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  1. Lexus in Coventry and Birmingham both quoted me approx £580 for the 100k service on my IS220d. As I spend a lot of time in Sunderland I phoned up the Newcastle Lexus dealership who quoted £320 for the same.....needless to say they are having the car on Monday!!
  2. A bit of a frustrating problem....... On a few occasions I have had the low engine oil warning message pop up on my 220d Sport when driving for a period of time (95% of my driving is motorway between 70-75mph). It only appears for a few seconds before disappearing and does not stay on. The first time it happened I pulled in at the next services, checked the oil level and to my surprise it all looked ok. It still happens on occasion though but I have noticed that the message only seems to come on if I am on a sweeping left hand bend and the steering wheel is turned slightly to the left. As soon as I nudge the steering wheel back to the right the message goes away, even if I only move the wheel to the right a fraction. Has anybody else come across this or had anything similar? My first guess is a loose connection but where is the oil level sensor? Thanks in advance.
  3. So will my Sport be lowered by the full 30mm with this kit or is it already lowered a bit and therefore I will only gain the difference between the standard sport springs and the Eibach Pro kit?
  4. I have a 2006 220d Sport and I can’t help thinking that it still looks a bit high, despite the standard lowered suspension, whereas any newer F-Sport models I see seem to sit better (both cars on 18” wheels). Does anyone know if the F-Sport springs drop the car more than the standard Sport setup? If so, is it possible to fit the F-Sport springs keeping the existing dampers and how much are the F-Sport springs? I know there are aftermarket alternatives (H&R etc), but from the pics I have seen I feel these drop the car by a bit too much (35mm iirc)……..the F-Sport looks just right!!! Thanks in advance
  5. Still trying to get to the bottom of this and have been back on the phone to the dealership. The valve they are referring to is apprently on the Left hand side of the engine (looking from the front number plate) and is towards the bottom of the engine?? I'm still not convinced so does anyone have a diagram of the 220d engine that can be posted on this forum? I've searched throogh google and cannot find a thing! Thanks in advance.
  6. The problem is the placeholders have snapped off so I want to take the plastic trim out and see if I can find the bits that have snapped and glue them back. (My fault for being heavy handed!)
  7. I had an annoying noise from my trim around the gear stick and stupidly pushed on the leather gear gait which has now broken away from the clips holding it in place underneath. Lexus are quoting £150 to replace as apparently the unit comes as one piece (leather trim comes pre-attached to the plastic surround at the bottom). Does anyone have any idea how to remove the existing centre console unit so that I can have a look to see if it can be fixed without having to replace it? Thanks in advance!
  8. I have no idea what they mean to be honest. The technician report states EGR number 2.
  9. My IS220d had its 90k service at Lexus Coventry last week and a few advisory points came out, most of which have now been dealt with. However, I have an issue with one of the points and need some advice..... The technician report states that EGR valve 2 is leaking soot. My understanding is that this valve is the one shown in loads on threads on here (with the red sticker) and I know that this valve was actually replaced by the Sheffield Lexus dealership when a full engine de-coke was carried out in September last year (I have called to confirm and get part numbers etc). When I mentioned this to the Coventry dealership, they said they would see if the valve would be replaced under warranty but came back and said it would not as they now claim the EGR valve leaking soot is the one at the bottom and at the back of the engine bay. Am I being had here???? I thought that was EGR number 1 and either way, how would they possibly know it is leaking?? The service guy has now said that it is not important to change and should be ok until the next service when it can be checked again. Any advice as to what may be the problem would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance