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  1. Good to hear that the LS430 is staying in the club. Let us know how you get on with the Range Rover. 🙂
  2. I've had mine refilled once circa 105k miles when it was 11 years old. Car was left in the garage untouched for 12 months prior to that. Took it to Lexus, where it passed the pressure test prior to regassing, and never needed topping up in the two years that followed. So I guess there is some truth to the aircon gas escaping if the system is not used for prolonged periods. Also, I read on here somewhere that the aircon gas used for hybrid Toyotas are different to ones used in normal aircon systems. As such, Toyota and Lexus dealers have a separate regassing machine for hybrids so as to not contaminate the system with ordinary refrigerant.
  3. Thanks, will be interesting to watch. I am convinced that the actuator should rotate when switching modes. On the factory shock absorbers, you feel the difference immediately (even at low speeds) when you switch modes. Interested to know too 🙂
  4. Well, so much for Adaptive Variable Suspension then 😂 How much does it move when you switch from normal to sport?
  5. That is gorgeous 😍 Late model, low miles, with radar cruise - winning!
  6. Sorry off-topic but can I just say, very nice Caldina GT-Four you have there 👍 Never seen one on UK roads.
  7. The ES300h, LC500h, and LS500h use lithium-ion batteries. Not sure of the exact chemistry though.
  8. You could try the link below for hybrid vehicle independent garages: https://www.hevra.org.uk/
  9. The 3IS was never offered with manual gearbox unfortunately.
  10. Very lovely car - 2-litre turbo must be fun 🙂 Somehow prefer the pre-facelift 3IS over the later ones.
  11. Ah, 8U0 aka Windsor Blue 😉 Same colour as my car. I've used these and they seem to blend in pretty okay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/360525684724
  12. This is the first song that I'll play as I unplug the car from the trickle charger and drive off...
  13. Here's to hope that they'll also launch an IS450h+ to rival the Model 3. Hey one can dream right? 🙂
  14. That is basically what's happening with my '82 Datsun Laurel. I'm having to either fabricate replacement bits or find close match with adjacent models of that period. I have had some success with BeForward where Amayama had failed. They are basically an online broker for parts breakers in Japan. For more recognised models like my R31 Skyline (and I'd imagine the Celsior too), Yahoo auctions Japan was also a good source for obscure parts.
  15. Indeed there is - it is located in the boot in the spare wheel cavity, in exchange for the spacesaver tyre. Just wondered if the active stabiliser battery is completely isolated when the car is switched off (unlike the main 12V battery). Then again, as you say, there is the question of self-discharge... Attached photo is from a GS450h fitted with the active stabiliser system. The second 12V battery can be seen in the bottom right corner. Bit of an afterthought of an implementation (by Lexus standards) in my opinion.
  16. What about GS450h Sport models with the active stabiliser system? Does the second 12V battery need trickle charging separately?
  17. Don't AGM batteries have higher terminal voltage? @SH20, I think one way to settle your curiosity is to disconnect the battery from the car and measure the voltage at the terminal directly. If the voltmeter reads >13.9V then you almost certainly have an AGM battery 😉