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  1. Recently purchased an '06 220d and getting a lot of vibration through steering wheel and floor pan - even the rear view mirror vibrates ! ! It happens when I am in any gear and running at below 2500/3000rpm - it's just as if I am in too high a gear for speed travelling at I have to take the car up to 35mph in second before move up to third - if I change before, it vibrates badly until I get it up to that speed Same from third to fourth - can't change up until 45mpg+, or it starts vibrating Fourth to fifth needs to be 62mpg+ without vibrating Fifth to sixth needs to at 78mpg+ I am used to bigger engine petrol automatics - IS IT MY DRIVING STYLE AND/OR THE CHARACTERISTICS OF THE CAR - AS I DON'T WONT ANY PERMANANT DAMAGE TO HAPPEN I'm no mechanic and would really appreciate some help/guidance Richard
  2. Hi, All Not a mechanic by any means and need some help Recently purchased an IS 220d, as a swop for my volvo It's a 2006 and only has 15400 genuine miles on it Had to take it back to volvo as there is a strong vibration felt through the steering wheel and floor pan and even the rear view mirror vibrates To stop the vibration I have to wait until it reaches 45mph before changing up from 3rd to 4th, 64mph before changing from 4th to 5th, 78mph before changing up to 6th If I change up before, to put in to right gear, the car seriously vibrates and I'm afraid if I continue something may go seriously wrong It feels as if the car is being driven in too high a gear for the speed of the car There are no warning lights on ! ! ! Volvo have taken it back to Lexus who have "cleaned out EGR - refit, checked DTCs none stored No Bullitins regarding this model" Don't know what this means, but the car is still vibrating Has anybody any ideas or help as to how to reectify or what to do before something major goes wrong Richard
  3. Hi All I'm a new member and wondered if anyone can help - the dealerships have been no help at all and I've emailed Lexus direct (twice) and not received a response Bought a 400h in September 2010 and kept it for 3 months and decided to go for model and spec upgrade to 450h I was assured that the 450 would give 44 mpg, mile after mile with combined motoring I've done 5000 miles in 8 weeks and constantly get 32/33 mpg I closely monitor consumption data and the green band and the average dials I don't go above 78mpg on motorways I don't have a heavy right foot and too old to be a boy racer I'm an Advanced Driver and believe I read the road and other drivers reasonably well, to avoid heavy accelertion and braking I do a lot of miles and 10mpg would be a big saving - as I was led to be believeable by the Dealership Any tips, experiences or remedies to help will be appreciated