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  1. Exact situation happened to me too at the garage, luckily it was late at night and the garage staff came out and pulled the lever while i opened with my nails/keys.
  2. Used to own an IS200, moved to an Audi A4 and want to move back to Lexus. Far superior cars, looking through the threads no reported issues (like oil consumption on Audi's!). However my only concern is the batterys for the hybrid aspect, I am looking at buying a used one that is about 2/3 years old. Anything I should look out for?
  3. Listed on ebay now if you want to bid on them... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/190991849931?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  4. I've actually seen two in Worcester, one a few weeks back at a CO-OP, if the guy hadn't had his family in the back I would have spoke to him about it. I think it was a white F-Sport model. I didn't even notice it was the new IS as when parked beside it, it actually looks like the old IS, only until I pulled back and saw the razor sharp rear lights I knew.. Also a grey one In Worcester too, for such a small *city* I thought two was a lot since I have seen 0 in Birmingham...
  5. They are only worth what somebody is willing to pay, not desperate to sell. As I said, they've been sat in the garage for a few months... Think I had them priced at £200 before but they wouldn't sell. I paid about that for them about 1 1/2 years ago from a scrappy. And don't think I've priced them high either, give Lexus a call and see how much they cost new! :o What is your best offer as I can't do £50.
  6. Put these up for sale w/the headlights many months ago, but still have them sat in the box in the garage. Open to sensible offers, please include your final offer w/£30 p&p.
  7. Afraid not, not stripping car down... just flogging some bits that I have swapped... ta
  8. Yes, if you get 2003> onwards fogs, you will have to cut the cables and manually touch them to the conenctors. It's a simple job... the only difference between the actual lamps is the connectors and the IS300 has a yellow filter on the projector. PIC of 2003 onwards fogs:
  9. Only the foglights are available and unfortunately I will not be posting overseas.
  10. I sure can, just to add it has another piece of plastic with it, it's like some bar thing that keeps it in place. I never used this when I put the sport grille on, will include it...
  11. Looks good m8, I bet everyone has a good look when you drive by, It was a lovely car to look at and drive.
  12. Shame, I was VERY close to buying AJ11, it's sold now... wondered if you had it. Drives so quiet!
  13. Fog-lights are officially off the car now, couple of close-ups for those that are interested: still £200 +P&P (P&P should be less than £10) (no bulbs come with it)