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  1. hi got a replacement alternator for my 99 is200 looks like a very easy job but for some reason i cannot get the top bolt out it will turn a little bit but that is it feels like its going to snap off as its so tight is there a special way of getting it out??? any help would be appreciated
  2. hi i have recently put a new battery on my is200 but now it is totally flat and have to jump start it but there is no battery warning light on the dash, could it still be the ultinator or something else flattening the battery?? ive checked if any lights were left on but nothing and after jump starting it and running it for a bit if i turn it off its flat again please can any1 help
  3. just checked turned out to be the high level brake light is not working thanks guys much appreciated
  4. when at biting point there is a wierd creaking noise from the drivers side wheel area i can sometimes feel like a judder in the brake peddle has any1 had this or know what it is any help would be appreciated
  5. when starting up the car the there is no light on but when u use the brakes the hand brake light will stay on constant. can any1 help, thanks
  6. Hi I have a constant squeak from the back end, I think It may be the shocker, wen bouncing up and down on the boot it's from the drivers side, would some wd40 fix it or could it be something else?? Thanks
  7. I'm running 215's on the front and 245's on the back with no rubbing
  8. Hi what performance mods can i do without going down the turbo/super charger route??? Thanks
  9. Who are u insured with? The cheapest i got quoted was 495 befor the interest on paying monthly with out declaring my alloys, im 25 with 6 years no claims driving for 7 years no convictions
  10. Problem finally solved!! Its been doing my head in for ages, thanks for all your advice
  11. Hi where did u get the bonnet protected from?? Cars looks sick mate
  12. hi ive recently changed both front lower ball joints and track rods but there's still a slight knock coming from drivers side, any ideas of what it could be?? thanks luke
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