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  1. Wing Mirror Auto Closure Guide

    I have just made this module and have been testing it for the past few hours, very impressed! Thank you :)
  2. Lots Of Is200 Bits On Ebay

    Do you have the drivers side taillight?? Thanks!
  3. Is200 Drivers Side Tail Light!

    Hi! Got crashed into on the ol' m3 and it didnt make too much mess! new rear bumper and new taillight but i cant find any :( my breakers are empty! Thankies
  4. 2Din Radio In Lexus Is200

    Hi there, I have an aftermarket 2din head unit in mine, it depends on whether you have the amplified version or not, if you have the amplifier (located on the passenger side behind the glove box, you will need an adapter (ebay jobbie) and this plugs straight into the amplifier, then from there straight into an OEM head unit, if you have sat nav it is a separate problem and you need to do some bodging! (i have managed it though so ask if you need a hand) Ta!
  5. Just made this for my 7" double din in car dvd/cd player, and since it looks pretty smart and theres not much else to choose on the interweb i thought i would share it about! Feel free to use it! (usually the splash screens have to be 720x480 pixels so if you do use it and it doesnt fit properly you might have to pop it in paint! If you fancy it in silver just remove the colour so its black and white, works a treat!
  6. Thought i'd better add myself to this new list in case you didnt look through the thread! 1. Dinho- IS200, Manual, XE_03, Sport Style 2. Roger007uk- IS200, Manual, XE_03A, Sport Style 3. D6NGR- IS200, XE01 , Manual , Lexus/TRD Style 4. SpectraBlueMica- IS200, Auto, XE_02, Sport Style (yes i can ship finland mate ) 5. IS200Scott- IS200, Manual,XE_03 ,Sport Style 6. Kerja- IS200, Manual, Xe01, Rising Sun 7. George - IS200, Manual, XE01, Lexus/TRD style 8. bigsteve200 - IS200,XE 03A Auto, lexus/trd style 9. thalystgv - IS200,XE01, Manual Sport style 10. Spiffy - IS200 Manual XE-01, Rising Sun 11. Fugu - IS200 Manual XE-01, Rising Sun (pref) or Sport 12. jacobshep - IS200, XE 03, Manual, Rising Sun 13. Bebby90 - IS200, XE-01, Manual Lexus/TRD style 14. Slimshady - IS200, XE03, Auto, Lexus/TRD style 15. DUB15///IS200,Manual,XE-01,Sport Style 16. is200_chi - IS200 Manual - XE-03A - Lexus/TRD style 17. Rich OB - IS200 XE-01 Auto - #2 Lexus Style 18. Alex Kay - Manual, Sport Style, IS200, XE-01
  7. Hi, i know its a bit late in the day, but is there any chance I could jump on this bandwagon? Manual, Sport Style, IS200, XE-01 - If its too late i understand :)
  8. Aftermarket Stereo With Original Sat Nav

    How did you keep the audio? Or did you just leave it out? Ta :)
  9. Looking For A Leather Trd Gear Knob

    You should pop out the drivers heated seat switch and swap it with the traction control/snow switch, the symmetry looks guuuuuuuuuuuuud :)
  10. Hello, can you help me with a sat nav bypass cable??

    Thanks if you can!! Alex

  11. That Damn Sat Nav Cable

    I know this is a major revival but i have this same problem now?? what was the solution!! thanks :)
  12. Led Scuff Plates Group Buy

    Any of these still going? Ta!