  1. hi if the tyre is going down after a new one and not punctured test the valve for leaks also could be residue from the old tyre stuck on the rim and not sealing correctly , the same would be true if there was corrosion on the rim (inside ) then a bead seal would do the trick
  2. That's budget tyres for you there's a reason there cheap . Had same with gs430 sport chased the wobble as they were brand new budgets even swopped wheels then put some branded tyres on and he presto no wobble
  3. i personally dont see the cvt as a problem , an auto with paddles will only change (up) when the gearbox is ready so its a full auto .....why not enjoy the gs as it is ....a wonderful car , or do tuo think the cvt is problematic
  4. I WAS GOING TO BUT ANOTHER SC430 BUT THE 3 I VIEWED WERE AWFUL FOR SUCH an luxury car .. in the end i went for a 450h seeries 1 (the faster one ) and a gs300 gen 2 to play with soooooo glad i did the 450h is just amazing , to see the faces of people who you leave behind is brill (sorry bout caps there always on )
  5. hi britprius my wife uses it mainly and get 34.8 mpg dont think she has mastered the off throttle bit yet .. ... 50 thats brill .
  6. dont the headlights have an adjustment on them to set the level . my sc430 did?????
  7. Hi john yes realised that refrained from putting in gearbox cheers tho.
  8. well done they are a fab car and for a large unassuming car quite quick...... ask the guy in the focus st turbo at the lights see ya
  9. HI MANY thanks for the input , i bit the bullet and ordered a new shock, when the guys took the adjuster off the top it was leaking from the top .. it now drives superb ... would still like the car a little lower so if another one goes ill be going that route .. on a foot note WOW I LOVE THIS CAR about wolf in sheeps , more like a t rex in a baby chick lol the wife get 33.9 mpg when she uses it and i get a HOOT when i drive it ... best of both as they say .
  10. only tried bouncing on norm , it solid . looks slightly down on the rear right , had a new one n/s fitted by lexus in june (by prev owner)
  11. hi yes i had it on a ramp thursday the bushes have no play in them .i would call it a BANGING as opposed to knocking the odd thing is you cannot move the back end when you press down on the rear quarter it SOLID , is that correct. cheers