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  1. @JeffL that certainly looks the bee's knees , thanks for sharing 🙂
  2. Certainly not a silly question in my books 🙂 Yes, flat spots could happen, but it depends. When I last parked up my GS for 12 months, the rears (Michelin PSS) developed flat spots whereas the fronts (Pirelli P-Zero) didn't. The Pirellis were newer tyres though, with ~7mm thread whereas the Michelins has only 3mm left, so maybe tyre age plays a role in flat-spotting. Tyres certainly get harder with age, and as such likely to hold a shape more permanently. The car has been SORN'd once again but this time I have over-inflated the tyres to 40psi and will keep them topped up that way so lets see what happens.
  3. Here's my setup. I'm using a Maypole smart charger and a Bosch S4 sealed battery in my GS450h. The lamp in the boot is switched off and the bootlid is left ajar to allow for the charger mains lead to trail out.
  4. My first car is a Datsun Laurel (C31) from 1982, which I still have at my parent's place abroad. It was an unconventional choice for a 17-year old but it taught me so much about motoring and car maintenance. It's 2-litre carburetted inline-6 engine only produced 115bhp, so it wasn't quick at all but perfect for someone who just got their license. A couple of years later I got myself an R31 Nissan Skyline Passage GT, which also had a 2-litre inline-6 engine (turbo) and 5-speed manual box, and to this day one of the fondest memories I've ever had in car ownership 🙂 So when I arrived in the UK about a decade ago, naturally I went looking for a Japanese saloon with 6-cyl engine, manual gearbox, and RWD. Much to my surprise, the only option available was the IS200. So that led me to my first UK car, which was an X-reg IS200 Sport. Fantastic car is was for the money - superb road holding, sonorous inline-6, satisfying 6-speed box, and build quality that is leagues ahead of my current GS450h. Personally, I think the IS200 is a great car for someone who has just entered the motoring world. Very linear power delivery, predictive handling, and even at 15-20 years old unlikely to leave you stranded if you find one that has been looked after. I had mine from 80k miles to 130k miles, and the “big bill” items were front lower ball joints, front shock absorbers, cam belt and water pump replacement, and fixing rust that occurred on the sills just by the rear wheel arch. The former owner has had to replace the rear brake calipers. I found this thread particularly helpful when I was shopping for mine: https://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/topic/69388-what-problems-would-you-advise-others-when-buying-a-is200/ Good luck in your search!
  5. John, just wondering - is it not the case that the combustion engine fires-up if the 12V battery so much as needs a top-up? I too noticed that the consumption on the GS450h improved by 2mpg average after a fresh 12V battery, and that the car switches to EV mode more readily. With the old 12V battery, there has been instances where the engine keeps running when the gear lever is in "P" even though the hybrid battery is at 3 bars+ and the engine has fully warmed up. So although charging the 12V only consumes 60W, the fact that an entire engine is being turned over to provide for this affects the overall fuel economy? Of course, just from my observation and that I may have read this from somewhere - I may be totally wrong.
  6. Further to @JeffL's question (hope you don't mind, Jeff 🙂), could anyone also recommend a tyre inflator that plugs into a 240V outlet?
  7. Just thought I'd chime in - my GS450h was parked in a garage for 12 months untouched. It was connected to a wall charger to keep the (then) factory 12V battery topped up. As it entered hibernation, it was 10 years old, had done 105k miles, had half tank fuel, tyres at 40psi all round, and hybrid battery showed 4 blue bars. I just parked it up and didn't lock it with the fob. When I got back to it a year later, the factory 12V battery had depleted anyways and tyres had lost between 10-15psi each. After a new 12V battery, it started right away and hybrid battery still showed 4 blue bars 🙂 Rear tyres had flat-spotted (Michelin Pilot Super Sports with 3mm left), but the fronts were perfect (Pirelli something, newer pair with ~7mm). Aircon gasses had escaped (yet the system passed the pressure test prior to regassing - strange). Also never needed regassing in the 2 years that it was running thereafter. The car has just been SORN'd again and parked up in the garage as above, but as I'll remain in the country and home-bound this time, I plan to keep the tyres topped up for a change 🙂
  8. Been looking for this version! Thanks for posting! 🙂
  9. That was a lovely W126 at the start!
  10. I'll be putting my GS on SORN too until it is needed again. As you say, pointless paying insurance and tax while it sits still collecting dust. I noticed that if the car is parked up without locking it using the remote (or button on the door), the 12V battery charge lasts much longer. Observed this the last time it was on SORN for a year.