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  1. A list of commands are available on the touchscreen once you push the button on the steering wheel. I mainly use it to change the temperature on the climate control - "25 degrees" etc. Enjoy your new car. 😁
  2. True. When comparing Shell "FuelSave" and V-Power at the garage last night, the price difference was 15p/l - £1.38.9 v £1.53.9. Seems supermarket fuel isn't as cheap as it used to be either - was under a quid per litre around the turn of the year, which was way cheaper than "brand" forecourts. Now it's only a few pence cheaper.
  3. What if the sandwiches were £10 ? Would people be buying those without batting an eyelid? 🤔 Going off my last two fuel purchases, which were roughly the same. One with (Morrisons) E10, followed by some E5 V-Power. I never ever fill my car completely, but the cost was the same on both occasions @ £44.00 (because, contactless limit). However, the price difference between the 2 fuels was huge at around 20p/L. The Morrisons petrol was somewhere around the low £1.30s and the V-Power cost me £1.53.9/L. Even comparing like for like (Shell), the price premium for V-Power is still 15p/L, meaning I got around 3L of fuel less for my £44. On a full tankful, that would be somewhere around £10 extra if choosing V-Power. The difference in MPG would need to be huge to offset that cost. In my experience, the economy does actually improve on the higher octane fuels, but only slightly. Nowhere near enough to make up the difference. I prefer how my car feels on the premium fuel, so I'll continue to buy it but I feel the cost difference is being downplayed a little bit (its only a coffee!).
  4. The black one might have been registered in 2011, but its a 2009-2010 spec "facelift" car. The IS then received a further refresh for the 2011 model year with different bumpers, wheels, clear turn signals etc. That's what the blue car is. It looks like it might be an Advance model?, which was introduced around the same time.
  5. I filled my car with E10 last week. Already it seems like that's the only thing available at the pumps now in terms of normal unleaded. I won't be buying it again though. The performance and economy suffered a noticeable drop-off.
  6. Not sure if memory seats were an option on SE models, but the mirror-tilting function is directly tied to the memory seat package. You can't have one without the other.
  7. Not sure if it's a straight swap to be honest, or whether some minor modification is needed. I just know the swap was quite popular in the US at one point as it allowed the F-Sport grille to be fitted. Here's a handy 50/50 image that shows the exterior differences of the 09 face-lift. Pretty subtle and hard to spot to the untrained eye. Regarding those silver split-spoke wheels. They're not F-sport. They were available long before the F-Sport model was introduced. 2010 F-Sport cars had 15-spoke wheels. I have them on my car.
  8. The newer bumper will fit but you would also need the grille from a face-lift car. Wings, bonnet and headlights are all the same shape and interchangeable.
  9. Agreed. And to answer an earlier question, yes 16" wheels can be fitted no problem. Some cars (mostly IS220d's) came with them as standard.
  10. Indeed, it's doubtful the slide pins have been touched. Typically, the only work carried out on the brakes during servicing would be a visual inspection noting things like pad, disc thickness etc, whether the discs are lipped or not...that type of thing. The fluid would get changed every 2 years though. Any decent garage could lubricate the slide pins for you pretty easily, preferably with a suitable red rubber grease.
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