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  1. This looks nice on these merc wheels maybe if you got some rh or plain centre caps to hide the fact there merc wheels theyd look a bit better but i like them lots they really suit the IS
  2. Nice car mate im loving the charger i love charged cars they sound nice
  3. measure the ones on your car! you got pics of the car on the merc wheels
  4. Did you get these on with wobble bolts!!! pics request!
  5. Try this stereo as it changes colour 2 match your interior colour And im proper in to these wheels at the moment, there both made by ROTA
  6. There vw/audi merc wheels 5x112 and the centre bore is to small could get adapters made but that would put te et even lower and would cause problems try RIMSTYLE.COM some nice wheels on there if your fussy :winky:
  7. Bearing, CV joint, seized brake caliper??? cant really say without hearing and seeing it!!!!
  8. Theres some on edition 38 vw scene website heres the link
  9. Cheers mate does this site have any sort of a yearly event
  10. Cheers mate thats a big big help really appreicated
  11. Hi im new on here and thought id say hello im not a lexus owner as of yet but im looking to get a decent is200 sport some time soon, could someone help and let me know of any common faults to look out for whilst im browsing for 1!!!
  12. Do them in a matt black or high gloss atlas grey or summat like that!!
  13. lower it a bit and it would look mint!!
  14. put some 15mm-20mm spacers on them and they'll look cool B)
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