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  1. £35? You must be having a laugh. i paid £18 from a car audio place for mine
  2. Just make sure you get the right cable. I bought an autoleads one, and it had no power cable! Have a look on amazon, thats where i got the correct one from when i fitted my Kenwood head unit
  3. Don't think you can plug an aftermarket hu into the standard amp mate
  4. Ask anyone on here, and they will say use iridium plugs ;)
  5. Most people say they are crap :) Go for iridium ones mate, best ones out there, denso or ngk seem to be popular choices
  6. If you had gone into Asda, you could've got 5L of Castrol Magnatec for a tenner :)
  7. Uprated discs and pads along with painted calipers are on the horizon :)
  8. Welcome to the club mate, lovely example you have here :)
  9. Put it back to standard and sell the aftermarket parts seperate, will get more in the long run ;)
  10. Might not be much use to you, but i've got an is200 se lowered around 40mm on progressive springs, and the ride is great. Not crashy at all. Don't think 30mm will make much difference in comfort tbh, and eibach are also one of the best in the business in the suspension world, so i say go for it!
  11. New wheels are on! Impul NS01R alloy wheels, very rare 17" lightweight japan spec wheels 7.5J on the fronts ET35, 8.5J on the rear ET38 Worked out that i've saved 12kg alone just by swapping my standards to these 8) More pics when its not raining
  12. Hey guys, Looking for some inspiration. I'm looking into changing the tips on my s/s exhaust, but not sure what to go for. Currently got 2 x 3" approx rolled inwards tips, so looking for pictures of other options, slash cuts, rolled outward, dtm, 4", 5" etc Please post up yours to help me make up my mind!
  13. Still open as far as i know guys. The guy who is organising it is currently moving house, so patience is the name of the game ;)
  14. Think they're a bit out of my price range at the mo, had an offer to buy one at £150 already
  15. New alloys are here And a sneak peak of the wheels while i wait for the spigot rings and new wheel nuts I've trial fitted them, and the fill the arches very well :) just need some more lows now
  16. As per title, i'm after an altezza grille, the 3 slatte version How much is a rough guide price for one of these?
  17. Depends if you like the standard wheel design. If not, buy some aftermarket wheels you do like, simples :)
  18. Coilpacks gone mate, replace number 3 and 4, should sort it
  19. Yeah i've got an se. Just sounds a lot clearer to me, and i'm not a fan of any stereo that has a tape deck lol. Will be upgrading the speakers soon, and adding a cheap and cheerful sub and amp i got second hand the other day. Will be enough for me
  20. Cheers Phil Came debadged when i bought it. I'm looking into changing the clock lights to blue, to match the headunit. I always prefer aftermarket stereos, the sound is so much clearer, and they have more stuff in them, such as aux in, bluetooth etc, plus mine was broken anyway. Also waiting to see what happens with the group buy on the s/s dials, and if i can get a set, then i'll get the clock surround and ac dial surrounds at a later point too :)
  21. Thanks for the offer, but i'd rather have something with the correct measurements, rather than sanding down and using guesswork
  22. No worries mate. Thanks for the prompt delivery So nice to have the IS running on 6 cylinders again :D
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