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  1. I may have asked this before, but can't find the post. Do I need 'ordinary' spark plugs when running LPG?. I notice on Fleabay a seller knocking out Bosch Super Plus for £16 for all eight plugs, whereas Denso Iridium come in anywhere between £40-£80.
  2. thatfatbloke

    Spark Plugs

    Thanks mate. I've got this to look forward to in a few weeks!.
  3. Anyone else having trouble finding LPG at the moment?. My two local ones were expecting deliveries last Friday, but are both still without.
  4. thatfatbloke

    Loss of headlights

    Happened again on Saturday. This time in slow moving traffic, dashboard lights went out and lost power steering, engine still runs and driveable albeit with heavy steering. Into park, ignition off, start engine again, no problem for rest of journey. Forgot to fiddle with key to see if it's that. Off to the mender man it is then.
  5. My old girl will be 21 years old on 20th August this year. LPG fitted about 10 years ago. Now on 160,000 miles and a pleasure to drive. Originally an 'R' reg, but couldn't resist buying the number plate.
  6. Yesterday evening I was wafting down a fairly fast A road, when all of a sudden the headlights and dashboard lights went out. I won't say what I said on here, but a quick off/on of the switch restored the headlights, but the dashboard lights needed a swift slap on top of the dash for them to come back on. Didn't do it again for the rest of the journey. I'm about to go out and test the battery connections as that's the only thing I can think of that may cause that. Any other ideas please?. Ta.
  7. Not if I can help it!. I have had to do a small job on her '05 Mercedes C320 oil burner today (again). I knew she would ask to borrow my LS to get to work, but I had pre-empted that one, telling her I needed it to go and get stuff for her car as hers was not safe to use until fixed. It meant having to give her a lift of course, but heyho. She is a wonderful, calm and patient woman - until she gets behind the wheel, then she grows horns. The road is hers, nobody else has the right to be there at the same time as her. Woe betide anyone who even thinks of overtaking her or burning her away at the lights. Don't bother, you won't win. The language sometimes is quite shocking from someone who otherwise would say nothing worse than 'damn'. Having said that she has never had an accident in the 25 years I've known her (probably caused a lot though). She was taught to drive by an ex Met. Police training geezer who apparently preferred his pupils to use the gearbox for slowing down, touching the brake pedal was a last resort and reserved for emergencies or 'pansies' only!. It took me years to get out of the habit of hovering my right foot over the imaginary brake pedal when I was a passenger and thinking 'I would have been braking by now'. She absolutely loves the LS, as do I, and admits that it is a far superior car to her Merc. though the LS is 8 years older. We have had no amount of older Mercs, W124's a W126 and a few 190e's all far better cars than more modern Mercs. They were great up until about '95, then took a nosedive. Must go, I've got to go and pick her up. Guess which car I shall be taking.
  8. Unbelievably she was MOT'd (straight through) and taxed in June this year. MOT was done in East London, when the car still lives in Eastbourne. Hmmmm......................
  9. I seem to remember a while ago reading of a system whereby there was a flap (or two) in the exhaust which when a switch was activated on the dash,the flaps would open and give the sound desired. With flaps closed the exhaust would sound normal. I personally prefer the quietness of my MK3, but every now and then I get the wind up my jacksy and would love to hear a mighty 'burble' even for just a few seconds,then shut the flaps again. A long time ago I had a V8 Range Rover with a decaying exhaust,she sounded lovely - until the Plods gave me a tug.
  10. She went straight through the MOT yesterday with no advisories. Well chuffed. The bit that miffs me is the fact that I don't get a reduction on RFL for LPG. The CO limit is a max of 3.5% and mine was 0.0%,the max for HC is 1200 ppm and mine was 64 ppm.
  11. thatfatbloke

    Oil change done...

    I too had a W124 300TE a few years ago,so easy to work on (if ever needed). God,I loved that car.
  12. thatfatbloke

    Oil change done...

    I have arms like a gibbon. There was no way I could have got my blubbery body actually under the car. Most awkward bit was locating the rear screw of the under tray into it's hole to reattach,but realised afterwards that I could have left the two rear screws in place to complete the operation. It would have meant having to hold the bowl to catch the oil as the bowl would have sat on the under tray at an angle. Had to lay on my left side for most of it,and that's the side that I had a hip replacement on six years ago. I paid for that the next morning,hip hurt like hell.
  13. A bit out your way,but closer than Wales - New Farm Motor Services in Alresford near Winchester. They serviced my LPG last December.
  14. ......all went well,but hate the plastic cover thing under the engine!. Managed to do the whole procedure without using any jacks or axle stands....just. Sump plug a bit tight,but for once the oil filter hadn't been screwed on by a gorilla. Did consider leaving the cover off as the four screws (I think) in the middle were all missing,but persevered and got there in the end. Five litres of oil got to the full mark on the dipstick,but will check after a few miles and top up if necessary. Six litres of Castrol Magnatec 5/30 £41.99 and a Fram filter £6.99,both from Fleabay. The jobs a goodun. Now on with tiling the bathroom.............
  15. Been getting a squeal from the n/s/f. when braking or,strangely enough,when turning right but not braking. Took it to the mender man yesterday who immediately noticed a lip on the outside of the disc. He removed the pads and ground them down a bit so they don't touch the lip. He obviously advised new discs for the long term. All seemed fine for about two miles but then the noise started again. The noise disappears above about 20 mph,or when it rains. What I can't work out is how it squeals when turning right,but not braking.