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  1. Hi m8, If you are interested I have a cd taken from my 1998 sat nav for sale ... £15 delivered.
  2. Had a look today and all info from Alan is 'bang on' It appears the ball and sockets have seized forcing the bracket which is welded to cross rod to snap. I have now removed offending part and will look at making replacement. Hardest /awkward bit so far was getting under with grinder to clean / remove broken bracket still welded to cross rod. to be continued ..........
  3. great stuff Alan, I shall look at replacing this as per the PDF drawing (in stainless of course) and check the front while I am there !! I shall report back when complete .... thanks for all replies ..
  4. Hi, Ls400 just passed MOT Had an advisory, as follows o/s/r/ headlight height corrector bracket showing signs of corrosion So I will now replace it, so can anyone help with it's exact location? thanks.
  5. Thanks for the replies and I have now tried / considered them all .... Last night as I returned to my car (which was unlocked) I pressed the remote to open the boot, nothing happened so I used the key and that set the alarm Off, I used the remote to reset and then drove away. At my destination when I tried to lock car with remote I could hear the locks 'click' but the indicators did not flash and the door did not actually lock (I tried several times). I used the key to lock doors and left the car (alarm not going off). On return to car remote would not open doors and I used key and then drove home. When home I tried remote to lock doors and it did as it should and indicators flashed and No alarm all night. I went out to car today and boot opens fine with remote and ALL seems good, (doors, boot and no alarm) Only thing I can think is key has reset after using manually to lock/open doors ?????? I will continue to monitor .............. (remote has new battery fitted couple of weeks ago) thanks for help/suggestions.
  6. 1998 LS400 Alarm keeps going off on it's own when I lock car, it is causing battery drain and I am now leaving doors unlocked !!! Any suggestions to sort this out ??
  7. The brake sensor works with 'normally closed' circuit if your warning light has come on then you have worn through the end at the brake disc and sensor requires renewal. As M.IQBAL has mentioned above you can cut both wires just behind sensor head and join, this in effect gives you a closed circuit again and will extinguish the warning light but will not warn you of pad wear in future. I fitted a good condition second hand one from a car last week to my rear pads and it is now working fine. There may be a chance the same guy has the front one still available... he charged me £10 delivered .. his Email is regards, rangermastiffs.
  8. I know it is old stuff but for those who have not seen it heres the links (it's in 4 parts)
  10. thanks ben, can you give me any details of what was done and an idea of cost? (maybe a pic?). thanks.
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