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  1. My old MK3 was L400 UFO and gold in colour. Sold it earlier this year to someone in the London area. Showing as SORN at the moment though.
  2. I see he doesn't mention the two different shades of gold paint , the usual radio display LCD problem or the banging from front nearside under hard braking at slow speed, I assume he must have found a used power steering pump from somewhere and replaced the u shaped pipe too. I thought MK 3's were 270 BHP too, not 284. I knew he was a small time (Polish) trader though I think the bloke selling it is his son. You never know I may buy her back as I really loved her, just didn't have the time the space or the finances to fix her.
  3. I listed her on ebay on Thursday at 15.00 and within twenty minutes a bloke hit the buy it now button. I thought it would be a messer, but the guy duly travelled 80 miles yesterday to pick her up and drive her home leak and all. He's a trader in the North London area and he reckons on getting her fixed up and re-sold. So keep an eye out for her. 'L400 UFO' plate, gold MK3 with LPG, MOT September, 162000 miles. My long suffering wife asked me if I would buy another LS, I said probably not as the three LS's I've owned have all come to a sticky end. The first one failed at the hands of the MOT tester (all four coil springs broken plus another couple of things which would have cost around £800 to repair). The second one was written off when a 1965 mini collided with the rear end, and this was the third one. I have always had to buy at the bottom end of the market so should expect problems, but there again I could have spent considerably more and still had the same problems. I am now the (not so) proud owner of a 1997 Volvo V70 2.0 non turbo estate which the previous owner seems to have been using to demolish gate posts and street lights with!. Oh well, who knows, one day I may return to the fold of LS ownership, but only when I have enough money to pay for repairs too. Happy New Year.
  4. Had the power steering leak looked at today (see previous thread). The pump is leaking as is the pipe that runs close to the radiator. The garage phoned around everywhere about the pump, but kept being told 'main dealer only'. Main dealer want £1900 for the two items!!. Can't really use her anymore as fluid is leaking on to the alternator and making the electrics cut out. I could wait and see if I can find a used pump I suppose, but I need a car to get to work every day. So I am afraid she will have to go to the great scrapyard in the sky, which is a shame as I really loved her.
  5. Booked in to be looked at on Thursday as seems to be affecting alternator. I've now lost the lights on a couple of occasions early morning on way to work. Not ideal!. Fingers crossed.
  6. I am having to top up my fluid regularly now. About a quarter of a cupful when it starts hollering after about 200 miles. I know that this is a known issue with the LS, and the fluid can leak on to the alternator, messing that up as well. No problems with the alternator so far. I'm too old 'n fat to go messin' around under cars these days, and space looks in short supply from the top. Where is the most likely place the leak is liable to be so I can inform Mr Mender Man next week?. Ta.
  7. The old girl went straight through the MOT on Saturday with one advisory for 'offside front seat lower support loose'. When I enquired about the slight squealing from the front brakes, I was told that it was possibly due to 'anti squeal shims' or something similar. Apparently plenty of meat on discs and pads which was my concern. I'll have to get my man to have a look, it's not very Lexuslike and I want it to stop.
  8. Now there's an idea. Cheaper than the respray I was pondering on, and I wouldn't have to park it six miles away from the Tesco car park to avoid the dings and scratches.
  9. Hi. It's been a while. It's about time I did something about the slightly different shades of gold on my old girl. It seems that the bonnet roof and boot lid are a lighter shade, also strangely the fuel filler flap. Is there anything available that would get her back to being the same colour all over please (other than a respray)?. I can't seem to find a product similar to T-Cut specifically for gold. Thanks.
  10. Phil, was this somewhere local to us (Sussex)?. I sold my old written off LS to a guy in Peacehaven 2.5 years ago as he wanted the engine for his Hilux. I doubt if he would have kept it this long though.
  11. Appears to have had an under bonnet fire to me, but may be just very bad paint work. I suppose the number plate could be sold to someone that lives in Bala………..possibly.
  12. I may have asked this before, but can't find the post. Do I need 'ordinary' spark plugs when running LPG?. I notice on Fleabay a seller knocking out Bosch Super Plus for £16 for all eight plugs, whereas Denso Iridium come in anywhere between £40-£80.
  13. Thanks mate. I've got this to look forward to in a few weeks!.
  14. Anyone else having trouble finding LPG at the moment?. My two local ones were expecting deliveries last Friday, but are both still without.
  15. Happened again on Saturday. This time in slow moving traffic, dashboard lights went out and lost power steering, engine still runs and driveable albeit with heavy steering. Into park, ignition off, start engine again, no problem for rest of journey. Forgot to fiddle with key to see if it's that. Off to the mender man it is then.
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