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  1. I want one again.... ae86 needs a young sexy partner
  2. is your name mark? from night-spirit? if not welcome anyway and nice choice if you go for the altezza B)
  3. i think this has been asked in the past and the bottom line is no - It would be cheaper to ditch the system and get something else iir. Do a search on theses threads I'm sure something comes up :winky:
  4. hmm.. i do like the pink as well ....... but not as much as a hot pink
  5. hahaha, sorry dont nkow if it was meant to entertain but i found it amusing as most of my conversation with regards to cars goes a similar way - to start with. All I do is say fine ok and mention nothing of it for a few days, weeks if you can hold out. I basically said ok I'll can that idea full stop. then after a few weeks take her out for a nice meal or somewhere that will lighten her mood gifts and stuff normally help and subtly mention that after trying to concentrate on something else, an altezza chosen to YOUR own spec is still something you want... Well thats how I managed to get 3 cars on our driveway and then 4 cars soon after. I thnik they give in... or my wifey is really understanding and nice Can you not just go ahead bid on a car and win it import it in (without her knowing)and then say look honey there's one for sale to waht i want blah blah blah... that would work?
  6. i tihnk alot of money is wasted as it is... in shipping and so much admin (I thnk its the way they cream more money out of you) even more so with a new car considering the esva and model reports etc. I would probably get an older pimp jzx80 or 90 or an old skool soarer or a 4 door r32 skyline.. or wait until 2008 :)
  7. Importing a car thats going to cost 6-7k plus with only a deposit would be really rare unless you knew them very well i would think... as no one would want to have a car that potentially they couldn't sell, as the fob price would need to be paid before puting the car on the ship. I would like one but is the esva model report thing ok now with manual altezza's or am i looking at waiting until 08 before I look into one.
  8. yes! I miss my altezza, espceially now I have seen some seriously sweeto bits from japan. Ian I'm surprised you didn't take the altezza for a quick blast considering how long you had it unregistered. I would have been so frustrated I would have taken it to a track day or something just to drive it or on a private road...
  9. i got a hook up in that a friend has a contact in japan who deals in cars (owns and works in a garage in tokyo) and buys stuff from yahoo and also cars from auction. I have some bits coming through him. do you have email? the ones on yahoo are genuine ganador ones :D
  10. TRD steering wheel airbag! how jdm tyte is that!!! dont know if its a direct swap over tho?
  11. Just wondering if anyone knows if these keep the power adjustments?
  12. tbh i dont really like them, but if any cars are show cars and need the extra attention then i guess they are o, but i deffo can see the attraction :)
  13. I'm going to find out how much shipping and yahoo fees cost and this agents fee is on top.
  14. Since having a look at whats available for the altezza I thought some of these things would be pretty damn interesting to most of you after some top quality parts!! Sorry to over load!! TRD sport meter panel oil pressure oil temp and water temp (replaces the dash mount box) i think its about £100 link trd cluster! link a little pricey at £360 starting bid!!!!!!!! thats all for now as theres too much to go thorugh
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