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  1. Check that the Security Wheel Locknut Key is not damaged and make sure that you know which of the many variations in design of the Security Locknuts is correct for the car in question. The Locknut should be in a box complete with a label listing the design style number of the item. If the locknut is damaged - a very common fault caused by using impact air wrenches when new tyres are fitted - without this identification number you are lost and the only way to get the locknuts off the wheels is to smash them off risking damage to the alloy wheels
  2. I also had a massive problem with my 53 Plate is200 with the security locking wheelnuts. When I bought the car in April part of the deal was new tyres The tyre fitter used an hammer impact airgun and when I got a puncture - fortunately at home - I found that the internal locking "key" had been totally destroyed. Lister Lexus in Cheltenham delivered their own Locknut Key to me that evening so I could change the wheel. When re-assembling use "Coppaease" grease on the wheel back face and wheel studs. Fully tighten the normal wheel nuts, just "nip" the anti theft locknut up and check everything after 100 miles
  3. Soarer Handbook

    I've just bought an IS 200SE Lexus, so only just getting a look at the Lexus Owners Club For some reason I have acopy of a SC 300 / SC 400 Soarer Handbook in quite good condition Free to anyone who wants it in excange for the postage charge - approx £ 3.00 Any takers? Conchain
  4. Is200 Insurance

    I have just traded my Group 14 Ford Cougar for a Group 12 IS200SE Living in rural Shropshire with 9+ year NCB,3 points on my licence (comes off next January) a Voluntary Excess of £ 300, 10000 miles per year, being 67 years old and just having my wife on the policy as second driver I've just paid £ 195.00 to Hastings Direct This is almost exactly what I was paying on the Cougar Conchain
  5. Hi from a new IS200 owner For some reason I have in my possession a nice copy of a Lexus SC400 / SC 300 Owners Manual If it is of any use to anyone, it's free, but the post charge would be say £ 2.50 Any takers?
  6. Low Fuel Level Warning Light

    Thanks to everyone - 10 litres is about what othere cars have left when the Low Fuel Level Warning Light comes on I try it again just to be on the safe side All the best to everyone
  7. Low Fuel Level Warning Light

    The quoted Tank Size is 70 litres / 15.40 gallons
  8. Hi to all, I'm a new IS200 owner I was surprised to observe that the car handbook makes no reference to the quantity of petrol left in the fuel tank when the Low Level Fuel Warning Light illuminates True, most cars do not have an accurate figure for this but most manufacturers at least they tell that say 10 litres is left when the light comes on. Yesterday mine came on for the first time and I continued on the A14 for about 20 miles. Not knowing what was left in the tank I put £ 10.00 / just over 7 litres into the tank quickly. I then filled that tank at Tesco ( I had a 5p off coupon)and it took another 55 litres to fill up to the brim Thus 62 litres was the fill up less say 4 litres for the 20 miles which I drove i.e.I think that about 10 litres of petrol must have remained when the loght was originally illuminated Does anyone else know? Best regards to all Anglia105e
  9. Newbie From East Anglia

    Hi I've just taken delievry of my first Lexus a 53 plate is200se 65 miles on and everything is fine so far! There's a lot that I'll need to know about this car - it's a bit off the radar for me It drives beautifully. I'll get it running how I like a car to be, then move on Anglia105e