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  1. Hi All Lexus owners Just a quick brief, I have a Lexus IS200 Sport in black 2001 Y plate and I love it, could do with a little more power at the floor but is cruises beautifully and has every comfort I could wish...for what I paid for it. Hope to become and active contributor once I have become a bit more accustomed to this lovely vehicle...
  2. Thank you trackerman, good advice I will get it looked at by my local garage who suggested that "it may have 4 wheel tracking" they do have the facility to do it and will prevent premature tyre wear in the future. thank you
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    This is intersting as I have just brought my first IS200 Sport. I recently travelled to Bucharest Romania in my IS200 with 3 passengers and the total journey one way was 1648 miles from Bicester Oxfordshire to Bucharest. I filled up 4 times at a cost of 90 euro per fill and had just under 1/2 tank remaining arriving at Bucharest, so 3.5 tank fills for the total journey. At around 1.7euro/litre this is 185 litres (40.7 gallon) of fuel in total,which translates to approx 40 mpg. Since I have been back in the UK I have been averaging around 37 mpg commuting 73 miles round trip each day to the office and returing around 500 miles from a tank full of petrol at a cost of £80 per fill (£1.31 per/ltr). My speeds vary depending upon my mood, but I guess I averaged around 80mph on the German/Austrian Autobahns to 50mph up around the moutains of northern Romania, it was manic navigating these roads, and believe me the drivers in Romania are all on a suicide mission... next time we fly !!
  4. Hi all, as a new owner of a Lexus IS200 Sport I am a little damp behind the ears regarding this beautiful vehicle. I have owned my '01 \Y plate IS200 since May this year, drove 3,500 miles to Romania and back to Oxfordshire UK in it at the end of July and it is an absolute pleasure to sit behind the wheel of this car...yes I love it, however, I noticed a few days after this gruelling journey that my rear off-side tyre had worn quite drastically along the outside edge, now I usually associate this type of tyre wear with the front tyres and the solution is usually that a tracking chack and realignment is required...but on the rear wheels !!!! A colleague of mine suggested that maybe my car has 4 wheel track alignment, is this the case? and if so does a standard tracking alignment put this to right and resolve this issue, it is now quite noticable that the rear O/S tyre has been worn quite badly along the outside edge, it can't be the rear wheel bearings as I had them both replaced before making the journey to Romania, among other work that needed to be carried out. Any help and suggestions would be very gratefully recieved thank you
  5. Hi all, just joined today as a newbie IS200 Sport owner, I finally managed to own one after waiting a few years for the prices to come within reach, and it was worth the wait. I brought a IS200 Sport 2001 on a Y plate in Astral Black 2 weeks ago, it was in need of an MOT and a little TLC, well actually quite a bit of TLC as the previous owner hd a terminal illness and left it standing on his drive for 5 months. Today it passed the MOT with no advisory notification, so I am exstatic, also today saw the arrival of a number of parts I ordered from a very helpful guy in Bristol who was breaking a IS200, and he has done me proud adding quite a few extra parts not even asked for. So after getting the car through the MOT I travelled home along the M40 feeling quite relieved and excited about the prospect of doing a bit of work on her this evening, but the smile on my face soon became a frown and one of tension and bewilderment, you see there was this constant whiring noise eminating from the rear of the car that I had not heard before, but then I never test drove it along the motorways as the noise gets progressively worse with higher speed. The noise is akin to a kind of dry running gear box, so I suspect the differential, or maybe the prop shaft doughnuts, not sure as I don't really know the week points on the IS200 Sport model. The car has a big bore rear box fitted but it is not this as removing the leaded boot from the gas pedal does not reduce the noise, but it does get quite loud with increased speed above around 45-50 mph. I am a newbie novice but want to learn as much as I can about my new toy, I just want to know if anyone else has had this experience or if there is a common fault with the IS200 Sport from this period ?? Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated, many thanks in anticipation of a quick response. thank you 200 2 U