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  1. if your going to use a air gun be really really careful the heat is much more focused and can cause the plastic to warp if held in one spot too long
  2. i usually cover up the alternator and any free wiring thats about it then as above just be gentle dont dive in there with a pressure washer lol
  3. i think they are the same just a colour difference one has a chrome insert and the other is the anthracite type colour but I think that's it, as alot of older model owners switch them over
  4. Do you know how to adjust camber on the standard is200 setup Tango?
  5. ill be going with a local club see you guys down there :)
  6. a machine polish would probably bring it up a little but with it been heat damaged im not sure you could find a respray alot cheaper than 800 that's really expensive. and t-cut is no good you want a proper product like auto glym or dodo juice these are more expensive but well worth it i use all the products on my cars do you have a picture i would be able to say yay or nay better i think
  7. these are listed in size and dirt cheap too plugs
  8. thank you yeah this hopefully is my plan its just if he will take blame thanks for the link :)
  9. yeah buggers aren't they lol and no trouble pal have you managed to find some?
  10. i think camber is adjustable already how are they wearing? is the car too low?
  11. looks like just a pair of blanking plugs good idea actually i had the same trouble on my civic when i converted to jap plates luckily the civic had similar things already there.
  12. well that's what I thought but what would of connected to the back of that unit is just dangling down with no new wires spilced in so it really has no reason for it to be smashed off and even if that where the case why smash it off and not just disconnect?
  13. hey guys bit of a long story but bare with me. So I had an alarm fitted to my IS about 2 months ago and today while washing I accidentally moved the wing mirrors so I tried to use the door controls only to find this: The reason I say about the alarm is I know that before the installation of the alarm these mechanisms worked just fine, in fact I was quite impressed by the folding mirrors (first car ive owned that has the feature) and no one has touched the door card before or after the alarm install. My questions are; Where do I stand on this as its my word against his and how much are these to replace? thanks Craig
  14. the standard nut is 12x1.5 if that helps?
  15. great write up ive been thinking about doing a custom one myself this will give me a good base thanks man. My plan is to make it in such a way where i can keep the engine cover on so it hides all of the wiring. in your pictures where it was slanted over the engine id probably keep that to pull it off.
  16. yeah same just moved from a civic coupe
  17. black on black always looks good and if you dont like white or any other colour then what about just gunmetal or silver thats all thats left really
  18. ah thats cool ill have to see what i can do with mine then :D
  19. ah ok you got it with camber that makes sense do you have adjustable control arms then? i was thinking about putting a little camber on mine
  20. 100mm its dropped 10cm? thats mental have you have the arches rolled? also have you trimmed the tailpipe there or the metal that connects to the c section?
  21. it doesnt look too bad mate ive seen worse. did they not ask you what style backbox you wanted ?
  22. lol i wish there was a like for posts i can just imagine you pulling away and it falling off straight away lol still waving to the dealers haha! Just park half a mile off the kerb its the best way lol
  23. do you have the legana front bumper? if so those will be aftermarket as i believe it didnt come with any as standard.
  24. Thanks ill have a go and see what i can come up with. its a bit of a pain ormi but could you maybe post that pic you have of yours so i can match it up to mine please? i remember seeing it in a thread but i cant find the thread anymore
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