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  1. Is there a way of finding out which valves I need without looking at it ? fyi I don't have headlight washers. Thanks for your help
  2. Thanks for the advice and pics! This is a great help. Same problem on my 2008 IS250, 92k miles. I'm going to give it a go next week.
  3. Yes, indeed. There are a couple of lowering springs that are either compatible with, or have been developed for, the 450h eg RSR Down Sus I haven't driven a 4th gen 450h with the adaptive dampers. If the F-sport 450h has slightly lower springs, I'd expect it to handle a little better in normal mode, in comparison to normal mode in the Luxury version. And if it does, then that would suggest that lowering springs would help someway. However, I understand there are other factors in the mix, including different anti roll bars and bigger wheels (dampers in normal mode). I'd expect the rear steer to effect handling more than body roll. However, this is new territory for me and I appreciate the thought provoking input. I'll have to buy an F-sport 😛
  4. Thanks. No, there aren’t any suspension problems. And I guess it all depends what you are used to. My preference however is to have less body roll whilst maintaining comfort. The GS is not renowned for being particularly sharp in terms of handling, or for feeling particularly connected to the road. However, it does tick many other important boxes!
  5. Has anyone lowered a GS450h 2012-on ? The GS350 is commonly lowered in USA, the top most common springs used are: 1. Swift Sport 2. Tanabe NF210 3. RSR Down Sus 2 and 3 state they are suitable for the 450h. The stated spring spec's are exactly the same as the spec for the 350. My concern is, does the additional weight of the hyrbid battery at the rear of the 450h have a detrimental effect, and make it noticeably lower at the rear compared to the front? Main interest: Have you lowered your 450h, or 300h, and if so, what springs did you use? Happy with the results? My aim is to reduce body roll and to improve handling whilst largely maintaining ride comfort. The most straightforward and cost efficient route is via suitable lowering springs. Happy to hear about other suitable and proven methods that you may have used on your 450h/300h, but am keen not to stray off topic. Thanks in advance Julian
  6. Anyone have a spare OEM rear diffuser for a 2012 GS complete with exhaust inserts/tips? I prefer the ones on the 250 with the chrome exhaust tips, albeit they are fake. The hybrid diffuser is a little understated! - see pics below Thanks in advance.
  7. Have you upgraded your gen4 GS bumper? If so, do you know a good supplier for a new front bumper? I have the 2012 Luxury, but think the F-sport bumper looks more the part! I've seen a couple of options: Upgrade to standard 2012 F-sport bumper Slight modification with: Facelift modification:
  8. Cheers both. It is a great car! Matador red, Luxury Spec, with large Nav screen and ML. It's in need of an F-sport front bumper though! Cactus - definitely! The 450's hold their value very well too!
  9. Thanks all. It's frustrating that it's not available. I expect its not disabled in South Africa!
  10. Hi all, just picked up a 2012 GS450h - love it so far...! Previously had a GS300 2005, and still have an IS250.
  11. Does anyone know how to set a GS 2012-on to auto-lock? As mentioned in the older posts, the feature is not in the menu on the 'nav' screen. There are many options for unlocking. Thanks in advance!
  12. Thanks for responding so quickly. Good to know about the exhausts. I appreciate that it is very very unlikely to be paint, paint flaking off is just the best way I could think of trying to describe what I was seeing. And after some more googling, I agree, it certainly doesn't look like carbon deposits. I did my best to take some pics - but haven't been able to capture the detail with my phone camera. Will upload asap. I took the car for a run after having removed & replaced the oil filler cap, and it drove well with no noticeable strange sounds or problems, but I'm no mechanic! Thanks again for your help, I appreciate it.