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  1. I understand your suspicion since it's eBay, but those are genuine Toyota/Lexus parts, being offered by a major Lexus dealership with an enviable reputation for online sales & service. They're the exact same thing you'll be charged 140 Euros for, only half the price.
  2. Not really. You can get a set on eBay for under 70 Euro - LexusBirm
  3. J Henderson

    Lexus Glasgow isF

    Sold already it would seem!
  4. J Henderson

    29" Wiper Blade?

    That's cheap. they charged me £30 one time! Now, I buy the same Denso blades myself from Eurocarparts for about half the cost. For the OP, 26" is the correct size for the RH wiper (left is 22"). You can get a pair for a little over £20 from ECP just now using the promo code MAY75.
  5. No wonder I couldn't find out any info on the bulb type in the mirror's turn signals. There isn't one...it's an LED unit! A complete assembly with no possible/necessary bulb replacement, much like the tail lights. I can't believe I've never noticed that before... 😳
  6. Could the perforations be clogged with something?
  7. J Henderson

    GS 450H my first Lexus

    I imported my Illuminated scuff plates via amayama and the service was very good. I would definitely use them again. Shipping was quite expensive IIRC, but fast (EMS). I was also stung with an import charge, but I was Ok with that since it was expected, plus the total price including everything was still pretty good.
  8. J Henderson

    Increasing adverts on LOC?

    I'm not seeing any ads at all using Chrome with AdBlock
  9. J Henderson

    Fuel Economy

    Welcome to the LOC. Is it manual or auto? I averaged about 27-30 MPG in mine whilst I had it and that was a manual. An automatic is significantly more thirsty.
  10. J Henderson

    Wheel nuts

    M12 x 1.5 Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  11. Nice job on the car. I've got a bottle of Magma to try out at some point. I believe it's supposed to smell decent compared to other fallout removers? I must say I don't like the idea of agitating it with a mitt once its on. I'll probably just spray it on and leave it to work naturally.
  12. Climair do them - Wind Deflectors
  13. Does anyone know what size/type of indicator bulb is inside the door mirrors? The owner's manual just says "wedge" and I've not had any luck searching the internet. I'm thinking it's probably a W5W, but if anyone can confirm that'd be great.