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  1. I wonder why it copes as well. In theory he Lexus should be awful but it just seems to work well
  2. I’d have to look at tyres but I have Pirelli on front and Goodyear at rear. Both brands are all season tyres and seemed to cope well. never thought to turn traction control off, thought that might be counter productive but I can see in some instances that could be a good option.
  3. First time we had poor enough snow conditions to see how well the Lexus would handle. i was a little dubious as I’m well aware the Lexus Rx is not a true 4x4 in the same way a Land Rover is. however, I was quite impressed how well the car drove. put your foot down a little and it pretty much accelerated off with minimal wheelspin. You can feel the computers cutting power to wheels etc. And it really works well. I went around a few corners and if the car started to slide it seemed to improve by applying a bit of gas which kicked In all the wheels which immmediaty had the car i straightened back up. Braking was excellent to, brake hard and off course you will slide, after all its 2 tin of car on four wheeels. Driving this car with care it handles impeccably and not once did I feel nervous of getting stuck. I took it up and down hills and around back roads barely used and it felt good in all circumstances. im sure you wouldn’t want to put the RX of road through deep mud but in snow it was great. well done RX
  4. Yeah, was thinking that but my local ones don’t have anything. Any suggestions of good breakers for lexus
  5. I’d prefer to keep it as original as I drive down a lot of dark country lanes and the dimming helps a little
  6. As title, can anyone recommend somewhere I can get a replacement glass of oe quality. They are very expensive from Lexus, I’m hoping there is a cheaper or secondhand option
  7. Yes, should be one USB port and two cigarette lighter ports deep down in the centre console. Probably the only bit of the rx that's a bit awkward in that you need to open centre console lid and then pull inner box out to access them.
  8. Looks almost the exact same deal as me, part x in my is250 in blue for my rx450 in light blue metalic. im sure your have many happy years of driving from it. I know when I bought mine I have gone through several phases of loving it to thinking the novelty had worn off. now some 11months later I still enjoy the car though. There were times I felt it needed a bit more go but then I was comparing it to my gs450. Overall, I love the high driving position, it's easy to drive and gets up the steep hills easily. I can fit my road bike in the boot without removing wheels which is a bonus for me and can get luggage for a two weeks holiday in the boot without needing to drop ge back seats. All in all I have found it one of the most practicals cars I have owned and not found it's size to be a problem. Its hard to imagine many other vehicles that could be as good an all rounder as the RX has been. on top of that, he RX has run faultless. My next cat decision, possibly next year will be the toughest as I'm either going to go completely impractical and buy a GS-F or else a new shape RX450. Anyway, well done with your purchase and enjoy the ride.
  9. I was In the same situation and although I prefer the facelift front grille I couldn't justify nearly £2000 extra just to get it. I drove most variants and frankly if there are differences they were so small I struggled to detect them. In the end I found a low mileage clean example from my local lexus dealership at a good price. It was pre-facelift but frankly I have no regrets and have found economy extremely good for the vehicle size. I think it's slightly better economy compared to my GS450h. Ultimately it comes down to how much you are prepared to pay. Decide on that figure then get the best one for the money you can find carl
  10. I traded my is250 for the rx450 and if anything I get better fuel aconomy from the rx despite its size. My main driving is around town and odd carriageway but I never see it drop below low thirties. The is250 used to sit around 28mpg for the same trip so I reckon a good 4 mpg improvement since driving the rx and given its weight and size I think that's excellent. Also like yourself I needed a big hatchback and the rx has been just great. I can get the racing bike in without taking a wheel off and from memory 2.4metre lengths will go in up to the centre console when needed. Also the rear floor is flat as the rx has no rear tunnel, no rear driveshaft as the rear wheels are electric driven. Makes for good loading space behind front seats. carl
  11. It is definitely an option that Lexus can turn on or off. No idea how long it takes but I suspect minutes. I had this feature turned on my RX and was nit charged for the service. My GS450 already had it enabled.
  12. I have a set of rear brake pads, brand new that are surplus to requirements. all in original box. EBC Ultimax Brake Pads DP1586 £10 collected if anyone interested. cheers Carl
  13. I like the grille, was this a standard trim on later models or something imported?
  14. That looks lovely, I do like the red leather to. carl
  15. I had a call from Lexus asking if I'd like to test drive the new GS-F. I had to think about it but decided it was worth a go. What can I say, its one of those cars with a very large price tag which no matter how I look at it I just cant quite justify. That said after a drive in it you start thinking of re-organising those finances so that you can. I guess its just about the engine sound. Yes, the interior is quite nice, the seats very supportive and it has all the toys. It looks pretty nice from the outside with those large brakes and four exhaust pipes, but it is the engine note that you fall in love with. Whilst driving at normal speeds such as around town it drives just like any other Lexus, its refined, the gearbox is smooth and its often hard to tell its changing gear at all which considering it has an 8 speed auto is pretty impressive. The ride keeps the car flat in the corners and is solid and control over most surfaces. I was surprised just how good the ride was for a car with this type of performance. At low speeds driving normally you could almost forget that under the bonnet lurks a 469bhp 5litre motor as it drives quite sedate under light throttle. Some high power cars are just too responsive and you can never really relax in them but the GS seems to have managed to keep its Lexus pedigree under tap. Then you come to a dual carriageway and its time to switch to Sport mode. You squash that throttle hard and the gates of hell open as that angry roar unleashes from the engine & exhaust. My faces was a huge smile. It does plant you hard in your seat, the power is quite brutal. It reminded me of powerful cars from the 90's in that it's just brute power which didn't feel like it was trying to be eco friendly. The sound though, Oh I'd pay the money just for that. It is without doubt one of the nicest sounding cars I have driven under acceleration. Yes, there are quicker cars out there such as the M5's etc but they dont sound this good and lets be honest how often are you in a drag race with an M5. Id take the GS with its roomy cabin for four and fantastic ride. You could drive this car as your daily just the same as you drive the normal IS or GS range, the only difference is this one will drink slightly more of the liquid stuff but my god its worth it. Added to the bucket list.... Carl