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  1. It cost my friend £280 to weld repair and repaint the sills which I think is a decent price. This is the Midlands though with many places offering that kind of service. Best you can do is get some quotes. By the way, you will have a long wait before that engine goes anywhere. Solid!!
  2. If you are planning on changing the car soon then no I wouldn't bother. But if like me you intend to keep the car then yes get them done. My friend had both of his sills done for £300 including repainted!
  3. ebay, Osram night breakers seem to be the desired choice for many IS200/IS300 drivers
  4. Try this
  5. The same happened to me a few years ago, I just carried on driving it and have done since. Upload a photo, it may need a rear bumper if it's cracked. My wheel well was pushed in a bit but I don't use it anyway.
  6. Ive used Bridgestone Potenza S001 and RE040 and RE050, Nokian Line ZR and Nexen nfera SU1. I thought Bridgestone were great until I bought Nokian. The Nokian have been brilliant in the wet, which counts for a lot here in England! The Nexen are probably just as good, but I can't give a good comparison as they are on bigger, wider and heavier wheels. But the grip they give is also superb!
  7. The ones i've organised have been around the West Midlands, mainly near Cannock, Wolverhampton and Birmingham. Think there was about 9/10 of us there at that one.
  8. If you feel confident enough then go for it. Will need tracking after though.
  9. I wouldn't risk it myself. Not for the sake of £20 extra a side.
  10. I had someone who knew what they were doing change them for me. I watched the whole duration, it's a case of having the correct tools, and remembering where everything goes etc. I would use Toyota ball joints from the dealer, or Moog if you can find them. Other than that I wouldn't bother as the cheap ones wont last too long at all based on many iS200's i've seen with a wheel through the wing because of them.
  11. I organised an LOC meet last year, was a good turn out. I was the only one there with a 1st Gen IS, so i felt special! There are a lot of meets/shows happening this year, I can keep you up to date if you want. I may organise another LOC meet for in a few months time. The kick plates peel off, I believe they are just stuck down. Maybe use a heat gun to help ease them off.
  12. I had the same problem for months, I checked every fuse, stripped dome light, battery is new and a lot more powerful than standard. Couldn't figure it out. All I know is, at the moment my boot light isn't working, but central locking is fine now. I do have 2 amps running off my battery, but not sure if this should cause me that problem.
  13. Have you tried reprogramming the key? Or disconnect the battery etc, it's worth a try. Bit of a strange one as the boot opens off the fob but not the doors. I'd be leaning towards fob issue.
  14. Glad you found the issue, this is a common problem, and had I seen this post I would have pointed you in that direction first.
  15. Maybe in the IS250/220d section of the forum, we are IS200/IS300 owners here..
  16. Use 5w30 oil, it's best for our cars and that's all i've ever used. Also if you type in ebay IS200 oil filter you will find a genuine Toyota filter amongst the items for sale. I bought mine from there and it came from a Lexus dealer.
  17. Try Lexus, these ECU's are self learning, so you should never have a problem with it being standard/basic
  18. I knew you would get it off, just takes a good tug that's all.
  19. You wont break it, I had that same fear when I was tugging at mine for the first time, you have to give it a good yank. I've took mine out more times than I can remember. It wont break. All you have to do is make sure the icons you have on your dials are the same that's all. SO compare your imagine to what you can see on ebay and match them up that way. If you want, tomorrow i'll make a video of how easy it easy to pull top tray out, and mine is a sat nav so more bulky.
  20. You have to pull the top tray out (heater vents are part of the tray), it does take some force. Remove the unit under the stereo which houses the heated seat buttons etc, this pulls out. Then there will be some bolts exposed 2 at the top 2 at the bottom, 10 or 12mm it's been a while since i've done it. Unscrew the bolts and the units come out, there should be some screws that hold them into the brackets on both sides. Let me know if you get stuck.
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