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  1. welshone

    Which One's Best

    How good is the automatic box in these ??? As i'm finding many auto's compared to manuals in good condition.
  2. welshone

    Which One's Best

    I much prefer the LS400 but as you say the petrol consumption is just to silly. The insurance for the IS200 should be slightly less then what i'm paying for my little rover. From driving slightly bigger car then my little rover in the past i have driven alot less calmer so sould hopefully calm me down for good.
  3. welshone

    Which One's Best

    Unless you are really hooked on a LSD; avoid the Sport. The performance is identical and it is slightly lowered for cosmetic reasons only. However, the biggest factor is that Sports are is likely to have had a much harder life and so be a bit tired. Worse still, they may well have pointless modifications. All models late 2003 onwards and the LE have better interiors, HIDs and more goodies. Whichever you get, do not expect massive performance - in fact it is so smooth that it seems slower than it is - or expect wonderful economy. So on the sport the only additions are LSD suspension and tinted windows ??? If thats the case then I might as well go for the SE, as the lsd is only really useful if your puching it. The suspension can he changed at a later date very easily and tinted windows was a minus addition anyway.
  4. welshone

    Which One's Best

    all the engines are the same in the uk is200's (1gfe 6 cylinder 155bhp) , no matter which spec, unless you go for a is300, or a jap import altezza, the altezza is just over 200bhp with a beams engine (4 cylinder) but interior is not as well finished and insurance may be slightly more. the is200 is thirsty too and you would expect more power considering, so dont be dissapointed when you realize its not a rocket ship, you can turbo or supercharge the engine but that would be expensive, air filter and exhaust modifications will only add a bit of power and responsiveness but give a nice sound with the right set up. i would recommend if your going for an is200 to get a sport version as the main thing being it has a limited slip differential standard which gives for better control and handling :winky: and it has nice extras, metal scuff plates, half leather, rear tints etc hope this answers some of your questions, get her bought lol Thank for your reply. Yes I looked at all the specs of all the models and the sport spec matches my currect car rover 200 which has: lsd, close ratio gearbox, full leather, uprated suspension, uprated antiroll bar and many more as standard. Anyway i'm not after the is200 as a direct replacement i'm just after a well put together car with good looks. I need to start calming down and get a sensible good sized car :winky:
  5. I'm after a IS200 but need to be pushed in the right direction of which spec is the best to go for. My budget isn't great so it will have to be one of the earlier models. I will be playing with it a bit as in looks and engine but I want a good one to start with. I've had a little look through the forum and seen that it might have to be the is200 sport. This will give a good starting basis but really didn't like the figures i saw as my currect drive out performs it and is only a 1.8. I'm sure some of you lot can point me in the right direction to sqeeze more ponies out of it.
  6. Thanks for this great post. I'm very interested in getting a IS200 very soon and this information will help. thanks again.