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  1. Hello , Can anyone please tell me if you can replace the slide pins on rear brake caliper for 2006 220d or do i need to purchase new caliper ?. Just been told partially seized by lexus during interim service and quoted £250 can sort my self just need to know slides or full caliper .. thanks for any info
  2. Hi to all of you ,my first time so bare with us. I got 2006 IS 220d just had it 12 months 82000 full history about 6 month ago had fifth injector replaced , exhaust gas valve and software update all done after dash lights came on and covered under recall from Lexus. The problem all stems from carbon build up so my question is this. As anyone used biodiesel the good quality stuff ? I have just used a full tank with a 50% mix bio + normal diesel and then after about 100miles with no problems i diluted it more with normal diesel 25 + 75 and have not had a problem . Engine sounded quieter no funny smells but the main reason i used it was for its engine cleaning qualities hopefully on the CARBON. I have just filled the tank with normal Morrisons diesel 60 Litres but once i have used about 6 litres i will top up with biodiesel 10% mix and i intend running it on that mix for the time being. Anyone any experience with using biodiesel good or bad then let us know please thanks davey b
  3. Hi, can anyone please tell me torque settings for callipers front and rear ?? changeing disc and pads all round . Thanks. IS 220d , 2006