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  1. Thankyou :) Hmmm I'd rather not have to cut metal away AND have to swap them at MOT time too...but I do want the darker look + halo's. Someone over here needs to get manufacturing them!!!!
  2. Hi, Does anyone know if the Is300 headlights are different than Is200 headlights, and/or is there any reason why they couldn't be interchangeable? Thanks
  3. OK thanks. I think I'll roll up to Lexus Plymouth and tell them Exeter do it and propose they should take up the offer too ;)
  4. Which is good but how do you find the info out about dealers in your location as part of your weighing up of whether to become a gold member??? Would be handy to have this info before being a gold member as i would imagine it's a major factor in the decision to join to some members... Money's tight these days and i for one would like to know if my local dealerships are part of the scheme before shelling out £25 only to find i'm only going to get access to a couple of extra forums. This ^^ :) And my closest is Plymouth by the way.
  5. I am looking at getting the Gold membership, but before I did go through with it I was wondering if there was a list of all the dealerships that you have arranged discounts with, as I seen that it said the LOC has arranged with over 70% of dealerships, so wondered if my local one was one of them? Thanks
  6. Thanks guys Haha yes, just depends how deep your pockets are! Yes, I've been looking at that already. I'm finding it hard to hit any websites that are Lexus modification parts specialists though. With the Honda's and Nissan's I had there was lots of it about. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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  9. Hello guys, I just obtained myself a Is200 SE in a car + money swap. I thought I would just keep the Lex for a few months before moving on to big power again......BUT I LOVE this car after only a short time of owning it! So I'm going to keep it I've decided! My past few cars were: 200sx - full stage1 & stripped out Integra Type R [DC2] Another 200sx - RB25 conversion And now my Is200. So I'm all over the forum atm learning as much as possible! And I've already made my want list