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  1. Thanks for all the comments. I think I might go for it. Peace of mind is a great thing!
  2. Hi oliesgrandad, thanks. 1. Good point. 2. Surely this doesn't include consumables. 3. My dilemma, but it's supposedly a reliable car! 4. Interesting, I didn't know that. Not written in my terms and conditions. I really appreciate your thoughts as I know that it is just an insurance policy which I hope I won't use so am interested if anyone with similar vehicles have had any problems. If yes then it's a no brainer, but if not then I need to way up the risks against peace of mind. I fancy a new guitar but can't afford that and the warranty!
  3. Thanks. The offer is for £91.25 per month for 12 months then nothing for the second year. I had a warranty claim for drivers seat on my previous IS for a dodgy drivers seat which would have cost around £5,000 had I bought a new seat myself. Hence my concern about seats!
  4. Hi all, bought my 2014my GS300h nearly three years ago and after the first year warranty took out the extended warranty for two extra years which runs out in April. The only warranty claim I had was for wiper relays. I have just received a letter asking if I want to extend for a further two years for £1095. I am in a dilemma about what to do. The first couple of years I was averaging about 15,000 miles per year but due to early retirement now do about half this. It's currently on circa 62,000 miles. My main concern is the internal electronics such as seats etc. I have the premier which has loads of complicated stuff inside. I would be interested to hear from anyone who has a similar vehicle with higher mileage than mine with regards to the reliability of such things. I'm not too worried about the mechanical aspects. Thanks.
  5. With the GS it was specific to the premier grade so maybe takumi only on ES.
  6. I think driving style has more of an impact on fuel consumption than anything else. We moved to rural Lincolnshire about 18 months ago. Initially I was getting about 38 mpg as I didn't know the roads. Now that I know where all the tight bends are and slow down in preparation without braking late our consumption has increased to about 44.
  7. If the flood water was to blame shouldn't hybrids come with a warning not to drive through fords?
  8. This is correct. It shows that the airbag is in operation. If you disable it to put a child seat in the light will go out.
  9. That's a bit extravagant. What's wrong with duck tape??
  10. I don't understand your criticism of the lexus brand. Agree that cars from the factory of old had a problem but my latest GS from 2014 does not have the issues I had with my 2007 IS. Your problem seems to be with prestige wheels! I had my is wheels refurbished and had no problems after about 5 years.
  11. It also prevents the windows misting up.
  12. Yes, this is correct. The passenger can exit as they are inside. The door should not open from outside. This is so that the passenger can get out of the car in an accident situation.
  13. All cars has a really good speed camera alerting system. It's called a speedometer!
  14. Get her a gs, that should solve the problems.
  15. Thanks farmersden, that's really useful.
  16. Am intrigued about this, how does it work and what sort of things can I change?
  17. Let's hope he doesn't buy an ES then.!
  18. I agree. As you say it flexes and pops back. It should not show a dent with something as small as an acorn falling from 30-50 metres! A hailstorm would destroy most modern cars!
  19. I'd more worried about the quality of the metalwork if an acorn can cause a dent. Hope you don't get hailstones where you live!
  20. And don't forget the speed limit sign is a maximum not a challenge!
  21. Should still be under warranty. Take it to a dealer.