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  1. i`m up for a meet,great.
  2. reverse lights arnt part of an m.o.t.
  3. sounds great pal,karting is the biz,
  4. keep ypur hand off your knob,naughty boy :P
  5. yeh its very SHEEPY lol,i`m on my own too,cold up ere aswell,,brrrrrrr
  6. well pleased for ye stevey boy,nice to hear. :winky:
  7. hey you keep an eye on them boost gauges ,i want i want,very nicccccce
  8. well done mate,hope it all goes well,its gonna look the biz :winky:
  9. thats a lovely reply to a topic of complaint steve,nice to see your lookin after your club members .NOT ,sometimes i wonder why you bother having this club.
  10. sorry to hear this neil,your a top bloke who deserves the best.i deal with pete jenkin for my body kit parts,3 days delivery ,perfecto,the lad checks the stock first and sends it out,top bloke,give him a try.very good prices too. hope you get sorted pal,we all want our lexus to look the best and i know how you feel. good luck.
  11. ooh delic,every mans dream :D yum yum.
  12. Don't trust these boys mate there from the wrong side of the NE, I on the other hand i live in Washington (Tyne & Wear). No mate, lexus boy and Besty are great guys, MAD, but great guys ← i am northwest jordy man :P
  13. yeh prob,you do need 15 mm above the tyres for tonys gear,but he is getting new gear soon he says to sort you low boys out.
  14. mine was like that too aido,just as i hit 0ver 100 it started feeling unsafe,i then took it too tony bones ,the geo was a mile out ,he set it up lovelly,reduced the dangerous ride by miles,feels much more stable and planted.he really knows his stuff,i bet yours is a mile out.
  15. i would love a 911 real drivers car
  16. Wow, it must have a different engine and exhaust :D ← yeh must be a lexus engine
  17. Ditto what Besty put - it's just condensation. Shows you have a good clean working engine. :D Take a look when you get behind other decent vehicles. ← i seen some comin out or a rover 25
  18. prob just need a good run,as long as your water isnt droppin in your engine bay,you`ll be rite.if its steam,WORRY/ LOL
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