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  1. Hello to all LOC members After many a year away from the site I thought I would check up and see if you were still alive and kicking, glad to see you all are! From a quick search on here I see all things Lexus have moved on... Unlike me! lol I still have my old IS200... Have had it for about errrrm 10 years now and still love it... Well apart from the mpg but you can't have everything! Which leads me to my questions... Who has owned their Lexus the longest? Who's is in the best condition for its age? Mine is a 99 plate IS200 sport which I have owned for 10 years and has covered a staggering 77.000 miles lol... Not a spot of rust on it and has only ever cost me the sum of my front shock absorbers and a ignition coil, not bad for 10 yrs motoring?... It even still has all 3 keys, and the spare wheel it came with in the boot unused! (probably no good now lol) Just a hello to all you LOC'ers and to say HI again :-)
  2. Don't hold your breath, its rubbish lol There i was last year, oooh its snowing! got in the car and to my amazment the car didn't move from the same spot for 5mins, traction is awful in the snow. Snow button made it worse. Honestly, they should of left that switch blank or put a 'get out of jail free' button in instead ← Summer tyres in winter conditions by any chance?? The snow button works perfectly well when it is used in the correct positions. It really does still amaze me the amount of poeple that think pressing the "snow" will turn the car into a "go anywhere" machine - james bond isnt real! A QUESTION: what do people expect to happen when they press the snow button??? ← For it to actually do something? Same as when I press that little mirror button the door mirrors close and when I press the heated seat button my arse gets warm? Lets face it, a button that needs a grands worth of winter tyres to work is sort of USELESS?
  3. Got one here Let us know where to send it :)
  4. Had same problem with mine Was a flat battery
  5. nice one Welcome back Geoff :D
  6. YES from me too Would be great to see him back on here :)
  7. Scorpion is now banned. ← Anees...Sorry but... Pete banned himself!
  8. Gord... I couldn't give a **** what you or besty thinks... Are you really so sad you are relaying things to him? To tell you the truth... And I really am biting my tongue here... just try getting out more mate.
  9. Guess thats because Steve and all his minions are sticking pins in Anees, Besty, Gord and Scorpion dolls? Grow up chaps!
  10. Looking good Marcus... those wheels look stunning! I want I want I want!!!
  11. Gord... I know you are up Besty's arse and all that but do you have to keep going on about it? For ***** sake!!! :shutit:
  12. Guess its just been more of the same Peter...not much changes round here
  13. A bit late but... many happy returns Steve :)