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  1. I think the cabin filter is only included with a major service. It was changed during my last service (major), but not for the minor service I had done previously. Whether the book gets stamped or not seems to be at the dealer's discretion, but Lexus Edinburgh always stamp the book in the usual way. Albeit with a handwritten note to state that it was "only" an Essential service. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. Try searching for 245/40-18 instead. It's a far more popular size and the difference is negligible if you switch. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  3. J Henderson

    Brake and calliper help for a newbie in NW London

    Those ECP prices can be halved when you use the SALE50 promo code, which makes the Lexus prices look even more ridiculous.
  4. It appears to have been "unstuck". Anyway, here it is; Owner Recommendations - Parts @normski2 yep, the 068 is what I've ordered. I had to ignore inputting my reg number and just manually search for one as ECP's default choice for an IS250 has the terminals the wrong way round, or they're the right way round, but at the "front" of the battery.
  5. Bumping this as my battery appears to be failing. I had to jump-start my car last night, and again this morning. It's an OEM one so that's about 7.5 years it has lasted. I suspect the power demands of my dashcam have probably shortened it's lifespan prematurely,. It's currently wired into an "always on" circuit and is constantly being triggered into recording footage whenever there's the slightest bit of movement. I see this as a good thing, but it clearly takes it's toll whenever the car doesn't get used for a while. I think I'm going to have to just lose the parking function and wire it into a different circuit that is only powered when the ignition is on. Otherwise, the replacement might not last very long. As for the replacement, I'm going for the Bosch S4 from ECP - £88.54 using their current promo code. I'll pick it up today or tomorrow.
  6. The widths & offsets on the Bola wheels are probably OK. It'll all depend on how much space is actually available inside the wheel. Some OEM Lexus 18" wheels clear ISF brakes, and some don't even though they have the same physical sizes (8Jx18 +45 / 8.5Jx18 +50). The reason for the variance is because some of the wheel designs have this stepped lip which makes the internal diameter of them too small.
  7. J Henderson

    MOT time

    They overcharged you 10p! £54.85 is the maximum price a garage can charge for an MOT.
  8. If you fancy a DIY project you could paint your existing ones. Tutorial Or, you could just buy a set of gloss black F-Sport caps from a Lexus dealer. The part number is 42603-53110. They are quite expensive though at about £20 each.
  9. There was an episode of "Car SOS" where the guys made some impossible-to-find centre caps for an Astra GTE via 3D Printing. No idea how much that sort of thing costs though...
  10. The main beam (inside light) is a normal halogen on all trim levels. That car doesn't have an electrically-adjustable steering wheel. The controls would be visible in one of the pictures. You've nothing to worry about regarding the "normal" stereo. It's great. My last car had the ML system, and my current one doesn't, but as Linas mentioned earlier, there's not much difference at all.
  11. I'm guessing the convertible mid-section probably has more torsional rigidity. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  12. Spotted this in local Tesco today. Only £9 for 2L bottles. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  13. I see no reason why you won't be able to order the grille. It's not like you're asking for a "foreign" part as it was fitted to cars in the UK. You might meet some resistance with the gear knob though as I don't think it was available outside of the USA. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  14. J Henderson

    Castrol Edge 5w-30 fully synthetic

    Both Lexus Edinburgh & Glasgow use Castrol oil for servicing - SLX, which I believe is the trade version of Edge. They also go with a 0w30 grade, not 5w30 for an IS250.