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  1. Servicing/timing Belt

    People theres a lot more to it than what was mentioned lol, search a little
  2. Gs430 Tapping Noise From Bottom Of Engine.

    could be your air control modules man... besides that, any more details about this noise? perhaps a recording?
  3. Does anyone know how he went about finishing this?? cmon guys plz? I just dont want to fry my shi*
  4. Well i adjusted the voltage and all as told on spec's, car ran perfectly fine after, didnt surge at idle anymore really, then all of a sudden at a red light, foot went to the floor and car didnt move, knew right away it was going to click right back on, which it did, im starting to think its possibly a wiring issue, or possibly another sensor? maybe even relays, its honestly a guessing game at this point for me im researching and everyone that has had the exact same problem has not had a diagnosis, so weird... If i can unplug the batt. and plug it back in to reset the comp. and have it go away momentary... whats that tell you? hmm....thanks for your feed back man, appreciate your time.
  5. So Engine light came on, with both VSC ON and VSC OFF lights as well, ran the code P1120, so i replaced the TPS sensor and motor, drove for about 30 miles, and god, again! same problem is back!! I keep reading people having the same issue but no one has seemed to be able to pic point the issue. I have a Spare lexus GS300 same year, that was totaled from the rear end and was given to me for spare parts! so if anyone! please anyone has any other explanation to what can be causing this traction control lights to come on with the obvious lose of all power to the pedal, please! All suggestions are appreciated! Thanks a LOT!