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  1. I am sorry but this obsession with speed is completely misguided. I am a retired teacher and I used to drive a minibus regularly. When speed limiters were introduced they frightened the pants off me. I would be travelling on a clear road with a vehicle in front that was driving just a little too slowly for the conditions at the time. I would pull out to overtake and the limiter would kick in just as I was along side the vehicle, which had just woken up and increased it's speed as I was in the middle of the overtaking manoeuvre. Very dangerous situation to be in especially as it was imposed without driver control. Meanwhile I have a car behind me and I am having to slow during an over taking manoeuvre. Incredibly dangerous for everyone behind me. Speed is not and never has been one of the major causes of road traffic accidents. This is a complete urban myth - rather like the number of spiders that we swallow in our sleep, we've all heard of that one as well, and some people still believe it! Lets talk some figures here....20% off all recorded accidents have occurred because the driver has fallen asleep at the the wheel. 75% of accidents occur because of 'human error' (loss of concentration/ not checking mirrors before manoeuvring/ mobile phone distraction / driver distraction by other vehicle occupants etc...etc.) Less than 5% of accidents (According to ROSPA) have anything to do with speed and of those 5%, it is difficult to determine whether speed was the deterring factor or just a contributory factor. If you are going to be serious about saving lives then shouldn't you do something about addressing the main causes of accidents? If we are going to develop autonomous safety devices within the vehicles then we should be developing technology to address the main issues. There is already a Lexus system to detect drivers falling asleep at the wheel, that is four times more effective than chasing speeding drivers. There is so much misinformation or 'fake news' regarding our highways; take the 'stopping distances' as published in the Highway Code. Completely false! The Ministry of Transport has a duty to make the roads safer but it is clearly not tackling the route causes but just taking an easy approach by using basic technology to address a safety issue that is minuscule when looking at road safety as a whole. Peoples lives are at risk with thousand dying needlessly because the research is not being undertaken and the technology is not being developed to tackle that main causes of road traffic accidents.
  2. Lexus Canterbury have astounded me yet again!  I was taken seriously ill with Sepsis and Pneumonia when I was away from home in Wales, recently.  I knew that the MOT was about to run out but I was stuck in hospital with my wife having to find accommodation in local B&Bs for three weeks! The whole experience was dreadful. 

    I phoned Canterbury Lexus and they told me not to worry and that they would phone me back in 30 mins.  When they rang back they knew exactly when the MOT was due to expire leaving me stranded as the car would then be no longer legal but I had to get home to Kent to continue my recovery and my wife needed it to drive to me in hospital and then back to her various B&Bs.  

    Canterbury Lexus then told me that they had been in contact with Cardiff Lexus and that they would arrange to drive over to Haverfordwest (1.5 Hour Drive) and pick up my LS460.  Drive it back to Cardiff, undertake the MOT and return it to me the following day, at the hospital (1.5 hour  to Haverfordwest and then the return journey to Cardiff) They did apologies and said that they would have to charge for the collection and return and that it would be a fixed cost of £10!!!!!

    I have to say that I do not know anyone who has had an experience that is up to matching this from any car dealership.   I get my car washed and a cup of coffee along with the TV and newspapers, any Saturday of my choosing at no cost.  The servicing matches or is cheaper than any of the other independents as Lexus Canterbury will always try to give me a good discount.  I want to shout it from the roof tops that the Lexus Experience is unmatched, unless you know better.

  3. I have sold my LS400 Mk iv and bought an LS460 2010.  Brought in from Ireland as only Lh600 available in the UK at that time.  DIdn't fancy dragging all that battery weight around but took advantage of the 2010 upgrades.  

    Had the car for 4 months now and just had a 120k service done at Lexus Canterbury.  I was considering a cheaper 430 but so glad I went the extra mile and paid the extra for the 460.  What a car!  Better fuel economy along with everything else that is a massive improvement. I read on another post that, as the cars are developed ,they are obviously going to be better.  You are not going to update a car by making it worse, are you?  Silly question, really.  

    Okay so the mileage is a bit on the high side but it was used as a chauffeur car and so has been really looked after  with FSH.  It is just an awesome machine and they are coming into the affordable price range now so really worth serious consideration.  Lexus Canterbury have looked after me for years and there pricing, for me, matches all the other independents and is sometimes significantly cheaper.  Need to replace brake pads and so wondering what pads you guys would recommend - I thought of using Mintex as genuine Lexus pads are silly money. Any thoughts?

  4. Hi David. If you decide to pay them a visit tell Anna that I mentioned the dealership to you on this website, she would be thrilled to have a response. She works very hard and so any praise is very well received. The parts dept down the road at Toyota Motorline is also outstanding. They helped me with a new Y piece exhaust recently, had to have it sent over from Japan as no pattern ones available. I did consider having one made in stainless but they can be very noisy - not what a Lexus should be! Had the usual problem of the flange joins between the 'cats' and the centre section corroding. Had new flanges put on the cats and a new centre section exhaust - job done! Thanks for the welcome Jimmy. Was speaking to a local luxury car specialist recently, here in Canterbury. One of his customers has a Silver Spur and wants it to be as quiet as his LS400 but so far hasn't managed to match it. How's that for a story! Incidentally he also had THREE Aston Martin Lagondas in when I paid him a visit. I've never seen one let alone three at once! Nigel...
  5. Hi Mike, Yep done all that - the usual standard stuff ;-)) I have wasted time and effort on this niggling problem. Bought a telescope motor that I didn’t need, various ecus that I didn’t need and so on. I now have access to a door mirror assembly but we need to pay for that and have it sprayed to match the car. Don’t want further expense if it’s not going to solve the problem. This appears to be a known problem and I am surprised the Lexus don’t have an advisory note on this. Get on really well with Lexus Canterbury. Service Manager is Anna and she is absolutely outstanding! But…not sure about the advice to buy a new mirror assembly so wanted to check it out with you guys. Any Lexus owners in Canterbury area should no about Anna as she is exceptional in the customer care she provides and the pricing is very reasonable. Can’t recommend them highly enough. They are very happy to look after my 'Vintage Lexus' as they call it ;-)) I don't let anyone else near it. Best wishes Nigel...
  6. I have had no end of trouble with my driver's door folding mirror on my 1998 LS400 (Mk IV). Changed the mirror ecu in the door and ended up blowing fuses and knocking out the telescopic tilt on the steering wheel and the electric window stopped working - nightmare! You have to match the part no exactly and I can't seem to find the right one. BE VERY CAREFUL. I've had to replace tilt/telescope ecu as the wrong door ecu messed everything up! Took it to Lexus Canterbury and they have said that I need a new motor so have advised that I get another door mirror assembly. What do you guys think? I have tried taking the relevant fuses out with the ignition on and nothing has solved the problem. As soon as I turn the key to 'acc' the whole door mirror unit clicks back one notch and just keeps doing it each time I turn the key, until the assembly is facing completely out. Fold the mirrors in with the button and then put them back out again and the mirror assembly returns back to normal position. This is driving me nuts. Does anyone have any other suggestions other than the ones that I have tried? Is the problem the actual folding motor in the door mirror assembly? Grrrr
  7. Hi Richard and thanks for getting back to me. My unit is Generation 1 and will only play CDs If yours is a DVD I can't use it. I have to say I thought that the CD system support ended in 2004 so if yours is good that would be fantastic! Many thanks Nigel....
  8. Awww thanks for the swift reply. Yep £200 sounds like silly money to me too. I was kinda hoping that a dealer or member may have one that they would be willing to get rid of for about £50. I am very fussy about mny cars and like everything to be the best that it can be. I see this as a kind of challenge - sad anorak I know...! :-) Best wishes Nigel...
  9. Hi Guys, Have a wonderful 1999 LS400 but....SatNav has the 2.1 CD (Yuk!) I have been researching on the Web an have found out that there is a V3.6 (2004???) disc available as the latest upgrade. Have been in touch with Lexus Canterbury but they don't have any info. If I could find a part number it might help them. Anybody got any ideas as to where I could get this info??? Any help would be really appreciated Nigel....