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  1. lexus owners - what did we drive before?

    Ford Fiesta 950 cc Mark I Ford Fiesta 1.1 Mark II Ford Puma 1.4 Ford Puma 1.7 Ford Focus 2.0 Mark I Lexus CT200h Toyota Auris Sport Tourer Lexus IS300h Sport
  2. Customise Image

    Here is a copy of my one that I use. You could try that just as a test. I'm sure my son wont mind.....
  3. If it's the same as Toyota, then every 2 years.
  4. SatNav map updates

    No, it came with the old maps when I picked it up from the dealer brand new :( I just want to be able to update the maps myself. Happy to buy the maps from eBay, just not sure what the dealer does that the average tech can't do. Non premium nav doesn't have sd card but seems to allow map update via USB. Just not sure how
  5. SatNav map updates

    Hi all, I have a non-premium Nav 66 plate IS with the following: Map version: 02-36-00 Software Version: VC18101B Then in another part I have: Model ID: 13LHDAEU-CC03 LE.40.35 Gracenote Ver 05377 From what I'm reading it seems I need to visit a dealer to get all this updated to the latest version. Is this strictly true? All options seem to have an "Update from USB" option I have no problems buying whatever I need from eBay or whatever. Car is only 4 months old and from this thread the map is out of date already. I'm a tech guy so have no issues playing around but I just don't see why it needs a dealer to do things. I have an account on Lexus-tech but without TSB numbers I'm guessing as to what is needed. im just one of those fellas that likes to keep his firmware up to date as possible
  6. New Group Member

    Finally got the balls to do it was really easy in the end only removed the door one for now
  7. Morning IS

    Freshly polished.
  8. Here is everything I bought for mine and it works. I have iPhone. Complicated video of it in action....
  9. New Group Member

    Anyone brave enough to do before and after photos?
  10. Hi all, Just dropped in to introduce myself. New owner of 66 plate IS300h Sport (Not F-Sport) in Sonic White. I've come previously from CT200h and a Toyota Auris Touring Sport so used to the CVT. I've only had the car 10 days but so far very pleased. I've already fitted my DR650GW dashcam, and stole the power for that from the rear view mirror. Fitted an EE WiFi dongle to give me 4G internet. (Or more to keep my 2 year old amused on the iPad) Currently waiting for the 4 pole to RCA so I can watch video on the A/V. My kid sleeps a lot in the car so need something to do when sitting parked up. So far, I love the car, but not quite getting the MPG yet. Managed 35 on a full tank. Think that's a combination of me testing out sport mode and testing the 2.5 litre engine :) (Not with my child in the car of course) I've just put 60 litres of Premium petrol in at a cost of £75 so I'll use this full tank to try and maximise my MPG now I've finished playing. Overall, I think it's a fantastic car. One thing that I would like advice on though.... On the back doors of the car is a clear plastic section near the bottom. The dealer reckons this is to protect it from stone chips, but it does get dirty after a wash and polish. Has anyone removed these from their car? Anyway, as I say, just wanted to pop in and say hello to you all, and any hints/tips welcome. Alan