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  1. Puddle Lights. Don't think mine are working, they did work but is it a light sensitive issue? or is there a switch I need to activate? Thanks rayaanas that explains it, with the lighter nights etc.
  2. Puddle Lights. Don't think mine are working, they did work but is it a light sensitive issue? or is there a switch I need to activate?
  3. Hi I can confirm everything Brian 26 has commented on. I have a 2010 rx450 and payed around £600 for the fitting and 13 pin electrics, the only issue was the fuse in the relay due to the electronic stability control on the Unicorn Vigo (1500cw)caravan , the fitters had to up grade the relay to the 20 amp fuse required. No cutting of the bumper, and when the removable tow hitch is removed the rear looks as it should.
  4. Hi Meeja, Sorry for the late reply I have been in Ireland on a motorcycle trip. Yes the final cost was £650 due to the breather pipe needed replacement. Hope you get a good deal. Keith.
  5. Yes it has just cost me £600+ to have mine replaced. see my thread RUST.
  6. Very Helpful and informative comments, I have some work to do on my RX 450h when I get the steering knock sorted.
  7. Steering knock

    Hi, currently the car is at 62 k, but the knocking has got progressively worse since arrond 60k
  8. Steering knock

    Following on from my previous topic (Rust) and the fuel filler pipe. I now have the car booked in for a rather bad knock when turning at slow speed from the front n/s, am I right in thinking that it is the suspention strut? Top baring ? If so has anyone had experienced this problem and cost and possible after market part. cheers Keith D
  9. RUST

    OK so £600 was the final cost as the garage had to replace the breather pipe as well. I have enclosed the photo of the parts removed and given some of it a bit of a scrape, and most is just surface rust, but unless un checked I would expect the pipe could have rotted through.
  10. RUST

    Hi Glover, cant give you an exact location until you are under the car, but from memory the pipe runs from the filler area through the rear subframe and onto the fuel tank. My local trusted service station did not want to undertake the work as they suggested that the sub frame might have to be lowered or removed for the re fitting. Might have more information when I have the work done on the 21st April, I will ask for the removed offending part, and hope it is worth the £500+ cost. Keith D
  11. RUST

    Short answer is no, my car was up on the ramps so you would need to get your car off the ground or in a pit. The pipe is rather exposed to the elements. I have mine booked in for replacement at a cost of £561 . Pity it's not a re call as with other models
  12. RUST

    Hi, Yes I am still a fan of the RX Range. And I have now got a quote from Lexus for the fuel filler pipe rust issue of £561.will probably book the car in for the work to be done, pity its not a recall issue as with some other models in the Lexus range. Then it will be onto Silk Mil Garage Galgate for a full under body hot power wash and wax oil.
  13. RUST

    Seems we have the same problem, could you recommend the dealer ? and do you have an estimate of the cost ? I need to get mine sorted.
  14. RUST

    Thanks for your informed reply sorcerer, just to clarify on the previous MOT no mention of any fuel pipe rust issues and no advisories. At the latest MOT and service the car did fail on rear break pipes in a very short section as they meet the calepers, less than approx 3 inches due to them not having the plastic coating that covers most if not all the lenghth of pipe, that issue was attended to at a cost of £150 + vat before I drove the car home. Gaining a second opinion my trusted garage did say that the other advisors were a bit harsh ( bushes and discs) might need attention at next MOT. I did see the rust and to be fair it did seem quite bad, I wish I had taken a photo! I have sent a email to Lexus asking for a quote for replacement of the filler pipe ( some 8 days ago ) but no response as yet.
  15. RUST

    Thanks for all your comments, the quote from Lexus of £800 and then one for £45 from a indipendent says a lot. I would appreciate any advice as to a workshop in the north ( Lancaster area) that would do the fuel filler pipe job.