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  1. Ahh i hope so, banking on it being a relatively simple solution as the water pump seal rather than valley plate issue, either way i'm very disappointed with Lexus Tunbridge Wells as they have effectively been selling it as a simple air lock, and consuming coolant over time is normal behaviour. I've booked it in for them to look at next week.
  2. I will definitely keep you updated. Seems to be a fairly common problem in the states. Also welding the manifolds was a good shout, where did you get this done and how much did it set you back if you don't mind my asking?
  3. Haha bit late for that I’ve been driving it for about 4 years with this problem 😂 Lexus kept telling me it’s an air lock due to the new radiator fitted. I’ve contacted them and they will investigate. I’m inclined to think it’s a valley plate issue.
  4. I get it serviced at Tunbridge Wells. And for years I’ve been telling them yet they said nothing is wrong, that it’s normal etc… only at the weekend I finally saw underneath the car to notice the leak. I’ve read a lot about valley plate on the American forums. Seems like it affects a lot of owners. Also I heard about it could be a cracked manifold?! I hope not!
  5. Hey man yeh long time indeed! I got the rad changed the first time I saw it was leaking down the radiator etc.. they did that FOC as they damaged it when replacing the water pump! this time I’m getting it leaking underneath and nothing from top is visible!
  6. Hi, not sure of this has been covered or asked before but i seem to be topping up my coolant frequently every week. Only reason I noticed the problem was when my car wouldn't provide heating when car idling, this is going back 5/6 years ago now after i had all the recall work done. I keep telling the garage that i have this problem but they say it's normal to lose a little coolant and it could be an air lock. Well i was getting exhaust work done and i noticed coolant on the underside of my car....i'm now convinced there is a leak and surely Lexus surely should have picked this up on a service/vehicle check as they definitely look under the car to inspect! I've sent them an email now and see what they say but i'm unsure if anyone else has had this problem? I have attached photos i took while the car was up in the air.
  7. To update I have nothing much to report.... Sent them my complaint, had a reply 2 days later saying they will look into it. That is now almost 2 weeks ago and nothing at all. Oh they did ring me last week to say my recall parts were in, told them to return them to wherever they got them from as I won't return. Would have said more but I was busy. It's truely crazy, I've seen the decline over the years, unfortunately not the same as they once were!
  8. yeh definitely will voice my experience with them if they call, not much can be done though now.
  9. Exactly, or at least phone me prior to say they haven't got the parts in etc.. oh forgot to mention they also left a letter on my seat, opened it and it was a letter regarding trading in my IS 300H F sport for a new car as they would give me a good price etc... that made me laugh! Absolute joke! <_<
  10. I don't usually complain much but the experience i had with Lexus Birmingham was an absolute joke. Booked my IS-F for service about a month ago and at same time thought I would get the recalls done at same time, all booked and confirmed with courtesy car. While there, thought i may aswell try out the RC-F so i booked in a test drive at same time. So handed the key over to Lexus. They then booked me in their courtesy car.....the silly CT200h, i asked for something else and they responded with 'thats all we have'. I thought ok not a huge biggie i'm not a fan of the CT200h but so long as i have access to a car. Then i enquired about the test drive i arranged, they looked at me blank faced saying 'we don't have one with us, it's currently up north', but they would try to get it for when i come to collect my car after the work gets done (2 days later). Obviously disappointed as i had arranged this about a month ago but thought ok so long as it's there in 2 days time. Ok next day had a phone call from Lexus Birmingham (i thought ok that was extremely fast if they have done the work), the guy said they hadn't received the part for the recall and hence couldn't get it done, at this point i was in shock. I had taken time off work to get all this sorted and given them about a month to sort themselves out. Went to collect my car and obviously i voiced my disappointment and frustration, they offered to call me when parts had come in but because i live such a distance from Birmingham i told them they could keep the parts and i probably won't return. (I was attending a conference in Birmingham and thought i'd sort out car while there). To make matters worse i had a phone call as i was driving back from Lexus Birmingham after collecting my car to arrange a test drive for the RC-F! Haha i told her i had already arranged it for this weekend as i was visiting and had no plans to return any time soon. Thing is i actually really liked the RC-F, if i had driven it i may have been very tempted to purchase, so they may have missed out on a sale. I've dealt with Lexus Birmingham before and they have been generally satisfactory but this experience was so bad it was hilarious! Suffice to say i won't be returning to Birmingham Lexus! So rant over! Haha what a hilarious experience now that i look back at it.
  11. i paid £650 from birmingham. However sidcup were prepared to offer a smiliar amount when i spoke to a nice lady who was head of service there or something. Only reason i didn't book here was because when i phoned in the guy said there was no room for negotiation hence booked up at birmingham as i was visiting there anyway. After booking with birmingham the lady from sidcup rang and wanted to confirm my booking at sidcup to which i told her i had already booked elsewhere due to price differences, she was obviously annoyed with the guy that told me there was no room for negotiation and apologised.
  12. Have to thank Peter for sorting this out for me! Again apologies to your family for making them wait! Yep the VSC light came on but as Peter has said easy fox to disconnect battery and reconnect. Just all my settings had gone but it's worth it!
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