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  1. the 1g-fe is a reliable unit. auto box suits the inline 6 very well. cambelt shear over time so a strict 60k interval is required.
  2. i wonder what the clunk noise was ?
  3. glad to hear. keep the lex, happy motoring -
  4. providing you use a genuine cambelt yes 100k can be run unlike the is200 model where 60k they start to shred out or even before'
  5. give the trader £1500, that's a great car to get as long as you can get insured. as an se model the extras come as standard. the cambelt typically shreds out at 60k approx. so defo get that checked/replaced.
  6. to check the link bars have the car on ramp without jacked up & you could insert a metal bar in between them & give it force up & down to see for any movement. also have a look at the link bushes if perished or worn. if still in doubt & assuming its still the link ends, like above mentioned, undo the bottom shock absorber bolt to apply more pressure on other components & re check them all. hope you get it sorted as these clonks appear louder on these quiet cars -
  7. putting in a little guess & would say look more on to the simple thing of a caliper piston & slide pins.
  8. wow, a glowing lexus badge. looks cool .hmmm ? wonder how it looks on a model in reality..
  9. hey stuart, how you doing ' have you tested it in terms of handling like around corners ? what mm spacers you went for ? not sure about the grip in corners but your going to get a lot more tyre life i can tell ya '
  10. hello & welcome to the forum simon. you can change whatever in any order you like. will make no difference at all to the car or handling. . you may have a reason as to why you are changing to polly bushes ? that will then depend what mm you need. enjoy -
  11. welcome to the forum. ahh I like that colour. . i remember my gti-6 years back, quick cars i must say. must be an animal with a charger ' good power from the Frenchmen! here you have a comfort laid back mpgs lexus. . just chill - :D
  12. howdo david - welcome to the forum buddy '
  13. hello & welcome to the wonderfull forum of lexus ' simply put, you will love the IS200. a micra is a fun car with good reliability. I had a red 1.3 super s in my time! I am now 33 of age driving a 2000 model IS200. I have had them all with the newest being a bmw 330d m sport on a 2008 reg. I still till today choose this car as I am happy/proud with & not to show people what I drive or what I am, if you know what I mean. for me its comfort & reliability that the lexus keeps me locked on with - go go lexus!
  14. they normally pop up at times on ebay. I guess when your looking for something it never seems to appear. keep looking its matter of time. may be someone on the forum is selling one - - oh yeah the TTE bumpers are neat looking, agreed'
  15. door seal around the B pillar post or sunroof seal -
  16. hope you have a safe journey & settle in well there when you go. may I ask what state will you be attending? they love lexus over there with there American muscle cars' majority of auto trans & you will not see a diesel other than the enourmous trucks. you can pick up a higher spec lexus there at a better price & compare to here better running costs over the course of time. better summer conditions, relaxed people, open freeways, good days ahead pete :hocus-pokus:
  17. check your brake weight distribution under braking. as mentioned above earlier it could be something to do with one of your brake calipers sticking or a slight worp on one of the brake disc which the naked eye can not always seem to tell. I only get this problem when the car is driven hard with high tyre pressures & braking hard last moment going over a pot hole or uneven road surface, the abs slightly rejects as its on maximum pressure.
  18. that's good news. I have never heard of that brand but would be looking on a set soon & try them out. its the wet weather I am mostly worried about..
  19. that's a neat drop & nice rims.. not sure about the lights though - i think its a bit over the top should i say - but in the end - its all personal preference fellers' :outforcount:
  20. hi - a picture could help. i would say change the bypass pipe & O rings. then see if any leaks. its the easier step & sounding more like it as its coolant build up on top of the pump - good luck.
  21. its pretty easy i would say once you got the radiator out the way. on a scale of 5 about 2/3 depending on your skills. its all common sense & falls in to place. just make sure the timing is spot on. labour wise expect to pay £80-100 approx.
  22. hmm that noise? as say its only with e shift mode where there seems to be more throttle & torque. i better have another look under the hood incase lexus made a hidden small bolt on turbo running next to nothing psi boost & giving off the baby dumps - in my opinion the handling is not as good as the IS200.. i think may be of the engine weight & 18'' alloys. both have the same suspension setup & geometry. it feels heavier in bends than the 200 too. i guess don't realise might be doing a lot more speed in the 300 than the 200 in to bends as the 300 is a lot more comfy & quiet. upping the tyre pressures help stiffen it up a bit.
  23. not sure about the wiring plug if will fit. and at a guess you may have to use a thicker belt to run it. so hope ebay is right for you -
  24. I have done mine black with calipers all around. gives the alloys a lift. agree with Ian about chavy drums :eerrrmm:
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