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  1. That was a very helpful guide, thank you very much :) I think I may have to attempt this on my GS soon. It too has had a spell of damp carpet along with condensation on the left windows. It does however have the approved pre-owned 3-year warranty on it, so I'm going to attempt my luck and see how much it'll cost to do it via the "official" route at Lexus 1st. Cavanman01, what was the size of your barb and how much prodding and force did it take to rip the grommet?
  2. Agreed, the ventilated seats were especially awesome in yesterday's weather :)
  3. This thread may be helpful regarding the different trim levels of the 3rd-gen GS: http://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/topic/91640-differences-in-se-l-spec-before-and-after-2008-for-gs450h/
  4. What Did You Do To Your Is 200/300 Today

    LOL... good one :P
  5. Lots Of Lexus Cars At This Scrapyard?

    Sad sight indeed :(
  6. Wow that does look good! Come on Lexus, how about the next LS!? :D
  7. Mine went in on Friday for the recall, along with the 80,000 mile full service. Apparently the fuel pipe recall is a 4-hour job, and involves removing the inlet manifold and injectors. I was also told that there was a slight trace of dried pink coolant around the water pump. How many miles has your car done?
  8. Gen3 Glasscoat

    Another fan of the Gen3 Glasscoat here; this is really good stuff. But speaking from experience, if you are considering on getting it applied to anything other than a brand new car, please go to an independent detailer and not a Lexus dealer. I find that Lexus dealers don't do a good job in removing swirl marks prior to applying the Glasscoat. Not all independent detailers are able to apply Glasscoat though, only those who have been certified to. Google is your friend :)
  9. Top Gear

    oh snap! :P
  10. They are pretty amazing cars :)
  11. Oh wow, looking good! Same colour as mine :) Welcome to the club and enjoy your car!
  12. How Long Have You Been A Member Of Locuk

    Just about 4 years. Got onboard with an IS200 Sport (still remember the excitement of buying my first premium car :) ) Now rolling around in a GS.
  13. Top Gear

    All said and done, I'm still baffled as to why the RC-F is so heavy!? A smaller 2-door coupe that weighs as much as my battery-laden GS?? I mean Nissan managed to pack AWD into the GT-R and it still weighs less!
  14. Firstly, why does it matter? Drive the car that suites your needs and makes you happy :) I'm 31 and drive a GS450h SE-L (equivalent to the "Premier" back in the day). I bought it because it's quick, unconventional, and looks good. On the other hand, my dad is 61 and he's awaiting delivery of a 370Z (with a manual gearbox). To most people, we should be driving each other's car just because of our so-called "age group", but instead we drive the car that suits our individual tastes (and budget) :)
  15. This thread may be helpful regarding the different trim levels of the 3rd-gen GS450h: http://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/topic/91640-differences-in-se-l-spec-before-and-after-2008-for-gs450h/
  16. Hi, welcome to the club. The spark plugs are supposed to be replaced at 60,000 miles too.
  17. I think he's talking about the cooling fans in the engine bay (behind the radiator and aircon condenser). In which case you are right, Richard, neither should come on when you first switch on your car during a frosty winter's morning. The aircon fan should only come on when the compressor kicks in and the radiator fan when the coolant temp is hot enough. I certainly don't think this is normal, so I would be persistent with your Lexus dealer and pursue a warranty claim for this problem. Take the matter up with Lexus HQ if they don't budge.
  18. Congrats on the new car! Nice way to start the new year ;)
  19. Merry Christmas One And All

    Merry Christmas all and happy holidays! :)
  20. You sir, are a legend! Well done indeed! You should submit this as a how-to-guide and get a star for it! In you face, Lexus dealer! :D
  21. Sc430 Progress Thread - Craigison

    That car sounds awesome!
  22. Wow that's awesome! Gotta say the 3IS does have the aggressive look to suit a police car ;)
  23. Anyone Agree With Me........

    I got the idea of leaving the headlights switched on from my manager's Saab 900; it always lights up when the engine is running, regardless of the position of the headlight switch. And agreed on the fog lights - no idea why it is deemed "cool" to keep them on!