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  1. Did 44K in mine, and my allows always polished up as new! Although did need a hand with some autoglym alloy wheel cleaner if I left it too long!
  2. I was told that the UK CD could be got for around £40?!? Never followed it up, but hey, worth a look. Was Lexus Croydon who told me that!!!
  3. Although I didn't have a supercharger, I did use Shell Optimax, and generally got an extra 50 miles out of my tank, plus it did perform better. Oh, and you need to use it regularly. The more you use it the better it works. Generally it cost 3/4 pence per litre more, but you recoup on the fact that it cleans your engine, and keeps it clean, and you get extra mileage out of the tank! Top tip for ya lads out there, might just work for you too.
  4. Oh yeah, forgot to mention. There's a load of replacement bulbs in the boot. I bought all these when I went to Le Mans last year for the 24hr racing. Was good watching all them nice motors race. Anyhow, they should still be there with the spare wheel, about £60 worth. I'd only had to replace one or two brake lights on the rear clusters. So if you ever have to do that, the whole rear light comes away from the back of the car (unlike most cars where you can change them inside the boot). When you open the boot, you'll notice along each side of the light two round circles (covers across the screws). Remove these, unscrew, and the light comes away!!! Took me a short while to figure that one ;)
  5. Well done chap! You got yourself a nice motor. So you picked it up yet? Pleased with it? I used CDR's in there without any issues. The only problem with some CD players is that they don't work sometimes, but that is due to how you burnt the CD. When doing music CD's, make sure the CD has been closed off so no more data can be written to it. Then you'll have no probs using it in any CD player!!! Glad to hear the car has gone to a good home! :D
  6. I just found out that he sold the car! However, he did mention that he has an Altezza RS coming in January. Year 2000, so unsure of the reg, but it's Tiptronic with 11K miles. Apparently, it's 16K to buy. If you're interested....
  7. No, nor mine, but it did jitter now and again, but that could have been cos of the is200 Sport being lowered, or that the laser needed cleaning! I just never bothered cos it didn't jump that much anyhow.
  8. I just phoned them and it might have been sold but the sales guy isn't in until around 11am, so will keep you posted. Number is 01895 677477 if you wanted to contact them yourself.
  9. Absolutely top nicker mate. Nothing wrong with it whatsoever. The 40K service cost me somewhere just over £600 including brakepads replaced all round, so you wouldn't have to do that for a long time. Also, tyres were replaced around the 25K mark, and still have shed loads of tread. Rears are Bridgestone S03's and the fronts are Michelin Pilot Sports. Not cheap tyres, but if you shop around should be able to get replacements for £120 each - although you won't need to do that for a while either. The CD player might need a clean with one of them CD cleaners, but then expected after being used every day for the last 18 months!
  10. I did trade it, just unsure of how long I'll keep the current car. Anywhere between six months to whenever I feel like changing for something else. I'm pretty sure if you just give it to a garage you'd get even less back. I'd had offers from £12K-£15 but they were all against trade in. You'd be more likely to get around the £12K mark if you didn't trade it against something.
  11. They gave me £14K for it, and I effectively just didn't want to sell it privately, mainly for the hassle. You will get better trade in against another Lexus. I was offered £15K by Lexus Croydon against a Lexus is300 they had, which they too would give me for around £25K - their demonstrator. I thought about it, but didn't in the end, as I'm still unsure of what I want to do next. I'd go for Lexus over most other cars though mainly because of the specs, etc. Although performance is something I'd like a lot of, only looks like that'll mean something that costs a serious amount of money!
  12. Mine has gone, and is with a garage in Ruislip. It is a 2001 Y Reg, is200 Sport in Astral Black. It's fully loaded too, Sat Nav and the Lexus body kit (as these were the only optional extras at the time). They are selling it for £16K. Fully serviced at Lexus Croydon, and everything is spot on. The mileage is 44K though, but it's definitely a good deal, and looks the business. Felt run in and performing good at that sort of mileage. One thing, use Shell Optimax - yes a few pence per litre more expensive, but the car performs better and also saves you money in the long run. On average I got an extra 50 miles out of the tank. I'm no salesman, so depends what you want. Just going through the car I had!!! Visit www.caldermore.co.uk if you want to check it out. I'm not sure if it's gone already or not, but worthwhile checking if you're after one.