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  1. Hello peeps, As they say, all good things must come to an end. After six great years with my GS (and 9 years of Lexus ownership), the time has come to bid farewell to my car. This is as regrettable a sale as it gets as I was really looking forward to enjoying the car this year, especially after having invested in brand new shocks and exhaust just December last year. Unfortunately, with change in circumstances due to the pandemic (and some belt-tightening that followed) it just got harder to justify running two cars. As such, the GS was SORNed after the first lockdown and has been accumula
  2. I installed its predecessor (pre-Android auto) in my dad's X-Trail. I skipped that bit during install, and as far as I can tell, the only thing it can't do is playback videos on its screen. I believe there is a legal requirement/legislation where vehicles with video playback capabilities must cease to do so when the vehicle is in motion, and the park brake signal or the speed input signal is one way to determine this. On the GS, if I play a DVD movie, the video stops showing if I release the parking brake (audio continues though). Also, there should be another connection for 12V feed
  3. Which version of the CT200h is it? F-Sport?
  4. You what?? For a CT200h? Just kidding, lovely car and colour combo.
  5. Well hello Parthiban, good to see you back. Hope your IS200 fared well having been stored for almost 8 years? I'm still rocking the Grom unit that I originally installed on my IS200, then transferred across to my current GS 🙂
  6. What engine & transmission? I have a real soft spot for Saab convertibles 🙂
  7. Just to give a balanced perspective, here's an owner's review of another "launch-edition" electric car.
  8. If it were leased or PCP, he would have been able to return it without all the fuss. In fact, that is kind of the point of leasing - the flexibility. The fact that he is publicly disclosing his intention on taking them to court makes it seem like he may have just bought it outright, hence being "stuck" with it.
  9. Reminds me of a thread I posted a while back about folks in Malaysia taking it to the streets on issues over dodgy VW DSG boxes...
  10. An Ottoman 600h is an amazing car to experience. I'm saving my coins to gift one to my parents as their retirement present. A perfect car to spend their golden years 🙂
  11. Yup, what @TigerFish said, there should be a divider piece that goes in the middle to form two circular cut-outs. This, basically:
  12. On the money I'd say. The GS450h (and perhaps other models too) do exhibit weird electrical glitches if the 12V battery is not up to scratch. Is the car still on the factory Panasonic 12V battery?
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