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  1. Just curious - would this only apply if the vehicle is purchased outright? Would it still apply if it were Hire Purchase loan?
  2. Congratulations on your purchase! 2012 GS450h - would this be a 3rd gen or 4th gen GS?
  3. @Stew-R, on a separate yet related note, did you consider the UK-delivered Infiniti G37 saloon/coupe?
  4. You can adjust it - there is the option of "normal" off-throttle deceleration to mimic regular automatic cars or enhanced regen that gives you more off-throttle decel. These were the two options in the Model S that I drove a while back, although it could have changed since with subsequent OTA updates. Either way, there is no blending of regen braking with friction braking on the brake pedal.
  5. This is one area where I prefer Tesla's approach. The brake pedal solely operates the friction brakes. All acceleration and regen braking is handled by the throttle pedal. Take your foot off completely and you have maximum regen. If needed, supplement with the brake pedal if extra deceleration is required. Almost allows for one-pedal driving.
  6. Following this thread with interest. All the best @Stew-R 🙂
  7. All good info, thanks for sharing 🙂 The recurring rear sill rust issue was basically what led me to part-ex my IS200 Sport 😢. This was after having been repaired by a local bodyshop twice.
  8. It could be that your 12V battery is on its way out? Mine is a 450h but I do get the VGRS error if my 12V battery is very low on charge. I'd certainly try a fresh 12V battery as a starting point.
  9. 🙋‍♂️ Yup, happened to me. Oil was leaking from timing chain cover and was fixed by the dealer via extended warranty. What's up?
  10. Generally... yes. Pretty much drop it off at Lexus, tell the service advisor to do everything that needs doing, and drive off with the courtesy car. Rinse, repeat every 10k miles. Been doing this since 2011 (formerly with my IS200). Fortunately, the service advisor is a good friend of mine and fellow petrol head 🙂 Few exceptions of course - like the aftermarket exhaust and wheel alignment from an independent garage. Any spare time that I have for car DIY is either spent on cleaning and "detailing" or tinkering with my Datsuns.
  11. Up for grabs is an FM transmitter that plugs into the 12V cigarette socket. It plays MP3 files and accepts USB flash drive and MicroSD card. Also has an Aux-In jack on the side. Used this on my IS200 before moving on to a Grom Audio setup. Free to a good home. Can be collected from Warwick or just pay for postage.
  12. That's impressive. Really miss the quality and refinement of the first-gen IS. Back when perfection really was pursued relentlessly 😉
  13. Free to a good home. Just pay for postage. I have the indicator + wiper switch assembly from an Altezza. These were used in my IS200 for a while. I have no need for them anymore and giving them away. Can collect in Warwick too if you're local.
  14. Sorry off-topic but that is mint! 😍😍 Is that a recent photo? Finding a 1st gen IS in that condition (especially with the headlamp lens so clear) is incredibly rare.
  15. True that. I believe all diesel Nissans use Renault engines? As a perpetual Nissan fan it's just sad seeing what has become of the company and where it's headed.
  16. 30mpg was my magic figure for my commute. As mentioned above, keeping it up to 70mph on the motorway gave decent consumption; any quicker and consumption increased quite drastically. From memory, the engine sat at almost 3000rpm at 70mph on 6th gear, which certainly did not help with the economy. I remember driving it at Vmax on the Autobahn and was achieving <10mpg lol.
  17. Wow snowing already! Hope you've got winter tyres on!
  18. The GS450h has superior straight-line acceleration compared to the IS250, but I found the IS250 to be more engaging to drive. In fact, the IS250 was plenty fun to drive (especially in 3IS form), and having a "normal" automatic transmission also added to the aural thrills 🙂 Sorry, not too familiar with the difference between the two. Hopefully someone can chime in on this. Good luck with your search!
  19. I'll chime in my thoughts and experience. First off, welcome to the club 🙂 Driving around London, my GS450h managed around 25mpg in summer. I suspect the IS250 is in that vicinity too so it would be a tie there. And since you're after the SE-L trim of the IS250, I don't think you'll be left wanting for anything additional that the 3GS could offer, so another tie there. Ride and comfort - I feel this is very subjective, and best if you test drive the cars and decide. I find that my GS450h is a little too stiff. It works on the roads around me and my commute, but left me wanting for a smoother ride in London. For the times that I've had the IS250 as courtesy cars, the ride felt more compliant than the GS, but I've not driven it in London. Reliability - there had been some big-bill items on my GS but none of it was related to the hybrid system. You may have read that Lexus does offer a warranty for the hybrid battery too, up to 15 years. The IS250 does have a regular powertrain so in theory less things to go wrong.