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  1. Many thanks Mike, nice to see you are a mod now, how are you keeping? Been thinkng it would be nice for us all to get together again?
  2. To anyone who remembers me (and the wife), just thought i would check out the forum and see who i recognize. Things seem to have moved on a fair pace, we now have a Mitsubishi L200 instead of a Lexus due to me now needing a wheelchair for shopping ect( loads of room on the bed). Glad to see i am still a moderator and i would be honoured if i could re-join this sorely missed community. I have been in a bad place for the last 2 yrs due to illness and operations that didn't turn out too well.....Here's to a (hopefully better future). Drop me a message if you remember us..
  3. Thank's mate, I am slowly getting there now, been one hell of a year so far. Hope the rest is better though. How are you and the family. How long you had the new Lexus for? very nice.
  4. Hello forum member's, not been around for a while due to spinal op and other thing's.Glad to see it's still lively. For those who don't know me i used to organise meet's for the east mids area,anyone still doing this? All old friend's. eyup mi duck's, hope everyone is ok? Off to catch up on forum's now, this could take a while LOL.
  5. Sorry guy's there were only a handful of takers for these and were supplied to members, The original post was in 2013....
  6. Sounds like it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Front of engine, right hand side poking out of vvti cover. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Could well do as the vvti system is oil pressure controlled as well as management system. Also the ecu could be picking up problem and limiting power. Being as cambelt has just been changed could be something as simple as plug loose or more troublesome cambelt could be out by a couple of teeth.
  9. If the filter doesn't come out with bolt, use a cotton wool bud to fish it out DON'T use a screwdriver as mesh is easily damaged.
  10. Clean vvti filter and code will disappear. remove bolt arrowed and there is a small mesh filter on the end.
  11. IHgs300


    Hello, we love pic's. Enjoy the forum's and your new IS
  12. This might help, an old post from Bash. If they are the OEM type the beeper/speaker is located under the NS C pillar trim. The volume control is located just up from where the jack is. You could also check under the rear bumper as one of the wires may have come loose. Mine are the Toyota Denso OEM type and there are 4 sensors fitted.I had this problem a few weeks ago, an intermittent beep, thought the one of the sensors was goosed,had a look under the bumper and found one of the wires disconnected. Like This
  13. As Noby said you want 225/40/18. Here you go.
  14. Hi, leaking refrigerant will have a colour to it, I wouldn't say it's that, The refrigerant evaporates and the colour you see is the lubricant added to the system.
  15. Welcome Denis, i take it the wheels are not oem lexus wheels? The offset could be wrong as the is200 is available with 18's as an option. Have you had the car lowered?
  16. Welcome aboard Mark, very nice GS you have there. Miss mine now.
  17. Thanks fella, Good to be back. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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