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  1. Loved this infographic on the fastest schlebs in their car! Yanks coming out on top still, they need to get Jay Kay back in to have a go in the new faster car. http://www.carbuzz.c...ear-Infographic
  2. JamesCB

    80 MPH Speed Limit?

    I think it should be variable, depending on type of day and weather.
  3. JamesCB

    Would You Consider The Ct200H?

    Surprised many people are buying them considering the reviews they are getting. This site compiles them all, doesn't make for pretty reading - http://www.carbuzz.co.uk/Lexus-CT Especially brave as no owners can have reviewed them yet, so no one really knows what the true mpg in real world conditions is.
  4. JamesCB

    Bus Lanes

    Just be careful if you're driving around Nottingham. The police regularly set up sneaky traps. Always get loads of customers too ;)
  5. JamesCB

    Ridiculously Expensive Car Options

    What's the colour you got? I couldn't spend that much on paint without seeing it on another car first.
  6. Why do you have to take it to the dealer to do? What would be wrong with a mobile repairer?
  7. Thought you guys might enjoy this post on the most stupidly expensive car options ever - http://www.carbuzz.co.uk/blog/post/Absurdly-Expensive-Car-Options.aspx $6k for an air freshener in a Maybach :o
  8. Autoart models are great, but just so expensive. Don't see quite how it can cost so much?
  9. Ha ha, wonder how many brands make those? Ssangyong cuff links? Perodua cuff links?
  10. JamesCB

    You Tube

    I have pretty poor internet speeds. But for YouTuve I find that if you select a lower quality setting than standard then it helps.
  11. JamesCB

    Would You Consider The Ct200H?

    Why do they have to go so bland on the styling. First the brilliant LFA, then the dull CT...
  12. JamesCB

    Ct200H - First Reviews Out Now

    Not exactly glowing reviews to start off with. Interesting to see what tweaks they make for the first road tests.
  13. JamesCB

    Who Has One?

    I've heard a rumour that the owner of a chain of Lexus garage in the NorthWest of England is getting one. Mitchells is the group name.
  14. JamesCB

    Frozen Washers

    My washer jets always freeze up at the nozzle. Only thing I can do it stick a blanket on the bonnet!