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  1. The trim at the bottom on the inside of my tailgate is coming away from the tailgate.. Looking inside it looks like there are some plastic catches held to the tailgate by adhesive tape and this is failing. I'm sure there is some sort of correct release mechanism for this whole piece, otherwise how do you replace the real light bulbs. Can anyone suggest a fix or link to a how to on youtube or somewhere? Editied to add, it's a 57 plate RX400h
  2. Most groaning on a 400h is due to rear brake calipers, they need cleaning and regreasing or if you take it to lexus, replacing, every 20-40k miles.
  3. Given the date of the original post it's a moot point but worth noting that this is actually misdirection and half truth on the part of the original seller. There is no such thing as a trade sale (or sold as seen) between a Registered business selling a car and a member of the public. Your statutory rights are unaffected (i.e. fit for purpose, right to reject, etc.), if you choose not to buy a warranty that's fine (none I've found cover the hybrid system anyway so useless on a 400h) but certainly in this case the car was not fit for purpose at the time of purchase and the buyer would have been well within his rights to return the car for a refund.
  4. Overall voltage - istr 350v or something like that... Battery is charged by running engine or regenerative braking - running the motors in reverse driven by road wheels on coast Stop start - this is difficult to describe - I've run on battery only at 80mph (slight downhill) and I've been doing 5mph and had the engine running (cold - need engine warm to run heater or traction battery low) range on pure battery is 1 - 2 miles. Driving a hybrid or electric car is all about anticipation and gentle inputs to get the best out of the battery side. Accelerate slowly, coast lots, don;t accelerate uphill if possible, etc. and the battery will be your friend with high 30's low 40's mpg. Drive it like you stole it and, although fun, you'll barely brake 20mpg.
  5. my rx has a weird heater 'issue' it's almost as if the temperature i set is 5 or so degrees too low when heating. setting to 22 will still blow cold air and to get warm air out i have to up it to the 25 - 27 range. Not really a problem more an aesthetic issue really but if something is deteriorating towards failure I'd be interested to know.
  6. I recall seeing some hardware that could be put behind the dash like a usb / bluetooth adaptor that would bypass the i agree screen - I had a quick google but couldn;t see anything definite - plenty of service menu 'hacks' that you might want to try but it's hit and miss with those as they depend on year, country and software version. I'm still trying to get the doors to lock and unlock when i go in and out of park on my '57 rx with no joy so good luck with timing and pressing just the right invisible button on the screen.
  7. Personally I never encounter the 'i agree screen' as I leave the main screen on the energy monitor and use my phone in a holder with a concealed charge cable for sat nav duties. I find my phone has much more up to date maps, is much easier to enter destinations and interfaces with my watch so I only have to look at it when my watch vibrates and lets me know I have a junction, turn, etc. soon. I've also programmed the 'speed dial' settings on the car with my most commonly called numbers so I can just press the steering wheel button and then select a speed dial name to call someone , also without any nannying. Audio, ac, etc. all work fine on the move and don;t need the 'i agree' screen to function. I've never bothered with the maintenance screens as I just get it serviced every 10k miles / 1 year and check my tyres regularly and change them if necessary.
  8. Necrothread: Yeah these are crap - one broke yesterday 200 meters from the MOT station I was taking it to to be MOT'd, luckily the MOT place was able to replace it and I passed. I'm buying some Bosch ones next time.
  9. Am I Mental?

    my advice would be to buy the Tiguan and flip it immediately and stick the money in the bank or an isa or buy lego, whatever. Then if / when the Mrs becomes pregnant decide what to do. The biggest problem areas with vw's are the diesel engines and the dsg gearboxes and this has both so i'd not keep it.
  10. never hear of Oponeo but I've had positive experiences with Event Semita budget tyres on my 400h. Bit more expensive than yours at £70-80 (can;t remember exactly) a corner but they ride and grip well and are Lexus quiet - only a few months old so no idea about wear rates yet though.
  11. I would think this sort of thing would be very dangerous / annoying. turn off car, pop filler cap, jump out, start filling car, ker-lunk, damn left my keys inside... certainly something that would make me think twice about buying one if it wasn't defeatable.
  12. Suspension is a consumable component, so replacement costs have to be factored in, air suspension is much more expensive than normal coil and damper types. It also has a complex control mechanism of sensors and CPU's to control it and these too may fail and are expensive. As for inherent problems, I have heard that the sensors can suffer if you live near the coast or 'off road' a lot but i don;t think they are problematic as such. If you get a warranty that specifically covers the air suspension then go for it but if not i'd avoid due to the increased costs if something does go wrong.
  13. RX350 Pointers

    I was under the impression that timing chains do not need regular servicing other than perhaps the guides they run on. The PSD gearbox in the 400h does take some time to get used to - mainly that there is no correlation between engine note and road speed but that quickly becomes a non issue. As for the difference between 2 and 4 wd i can't say it's ever bothered me other than when I had sub par tyres and the torque steer was a bit savage, now it's got decent boots it's hardly noticeable even under hard acceleration off a roundabout. Personally I'd try and find a good 400h as the tax and MPG are far better and unless you want to do heavy towing or a lot of off roading it will be better all round.
  14. Was that an LS430 on the Italian trailer just after he blows through a zebra crossing in the Lamborghini? Looks good will be watching.
  15. Drove an LC500 today.

    I used to get so fed up with this back when i owned coupes that I'd park on the outer edges of the car parks at an angle across 2 spaces, preferably on the end of a row just so I could get back into my car. To this day I prefer to park on the edge of car parks and enjoy a bit of exercise (although no longer take up two spaces as I have a 5 door rx ) rather than risk door dings and difficult access.