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  1. My 2007 GS450h developed a knocking noise at the rear at roughly the same mileage. More audible at speeds <30mph and over uneven roads. My first thought was worn swaybar links but the real culprit was the rear shock absorber. The noise has disappeared since replacing the rear shock. That shock was also leaking quite badly at the point when it was replaced.
  2. Lee @Farqui, thanks for sharing 🙂 I've had mine for 5 years and almost 50k, and it's been fairly consistent throughout. The new shocks seem to have improved the ride comfort a little, and the car feels less floaty at higher speeds. Mine certainly needed replacing as the NSF and OSR shocks had been leaking quite badly. There was also a knocking noise coming from the rear shock. I replaced all four as I figured it was only a matter of time before the other two leaked as well. This is when I found out that cars before and after 2008 had different part numbers for the springs and shocks. I'm running Pirellis all round, at the default tyre pressure (35psi). Wheel alignment has been maintained by WIM over the years, and the car is generally pretty stable on the motorway, even with the heavy winds lately. Might experiment with different pressures as you mentioned. Interior rattles occur at various spots and come and go depending on the outside temperature. There is one set of rattles for winter and another for summer 😄. The sweet spot for this car seems to be 18 deg C (almost no rattles). I have fixed several along the way, such as the glovebox door rattle and rear power shade rattle, but just continue living with the others (very minor) 🙂
  3. But pies are supposed to be good at least for the ride comfort side of things, no? All those extra mass that the road undulations need to perturb... Indeed, if the VGRS ratio and AVS stiffness could be decoupled, things would be amazing. I wonder if it is possible to "trick" or modify the VGRS so that it defaults to a quicker ratio, via Techstream or some other hardware/software mods... The steering ratio that you get from Sports mode is pretty good actually. The feedback that you get from the road appears to be better too.
  4. Well, if Amayama.com is anything to go by, both LHD and RHD GS300 share the same radiator part number (16400-31390). So... you might be in luck?
  5. Risk of being unpopular, but hear me out 🙂 Reading all the tech shared here, I feel that the GS450h is truly an amazing car. Its hybrid powertrain is genuinely a work of art in my opinion. Its refinement and ruggedness is this car's single biggest USP. My car is 12-years old, has travelled 130k miles, regularly does lengthy cross-country journeys and wants for nothing but fuel in its tank and air in its tyres. I'm not sure of any other petrol cars in its class and vintage that can achieve regular 37 mpg and occasional 5.7 secs to 60 😉. I also found out that a fully loaded JDM GS450h, in addition to radar cruise control, also featured Lane Keep Assist and driver alert monitoring! The implementation of VGRS and AVS, however, leaves much to be desired. It feels like technology for technology's sake and they were rushed to production before they were perfected. These systems, being as complex (and expensive to replace) as they are, achieved neither the comfortable ride nor the sporty handing that they could have offered, in my opinion. A Jaguar XF of similar vintage, to me, rides and handles notably better without any active steering or dampers. I'd even go as far as saying that my IS200, whilst certainly handled way better, also rode better than my GS, which just had all four shocks replaced. Lexus could have made the GS a masterclass in chassis engineering with these systems, but alas. In normal driving mode, the steering has too much turn lock-to-lock. Great for the motorway but not so much for twisty country roads. Yes, flick the Sport button on and the steering tightens, but so do the dampers, and the car becomes comically stiff. I say comical because the interior, which in the 3GS is often prone to creaking and rattling in normal mode, really goes to town in sport mode 😄 Maybe it's just my car, being a Jan 2007 GS450h and thus an early production model. I heard things got refined along the way - 2008 facelift cars have different part numbers for the shocks, so maybe the ride and handling improved later on. I've also not driven a 3GS with APSSS so maybe Lexus nailed it with those cars. The APSSS also happens to be very expensive to replace and seem to last as long as the AVS shocks!
  6. This is going to be epic 😄 Might just go down this route if something expensive powertrain-wise goes bang 😀
  7. LEDs in theory should far outlast filament bulbs. That said, I think time is ripe to start a LED headlamp refurbishment business 😄
  8. Hi Rob, would you be bringing this car to the Lexus meet in April?
  9. That is such a lovely car! 😍 Good luck with the sale!
  10. Sorry can't offer much help but sounds like an interesting car! What model year is it?
  11. Depends what your benchmark is... RC-F? 😉
  12. It was the opposite for me - my IS200 was my first UK car and the controls were the opposite to my Datsun abroad, and so many a times I ended up flashing oncoming traffic when really I wanted to clear my windscreen! I subsequently swapped the controls over with those from an Altezza, sourced from a member on here several years ago. I suppose with the GS being an automatic, it is less awkward for me, but back when I lived in Milton Keynes with the IS200, having to shift gears and indicate in quick succession with the same hand over a series of roundabouts did get to me...