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  1. yeah i read that, damn like the manual is 470 road tax! wtf! what is the auto like as i would consider that if it good, i do prefer manual more tho anyone drove a auto and manual? what better?
  2. ok i think i sort of get you diesl is better mpg but the price of it you dont get much saving unless you doing millage?
  3. well id say i usual do town driving or to collage which max is only 10 miles, but do do long distances every now and again. yeah the scare storys dont put me off you get them on all cars really. well what are the spec diffrences ie, 220d, se sport, 250,se,sport. as im want the top spec one if i can in my price range, multi media so dont have to upgrade at later date, also think the center looks awful with out the screen. well is the 250 not similar mpg to the is200? just want somthing newer and if i do end up doing any mods it will be just lowerd and alloys not like all stuff i dont to my is200 as insurance and mot's etc is a hassle! and expense.
  4. well its just the 220d gun get more mpg than the 250, no i drive my is200 like an old man no flooring it or anything like that! its just because its modded, but want somthing newer and similar and like how lexus and how they drive interiour etc, and compared to other cars i looked at bmw 320d the lexus just i think looks alot nicer and seems better equipped if i get one with screen multimeda system. not 100% sure yet but dont want to spend more than 7k i can do but want to set a limit or ill just end up getting a f-sport or somat!
  5. Hi, Love how much is200 drives and feels but, getting old and want somthing newer and not as fuel heavy, Just want to know what to look out for on a 220d any common faults? with my is200 my mpg is on avarage 19-21 max ive had is 25, whats the 220d like? i want a good spec one but not sure what specs they did? im looking at some in the 05-07 age due to my price budget.
  6. just get one from japan a Greddy one cost me 145 including shiping and uk duty fees
  7. Damn Thats So cool il have to get some with my mates Camera Of My supercharged is200 and his 200sx.
  8. yeah and oil level and pressure come on to i think.
  9. not sure it might be 4" yeah just got one now.
  10. yeah the backbox should my blitz nur spec said it was for the altezza sxe10 but it fits the is200 too.
  11. i have one like that i like it but mine is more flush with the body.
  12. Get some Measuring Calipers and check the measurement between the bottom locking nut and top to see if they the same, if not adjust, ive had coilovers on my cars and if i wasnt parked on a level surface it looked like the rear wheel was 5mm away from the arc while front 15mm but if i turned my car around front was 5mm rear 15mm, it dose it on stock suspension but because of larger arc gaps not that noticable.
  13. Hi all just after some idea's info So AJ is selling his TTe supercharger and i really want it, only thing is im north hes south so long way to travel, Ideally He would want someone to buy it and come and remove from his car, im ok at mechanics but not done anything of this caliber so to remove and fit it im not sure, also wouldnt want to do anything wrong on A.J's ride. For me the best way would be for him to get it removed and pick it up or get it couriered to me, only thing is where or who could remove it from his car? Any ideas on what would be the best way or places he could get the TTE kit removed and Couriers that could pick up something this big? Nothing Final sorted out between me and A.J just after your idea's/help
  14. lol why dont you just put a hose into the air intake and as your driving, BLOW!
  15. ok i got a tip check the parts you get as the bit with the spring pin mechanism is stuck out so you can get the tensioner idler in
  16. i do like them spoliers but you have to have a very modded looking car to pull if off get slammed with a body kit get you car a bit drift spec and it would work then.
  17. Sorry to hear it mate, Damn dis just make me sick my dads had every lexus and jag hes ever had keyed had to get sprayed up and polished not sure what he payed tho.
  18. Hi all just decided to post pics and info on what im doing to my car maybe not to everyones taste but i like it, Its a SE 03 plate It at stock with just gold rims that i did myself. Changed to a sport grill, and i have moved the horns now. Apex lowering springs. messy drop links New droplinks at oulton park with the sxoc ive got a tom's panel filter dont realy want to make a CAI dont think it looks right on the lexus unless with a new engine cover. I want some alloys now but not sure what size and offset to get? i want the alloys to come out a bit to line up with the bodywork, also what sort of width can you get on would 9.5j be biggest? and has anyone got 19" or 20" on would like to see that, any ideas welcome as im not sure what to do, more sporty looking or blingy?
  19. Hi guys im going to do my timing belt this weekend as im at 8yrs and 60,000 miles so needs doing, are there any do's and dont's to follow, ive read up and have the lexus workshop manual so pretty sure what im doing, only thing is the crankshaft pully, i have an impact wrench will that get it off(if i can fit it in) and will i need to put the car in gear to hold it while trying to crack it loose? ive heard of the pry bar on the floor and turing engine over method is it safe? if anyone has any good tips of rules to follow to make the job easier please post, thanks.
  20. just use the gromet from the box, im guna leave the stock box in and just get a toms filter.
  21. just take it out put in over to break the seal and then re-seal with silicone, cheap way but does the job
  22. take a pic of coilovers il help you with what you need to do but need to see it
  23. yeah ive made custom ones befor for my celica, but the stock box was horrible, lexus is nice, also most air intakes i see for the is200 go over the exhaust side, wont that just warm the air and defeat the object?
  24. hi mate how long you had an is? yeah i think ill just get a new panel filter i dont really wana get rid of the stock box.
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