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  1. Happy Birthday prettyman!

  2. How did you fix your cd deck problem? Mine wont work. The tape works great but not the cd deck... is it costly to fix it? ive got a cd stuck in there now as well (upside down)... HELP... !!! That made me laugh when you said you had a cd upside down lol, you can get a replacement second hand one off ebay this one has an hour left and is cheap as for the cd in your maybe take it apart if its dead?
  3. Does anyone know of any clubs that meet up etc? i live near norwich? cheers
  4. Lexus Is200 Car Mats

    Cheers guys, well i have a silver is200 sport aero with black/grey interior? so black mats would be nice. but i want them to have lexus stitched in. the ones i have are orignal lexus sport ones as they have the sport logo in plastic on them.
  5. Does anyone know where i can get some decent lexus aero or lexus sport carpet mats from? Cheers
  6. Hey Guy's, i need some 18 inch aero alloys can anyone help me?
  7. Lexus Is200 Vs Altezza Power Bhp

    Well I might sell my lexus even tho I love her and get an eve 8 or scooby? I did test drive a Honda integra dc5 but I didn't really rate it?
  8. Lexus Is200 Vs Altezza Power Bhp

    Yeah I think the basic turbo kit is abit too basic lol, the one from the USA costs with postage etc £2100 which includes the turbo, remap unit, intercooler, induction kit etc which I think is quite a good deal. But the thing I'm unsure about is if I would need to do all my internals etc? I rang the company and the bloke said I wouldn't need to? But I don't want to mess my engine up lol.
  9. Lexus Is200 Vs Altezza Power Bhp

    What do you think about this basic turbo kit? is it worth getting?
  10. Lexus Is200 Vs Altezza Power Bhp

    Ok sorry I'm not that clued up on cars yet lol. I have seen a turbo kit from the usa for £2000 for my is200 sport, but in the mean time I was thinking straight through exhaust system, re-map and a twin mushroom induction kit. What you think? I'll put links on here of the turbo and induction kit. Also I can't seem to find a decent exhaust system for my car as I have the aero kit. Turbo kit Induction kit
  11. I was just woundering what gives the altezza its power? is it like the cams? because i was woundering how to give my is200 sport a bhp boost?
  12. New Member-Aero 18" Alloys

    Yeah they have to be aero alloys lol because my lexus is has the full aero package apart from the wheels so i would like to get a set to finish it off if you know what i mean :-)
  13. My Lexus

  14. New Member-Aero 18" Alloys

    heres the link to check them out, they are listed at £400 but i sent him a message and thats when he sed £500
  15. i need some is200 aero 18" alloys lol