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  1. Could be, I'm not going to let it worry me unduly though. Thanks David
  2. Thank you for that, very interesting. My inquisitive mind is saying "why would the AFS affect left/right glare" and I know that the dip left is quite pronounced on these cars. However, I will print out that snippet in French in case of "Les flics" Cheers
  3. Hi, I'm about to take my 2007 Rx400h to France and I cannot find anything in the manual about being able to switch the headlamps from left to right. This was a feature on quite a few cars I've owned, anyone know if it is possible or what else I can do to avoid dazzling our French friends? Cheers David
  4. With surface rust I agree, this was much worse and I was lucky not to need a new subframe as they could repair, re-proof it. I wouldn't minimise the risks, not worth it. Believe them, the Scottish ones are worse as they are exposed to salted roads for much longer.
  5. While doing another job on car I checked with the MoT tester again. The central part of the backing plate does support the parking brake cable and the internal shoes. BUT he said if the rest of a rusty plate is cut away and removed, leaving the mounting intact, that is NOT an MoT failure. He confirmed that the MoT manual does refer to the securing devices, not the plate itself. Again, your choice as to replacing them. David
  6. I'd definitely get any potential purchase independently inspected. I bought mine from an on-line dealer with all Lexus service history, one owner etc. The dealer was in Preston but I later discovered the car was from Edinburgh. Not a big deal except for the underside rusting in several places. I've replaced the rear brake dust shields (see separate thread) and now the fuel filler pipe. The pipe cost £175 and then a further £178 in mounting brackets, breather pipe, pipe holders & covers, then another £23 for an anti-roll bar link which had also rusted. Total including labour of £770 (plus the $93.00 for the back plates). Lexus bits aren't cheap! Out of choice I also had the whole car re-rust proofed and according to guys who did it (Rustbuster) I was lucky as some Scottish cars they've seen were not repairable at all! You should check the date of the DVD for the Sat Nav, easy to do, it's located under the boot floor panel, back right behind a small black plastic cover plate. New DVD from Lexus about £300 but internet sources are around £75. The Sat Nav is not too clever, can't input a full Post Code for example and even the latest DVD doesn't know about a few streets I've found that are over 100 years old! The reversing camera is useful but not great, very poor night vision and easily affected by road dirt and low sun angles. Shop around - prices vary a lot for very similar spec cars and if you are picky about colours (I am, wanted silver with grey or beige interior with the wood trim) it'll take a while. Other than that it's a great car, this is my second one and I have no intention of changing it any time soon. Good luck David
  7. Obviously the other MoT guy did as well. The English language can be a real minefield but if I understand it correctly the three items are referred to as the "owners" of the securing device. Someone with more detailed language skills may be able to clarify. Regardless of all this dialog, it does not change the point of my original post - the parts are available at an affordable price should you choose to fit them.
  8. The manual you are referring to states "a brake back plate, wheel cylinder or caliper securing device loose, missing or excessively deteriorated" - note my highlight. It says if the securing device is missing etc NOT the back plate itself. I think your guy is misunderstanding the meaning to imply if the backplate is missing. Just my opinion mind.
  9. I don't think so - the parking brake shoes and the cable are mounted direct to the caliper support, there is nothing on the backplate according to the service & repair manual. They exist only to prevent dust & dirt, stones etc from getting into the brakes. I checked again with my MoT guy and removal is NOT a failure in his opinion.
  10. I'd get a second opinion, my MoT guy said it's OK if they are removed.
  11. They are not an MoT failure if they are not there, only if in a bad state so you can remove them. I preferred to fit replacements after I found the sensibly priced ones.
  12. Hi, I've been increasingly worried about the state of the rear disc brake backing plates after a warning on the MOT and from the servicing dealer last year. As we know the Lexus price for these is stupid money - like £300 each! Good news, they are available in the USA for $93 a pair!!!! and I have just obtained a pair via a relative visiting from the US. They fit perfectly, even though it took 5 hours to get the old ones off! Here's the link to the product: https://www.dormanproducts.com/p-81095-924-373.aspx?origin=keyword Dorman won't ship to the UK, neither will Amazon but if you know someone going or coming here.............. Cheers David p.s. if there is an entrepreneur among you ...... :)
  13. I expect so too but I was hoping to avoid taking all that stuff off. I just had the car totally re-rust-proofed and I know that they have injected stuff inside there because a little was dripping out. I asked the car-wash guys to make sure they got any drips off and that's when the rubber cover came off. Ah well, there goes the weekend :) Cheers David
  14. Hi, Thanks, its a very good article however I actually meant the smaller push button that closes the tailgate not the main tailgate opening catch. I hope that isn't going to be as complex Cheers David
  15. Hi, By accident the rubber cover on the tailgate switch has come off and won't go back on easily. I think the switch needs to be removed from the panel but I cannot see (from outside or any manuals I can find) how the switch is held in and I don't want to break any location lugs etc. Anyone know how this fits? Thanks David