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  1. See my comment above about the parking brake, you cannot remove it all
  2. OOPS, someone on the French forum just sent me a parts catalog link and they are different part numbers. Back to square one I think.
  3. OK, here's an update. I eventually found a website https://7zap.com/en/catalog/cars/ that allows me to search based on the car model and type and shows both LHD and RHD parts. I downloaded the headlamp page for both and compared them - they are absolutely identical in every aspect, all part numbers are the same. So if this is accurate, changing the headlamps would have no effect. I'm also questioning the turning off of the AFS because checking it in my driveway the beam is identical whether the wheel is turned left or right. Now can I convince the CT inspector?
  4. Hi, I know this is an old thread but what was the final result - did you have to make any changes? I'm about to make the same move to Charente
  5. AFAIK isn't far enough, hence the original post. Just remember, the RX does not have dipping headlights, the dip and main beam are separate lamps so the change could be quite minor. It may well be that the AFS causes the dip beam to point left instead of right but to determine that I need part numbers, or an answer from Lexus France
  6. OK, thanks - however that was a different car with possibly different headlamp settings. As we have a note from Toyota France regarding driving I'm hoping that will convince the guy when I go for the CT (MoT in France) which I will do before anything else. Also hoping for Lexus France to come back to me. I did try looking up part numbers but I can't as I don't have an LHD VIN. We live in hope 🙂
  7. Do you know what model of Lexus they had? or a link to the post? Thanks David
  8. Thank you - but as you will see from my original post I knew that the headlights do not need changing for driving in France as a tourist but I need to know if they need changing for registering the car in France. I have emailed Lexus/Toyota in France - just waiting for their reply David
  9. I actually did some years ago when I wanted to bring my US spec RX to France - their answer was bring the car for an inspection! Which of course was not practical so I ended up dropping the idea. I'm hoping this time it will be easier
  10. I am moving to France and taking up residence but at this stage I do not want to buy another car so I plan on registering it in France. i already have the CoC document but I am slightly concerned by a piece of information I found namely, that I will have to change the headlights. Given that this car has flat beam headlamps that do NOT need changing for European driving (just switch off the AFS) do I really need to change them? If anyone has any experience of this I'd be grateful for some insight. I tried to do a part number look up but it needs the VIN and of course I only have mine to use. Unless anyone has a Euro spec LHD VIN they can share of course 😉 Please, if you are just going to troll this and tell me not do it then save your time & energy, I'm not interested in your opinion, just factual knowledge. Thanks David
  11. The breathalyser thing was changed to "non-enforcement" as it was pointed out that you should have two in case you used one. Rather than rewrite the law they decided not to enforce it.
  12. When I lived there is was mandatory, now it is a recommendation: see https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F19459 Tout véhicule doit être équipé de feux en état de fonctionner. Ne pas respecter cette obligation est puni par une amende pouvant aller jusqu'à 180 €. L'immobilisation du véhicule peut être prescrite. Si une ampoule est défaillante, vous devez la remplacer immédiatement. Il est donc recommandé d'avoir des ampoules de rechange dans son véhicule. Every vehicle must be equipped with working lights. Failure to comply with this obligation is punishable by a fine of up to € 180. The immobilisation of the vehicle may be prescribed. If a bulb fails, you must replace it immediately. It is therefore recommended to have spare bulbs in your vehicle.
  13. OK, found on eBay - even shows them fitted to an HID - wonder how it works with them as they have a flat beam?
  14. Ah, wasn't aware the non-AFS could have HID - apologies for the confusion I couldn't find deflectors for a 400h, where did you get them?
  15. Check what you need for your car - if they are regular H1, H4, H7 a 'proper' EU approved kit is £5.00. And it's only the AFS equipped cars that don't need defelectors