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  1. How did you fix your cd deck problem? Mine wont work. The tape works great but not the cd deck... is it costly to fix it? ive got a cd stuck in there now as well (upside down)... HELP... !!!
  2. Is 200 Cd Player

    Hi ive just bought a Lexus IS 200 03 Reg. Very nice car, very tidy etc... BUT.. The CD player isnt working!! The Tape deck is working great but the CD player will accept discs to load, BUT then won't play them. Does anyone have any ideas please? In my attempts to get it working, I have now also got a disc stuck (DUH).. as i think i may have inserted it upside down and now it won't eject..!! This was AFTER i had discovered it wasn't playing, so i know that disc isn't the problemAlso someone please tell me i don;t have to take it to a dealer to get it fixed. Kind Regards Kev