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  1. I would say that 35 MPG is very good. I'm lucky to break out of the 20's during the Winter. My overall average is currently 29.9
  2. Mk4 LS400

    Are those Nissan 350Z wheels?
  3. Some weirdness in the configurator. HEATED, AUTO-DIMMING, AUTO-FOLDING OUTSIDE MIRRORS WITH MEMORY FUNCTION, REVERSE TILT FUNCTION Is listed as standard when you compare all 3 grades. Yet, it's one of the options available when building an F-Sport.
  4. Yep. Possibly had a cheapo refurb since they're the wrong colour and didn't bother to match the centre caps.
  5. F-Sport has all the same gadgets as SE-L apart from ventilated seats and the rear blind. Stuff unique to the F-Sport Mesh grille Aluminium pedals Anthracite headlining Half-leather/alcantara sport seats F-branded steering wheel 18" 15-spoke "Hoshi" alloys Rear spoiler lowered suspension You should check one out that's nearby. When I was looking at IS250s I was dead set on getting one that had leather but as soon as I sat in an F-Sport, I was sold.
  6. Plenty of pictures of the red F-Sport on the seller's website https://www.crowtherlodgemotorcompany.co.uk/used-lexus-is-gateshead-tyne-and-wear-152279
  7. https://usedcars.lexus.co.uk/en/used-lexus/Lexus/RC-300h/25-F-SPORT-2-dr-Coupe-Prem-Nav-Sunroof-Mark-Levinson-vdbl8lv 2016 model though.
  8. Seems you can't order a new one in this spec anymore. Only the Premier can have the ML system.
  9. Something @Linas.P said in another topic piqued my interest on the subject of "XL" tyres. Is there really that much of a difference? I've never ever done a direct comparison (XL v non-XL) of the same tyre before as I rarely buy the same tyre twice in succession. Plus, looking through my recent tyre history, it would appear I've bought a mixture of XL and non-XL tyres over the years, and like I said, I haven't noticed any real difference that would make me wary of buying one over the other. Actually, thinking back to my IS200 days. I remember Hankook V12 Evos (XL) being much more comfortable and quieter than the Continental SportContact3 (non-XL) tyres that I replaced them with, so it's not quite black & white... For the IS250, I've always chosen XL tyres where possible (sometimes it's the only option anyway) due to the small 40-series sidewalls and the state the roads are in. Some of the pot holes I've seen recently are absolutely ridiculous! Anyway, here's what openeo have to say on the subject;
  10. Alternative tyre sizes

    I have 245/40's on the rear of my car. Unfortunately, CrossClimates aren't available in this size or anything else close enough to consider running on the rear of an IS with 18" wheels. As Rayaan says, the 45-series options would be huge - over an inch bigger in circumference 225/40r18 all-round is probably the only option for that particular tyre. They would look pretty stretched on the 8.5" rear wheel though. Apparently more 18" & 19" sizes are being introduced this year (CrossClimate Plus) so the situation may change.
  11. Is 250 Rear Calipers

    Where does one buy the genuine Toyota red grease from? Is it a Toyota/Lexus-only job? A quick look on ebay etc yields little to no results, unless I fancy importing it for an extortionate amount. Or, is some of the other stuff available (eg: Castrol) any good?
  12. Top gear lc500

    I suspected the Honda would win when I seen that Harris would be driving it. They should've featured the LC500 in last week's "V8" episode instead. At least then it would've been in similar company. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  13. TPMS

    @Ben1001 I've got 4 of these genuine Toyota TPMS valves that are surplus to requirements. They came off the 3IS F-Sport wheels that I use during Winter, so they should be suitable for your car. One of them was damaged during removal, but the guys repaired it with silicon sealant. I have no idea if it still works or not, but the other 3 valves ought to be OK since they've not been on a car since 2015 and are still within the expected battery lifespan. I wouldn't want much for them. Let me know if you're interested.
  14. Are the tyres wearing on the inside edge? Or is the advisory just for low tread depth overall? Anyway congratulations. It's always great to have your car pass with flying colours. Hopefully mine will do the same next month.