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  1. Never got any sense out of Lexus - France UK or USA. They will always quote for new parts and won't give any help whatsoever - they have an attitude that says "we know best" - just try using the sat nav with UK postal codes. I've also spent some time looking for 2nd hand lights but to no avail, let's hope it'll pass with the flat top beams.
  2. What ever price for an Rx you find in the UK, double it for France - then subtract the costs of registration (possible headlights) and it starts to look a bit better. As you have French cars already logistically this won't be too hard; for me with one car only it was looking like a challenge so I decided to bring my Rx. I've now sent off the QF docs and waiting for the appointment
  3. Well that does beg the question of why not just buy a French Rx, apart from the price that is. I now have the complete process for the Quitis Fiscal in Angouleme which I'll be doing today. It involves sending them copies of documents by email, post or in person and then them giving you a date/time for an appointment. At the appointment you should get your QF. Note this HAS to be done in the tax office where you live, hence the problem with Angouleme as they are (so far) the only ones doing it this way. Watch this space Quitis_Docs.pdf
  4. Good, that's the guy not too far away. Rx headlights are upwards of £600 each!!!! so pray for flat top beams getting past the CT.BTW, I am reliably informed that instead of a CT you can use a UK MoT if it under 6 months old - going to test this theory soon
  5. If that's the guy near Chef Boutonne, that is very useful as it's about an hour away from me in Chabanais. I am amazed that he can get a CT with deflectors as all I am hearing and reading is that the CT is now much stricter and everything must conform to original manufacturers parts. The first step in this is getting a Quitis Fiscal from your local tax office - there is a Facebook group that has all the details of how to go about this and all the other steps https://www.facebook.com/groups/1194914370612560/?fref=nf
  6. Beam deflectors do not work on these headlights, they have flat top beams, see above. Whoever told you that you could use them to pass the CT was talking nonsense, there is no way that would be accepted. I started the process yesterday and ran into a bloody minded official who would not cooperate in any way. I shall be trying again and I will post updates - be prepared for the officials (foncionnaires) they can be a real pain.
  7. See my comment above about the parking brake, you cannot remove it all
  8. OOPS, someone on the French forum just sent me a parts catalog link and they are different part numbers. Back to square one I think.
  9. OK, here's an update. I eventually found a website https://7zap.com/en/catalog/cars/ that allows me to search based on the car model and type and shows both LHD and RHD parts. I downloaded the headlamp page for both and compared them - they are absolutely identical in every aspect, all part numbers are the same. So if this is accurate, changing the headlamps would have no effect. I'm also questioning the turning off of the AFS because checking it in my driveway the beam is identical whether the wheel is turned left or right. Now can I convince the CT inspector?
  10. Hi, I know this is an old thread but what was the final result - did you have to make any changes? I'm about to make the same move to Charente
  11. AFAIK isn't far enough, hence the original post. Just remember, the RX does not have dipping headlights, the dip and main beam are separate lamps so the change could be quite minor. It may well be that the AFS causes the dip beam to point left instead of right but to determine that I need part numbers, or an answer from Lexus France
  12. OK, thanks - however that was a different car with possibly different headlamp settings. As we have a note from Toyota France regarding driving I'm hoping that will convince the guy when I go for the CT (MoT in France) which I will do before anything else. Also hoping for Lexus France to come back to me. I did try looking up part numbers but I can't as I don't have an LHD VIN. We live in hope 🙂
  13. Do you know what model of Lexus they had? or a link to the post? Thanks David
  14. Thank you - but as you will see from my original post I knew that the headlights do not need changing for driving in France as a tourist but I need to know if they need changing for registering the car in France. I have emailed Lexus/Toyota in France - just waiting for their reply David
  15. I actually did some years ago when I wanted to bring my US spec RX to France - their answer was bring the car for an inspection! Which of course was not practical so I ended up dropping the idea. I'm hoping this time it will be easier