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  1. Happy Birthday GaryC!

  2. Had all sorts of rattles and creaks since I bought my IS250 new three years ago. Dealers have been poor at trying to fix it. The worst is the rattling sound from the door near the seat-belt housing. Been in four times and never fixed. I find out recently it's the striker pins in the doors that needed a bit of duct tape wrapping round then. Great - fixed a month before I sell it :-( Other annoying rattle is from passenger seat when no-one is sat in it (may explain why Sunny K can't demo rattle to dealer ?). Another rattle from glove box. Rattles galore.
  3. Hi again, My car is to be handed back at the end of April and the residual is £12600. The Jag dealer I am buying my new car from says this value is low and not to hand it back. He said I'd get considerably more for a private sale but he has offered my a £13,500 trade in and says I can still negotiate on screen price of the new car I'm getting. Should I accept this offer or try to sell privately ? As I stated in my original post the car has a small dimple dent, small scratch (about 5mm wide by 20mm) and minor scuffed front alloys. It's mint inside, has factory fitted spoiler. multimedia and Lexus iPod connectivity. It's done 37,000 miles. By end of next month it will have done about 39,000 miles. The Jag dealer says the £13,500 offer is up to end April so I can run my Lexus for another month and still get the £13.5k. It's silver on 08 plate. Any advice on what's best ? Would I get £14-£15k private ? Gary
  4. I have the Dunlop SP Spotmaxx tyres (17") from new when I bought the car. I have done 34,000 miles but I am still at 3mm on the rear tyres !!! The front set have been replaced last week and the tyre place told me that my pressures were too low or else I would have the same on those. I am flabbergasted at the back tyres lasting 34k and I don't drive it slow. I do a 40 mile round trip a day to work and it's a clear run on A roads and motorway.
  5. Thanks for the help. This is very useful info. Particularly about the lower mileage not making any difference. Right I'll stick a couple of front tyres on and go on a few trips to eat some miles up before I hand it back (or trade it in). I think Lexus are a bit sly. When I rang up the dealership they said the finance is nothing to do with them - it's all to do with finance company. All very well but they don't act like this when they are selling you the car - it's all one big happy Lexus family. They treated it like it was some joe bloggs finance company that are nothing to do with Lexus at all. DJP's stopry about Merc trying to get as much money as they can and threatening legal action just stinks.
  6. Hi all, My 08 reg IS250 SE-L Multimedia 3 year deal finishes in April. It has guaranteed residual of £12600 and I have received the letter from Lexus asking me what I want to do. The monthly payments I am paying are based on 42k over the 3 years but I have only done 33k so by time April comes the mileage will be approx 36-37k. However the car has a couple of minor marks, scuffed alloys (front two tyres) and a small dimple dent in passenger door. The back tyres are still fine but front tyres will need replacing very soon. The condition inside is nearly perfect and back seats unused. Will Lexus try to knock loads of money off the residual because of these minor knocks even though my mileage is £5k under ? Or is it best to sell it privately ? The other option is to keep it another year but am I missing out on the guaranteed residual and if I don't take it now the car will plummet in value and I'll have to sell on later at a bigger loss ? Gary
  7. It's by no means a perfect unit but there are two things that are so annoying. 1. You cannot see the track list when on the move (yep it's supposed to be a saftey feature but you can do loads of stuff on the navigation screen so it doesn't make sense). 2. If you turn of the engine and re-start the Playlist reverts to "LAST SELECTED". Why can't they just leave the playlist name alone ??? Is there some firmware upgrade avaiable ? If not who do at Lexus would I contact to ask if there is an upgrade ? Thanks.
  8. I'm going to try that Steve. Someone on the Merc forum said that. Cheers for the advice.
  9. It doesn't look anything like the rear of a Hyundai. A case of the green eyed monster maybe ? Well done for choosing a class motor. I'll be joining you in the next few months - should have replaced my last Merc with another one.
  10. No, for £32k I'd expect a rattle-free car- I agree with you there. My 9 year old IS200 is rattle free, so a new/newish £32k car HAS to be rattle-free IMHO. Is there another dealer that you could try to get the rattles fixed? What will you replace the IS with? Cheers mate. Probably a new model C-Class. OR anything that's rattle-free.
  11. After going to the dealers twice to have dreadful rattles fixed they've come back again. There is an annoying rattle from around the armrest area that I just cannot locate. It went away for a few months but is back with a vengeance. It's a constant rattle even when driving on a smooth road ! The worst thing though is the very noticeable creak around the top of the door window fram (in the corner near my right ear). I originally thought it was from inside the seat belt housing but I now know it's caused by the door frame black seal. I know this because after I shut the door if I wedge a piece of card in the corner of the frame at the top the creak goes away. Because of the rattles and creaks it just not feel like a quality car and I'm fed up with it now. The problem is the dealers are so helpful and try their best to fix. They bend over backwards letting me drop it in for 3 days to let them have a proper look at it, getting a techy to ride in the car with me to try to locate the rattles and the usual great Lexus service. But they are fighting against an awful product. Ok I know that not everyone suffers from these rattles and creaks but once you've got them they can't seem to fix it. Last time I emailed customer service to say what a disasterous experience this car is and can someone from customer service speak to me about it there are serious issues with the product. But no they just forward it to my dealer and they have to put up with me whingeing again. I don't want to be hassling my dealers and want some answers off Lexus. With regards the door creaks it's more than just rattles it feels like the doors are loose in effect ! Am I being unreasonable to expect to be driving a fairly rattle free car for £32k or should I be putting up with a car that feels like it has been put together with paper clips ? Does the manufacturer really care or do they just want to bat it back the the local dealer and let them sort it out ? I'll never get another Lexus again and I've had three now.
  12. I've had the dreaded creak around the seatbelt housing for the 18 months I've had the car. It's been into Lexus twice but they can't fix it. I fixed it only the other day by jamming a small piece of folded up cardboard in the corner of the door frame where the black seal is. Basically it "tightens" the seal. Now all I need to tell Lexus is how to fix it permanently so I don't have to wedge it in each time and it falls out when I open the door !
  13. I've posted so much about the rattles in my and the threads are getting a bit long so I'm starting a new thread. The latest on the rattles I had are one terrible rattle near the armrest which was constant (even when not going over bumps !) and the creak near my seatbelt housing. Well one of the rattles (the worse one) has gone and it was found purely by accident ! My missus pressed the CD eject button by mistake and I decided to take all the CDs/DVDs out to have a change (i've not changed them at all as I listen to my MP3). Anyway I left the CDs out and didn't replace them - when I drove the car the rattles had gone !!! So there's one to check ! It's booked in for June to have the last rattle/creak fixed near the seatbelt housing and the tech guy is confident he can fix it. Fingers crossed but I think all the rattles are gone and it's now sounding and feeling like it should do.
  14. Steve, Get the car booked into Lexus and get a tech to drive out with you while you demonstrate the rattles. Have a look at my threads on rattles - I've had a whole host of them and the worst one is the central dash area rattle when going over bumps. They drive you mad !!! Get them to line the dash console with felt - that should cure it. I've just had my car in today to get the last rattle/creak fixed - it's a noise near my right near (near seatbelt housing) when going over bumps. The tech who I drove with acknowledged the sound and said it can be fixed so it's booked in in a few weeks. One very annoying rattle that occured near the centre armrest and lasted months was fixed by pure accident on Saturday. I tried everything to locate it to no avail but the source of the rattle was bizarre ! My missus pressed the CD eject button by mistake and I had to take all CDs out to get the right one out. I just left them out til I got home and guess what - the rattle is no more ! So basically felt pads around the centre consoles should cure most rattle. Lexus will do this under warrranty. Hope this helps ! Gary
  15. This sounds like the problem I have. So are there door catches in the vicinity of the seatbelt hosing then ?