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  1. According to Amayama, there's two part numbers for post-facelift cars: 52119-30986 for cars with radar cruise control 52119-30991 for cars without
  2. @Herbie, compared to a refrigerator, the aircon system in a car is exposed to more extreme operating conditions - heat from the engine being one. As over half the aircon system resides in the engine bay, would that not mean that things like the oil would be prone to degradation? Also, isn't there a "filter" within the sealed aircon system (and I do not mean the pollen filter). If so, would that not need replacing at some point? Just wondering - please correct me where wrong 🙂 Agree 110% on the transmission side of things. In my books, sealed for life = sealed for 10years/160,000km
  3. If you installed the CCTV around your house, the dome cameras should be very similar to mount and wire up. I installed the CCTV system in my place. Mounted the external cameras on the soffit around the perimeter of the house. Ran the wires back through the roofspace. Used one of these to help guide the wires.
  4. Same here, JEM looked after my IS200 and have been really good.
  5. That was so relaxing to watch! Love Malaysia too 😎
  6. Lovely car - nice body and wheel colour combo 😉👍
  7. No problem, really keen to see how this progresses 🙂 You could get that SE-L steering off the bay and then list yours up for sale for probably the same amount 😁
  8. @Britprius, the stalk that toggles the cruise control on/off is also different for cars with ACC - you push the stalk forward (away from you) to toggle between radar cuise mode or normal cruise mode. The part number for that ACC toggle switch is: 84632-58011
  9. Those are part numbers for the facelifted steering wheel. I believe John's car is pre-facelift, in which case the the part number for the distance control toggle switch is: 84244-30121-C0 for black steering wheel 84244-30121-E0 for "orchid brown" steering wheel
  10. It looks like you have a standard amplifier instead of the Mark Levinson one. That extra connector could be reserved for the Mark Levinson amp.
  11. I know... I replaced a full set on mine a couple of months ago and still weep to this day. 😢 That said, it did transform the ride and handling of the car plus eliminating a knocking noise and some interior rattles along the way.
  12. Hi Simon, apologies, my bad - that rear strut at £122 is for the GS430 and GS460. I cross-checked the part number with Amayama. In summary: Rear shock for GS450h pre-facelift: www.lexuspartsdirect.co.uk/parts/lexus-gs/lexus-gs-phase-iii-2005-2012/lexus-gs-3-steering-suspension/lexus-gs-phase-3-rear-shock-absorber-2/ post-facelift: www.lexuspartsdirect.co.uk/parts/lexus-gs/lexus-gs-phase-iii-2005-2012/lexus-gs-3-steering-suspension/lexus-gs-phase-3-rear-shock-absorber/ Rear shock for GS300 www.lexuspartsdirect.co.uk/parts/lexus-gs/lexus-gs-phase-iii-2005-2012/lexus-gs-3-steering-suspension/lexus-gs-phase-3-rear-shock-absorber-for-3l-petrol/ Rear shock for GS430 and GS460 www.lexuspartsdirect.co.uk/parts/lexus-gs/lexus-gs-phase-iii-2005-2012/lexus-gs-3-steering-suspension/lexus-gs-phase-3-rear-shock-absorber-strut In any case, if you email your vehicle reg to Lexus Parts Direct, you will be advised of the correct rear shock absorber for your car.