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  1. hi all, just want to know if I could use is250/350 rear camber kit to is200/300? will it fit?
  2. bigbullhead yes it does. that's the first modification I've done to my IS220d..
  3. Can anyone tell me if IS200/300 rear bumper lips will fit to IS220d bumper? I'm thinking of installing it to my IS220d.
  4. Thanx for the reply Steve.. but unfortunately, they don't have for the rear. Its the rear bumper that is hard to find. do you know where to get it?
  5. Is there by any chance, you guys know where to order VERTEX bodykit beside thier own website?
  6. bluenose1940 Sorry maybe i didnt explore this threads deeply enough to get to your thread. Since i'm not from UK or Europe, (i'm from Brunei Darussalm, but using UK spec of IS220d), it would be a problem to me to get the cleaning fluids as you guys were using. well for the BG244, i just got the feed back from the internet when i googled for the item. i don't know if it would solve my problems. i would, with all respect, to try the other cleaning fluid other than BG244 if it could solve it. the problem is, 1) where to get it 2) do they ship it to me in Brunei Darussalam? this is because here in Brunei, they don't sell these kind of product. if you can give me some help to where & how to get it, it would be great. thak you
  7. hi catweazil can you please update me after you've done for more than 1.5k miles. this is because when i did all on mine (EGR cleaned & DPF cleaned) the VSC & limp mode comes again. i really hope that i won't comes out again on you. if thats the case, i guess i need to use the BG244 as you were recommended.. thanks
  8. yes i did get the code cleared and removed and yes i did get some good journeys. i even rev it to 2500 rpm on 5th gear for 15-20 mins drive every couple of days. but it seems to come on again. i get confused and dont know what to do next.
  9. Normski, i did the diagnose thinggy and it appear to be the DPF (P2002 Diesel Particulate Filter Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1)). i did cleaned it. then the EGR; i removed it as the instruction i get from this forum and i clean it as clean as possible. the car runs normal for few hundreds miles. and guess what, it came on again and the car turns to limp mode. is there anything that i can do other than that? i've tried the additives, cleaned the EGR & DPF.
  10. Can someone please help me regarding the VSC/Engine Light & Traction control lit up during driving and limp mode? I've tried almost everything that i read from this forum. it occurs all the time. it runs well for few hundreds miles but the it came on again and again. What should i do/check to make it right?
  11. Dear friends, i owned a Lexus IS220d bought from the UK. It already has 70000 miles on the clock. Im from Brunei Darussalam, ASEAN region fyi. Ive been using the LiquiMoly 5/40 motor oil before then i change it to Voltronic 5/40. since then i've got problems. it started to lost power with the VSC/Engine Check/Traction Control light up. After making some research, i can solve the problem with the EGR by cleaning it. All the particulate/soot builds up in the EGR. but by cleaning only will not solve the problem 100%. After about 1000+ miles, it start to come back again. for about >5mths, i assume that the motor oil that im using (voltronic) is not suitable for the engine and recently i changed back to LiquiMoly and hoping that it will solve it. the question is, is it the right thing to do if i install an oil catch tank? i googled the function of it and they mentioned that it will trap the soot/particle in it and only pass cleaner fume/gases back to the engine intake for recommbustion. is it correct? correct me if im wrong. Thank you, would be happy to hear for your response.
  12. Can anybody help me how to remove all those warning light? when diagnose, it says, particulate soot trap efficiency.. for the record, i've cleaned both EGR and the Dpf itself but still, when i travel for about 15-20mins, all the light came out again.. can anyone help me on these? how to remove or what to be done to rectify this problems?
  13. Can anyone tell me if theres any compatible shocks for is220d? does toyota wish shocks compatible for IS220d? thank you in advance
  14. hi guys, just want to share with all. i'm from Brunei Darussalam and here in Asia, we don't get IS220d through our Lexus's only sold in Europe. So when i knew all about it (Lexus with diesel engine) i'm so exicted of it just because it can save me alot.( Here its cheaper to buy diesel fuel than patrol). To cut it short, i've been experiencing bout the Dpf filter blocked and cause VSC check, engine warining and traction control to light up. After making my researched, i found out the main reason why IS220d doesn't sell here in our's because of the bad quality of the diesel fuel. it causes the DPF to blocked. i survey the DPF itself from ebay and it cost me ALOT to purchase and also it's shipment. So when i found out that the DPF can be remove from the vehicle but we need to remap the ecu, i went to our local garage and have a go with it. the problem is we can do the ecu remap. so theres only 1 thing for us to do without remapping the ecu. firstly, we remove the DPF and we break the DPF filter inside it with a long steel till some of the filter inside the catalic comes out. the theory is to get the exhaust gas flow unrestricted/unblocked. then we install the DPF right back as per normal with all the O2 sensors. once we start the engine, all the warning has gone. (but if you still had the VSc light up, might as well reset it through diagnose). now the car runs even better. the power and acceleration has increased. hopefully it will never comes back. if you worry bout the smoke coming out of it, you don't have to. in my case, it doesnt. (well, puff of smoke maybe as you accelerate. as i guessed its normal for turbo cars.) cheers guys.
  15. Thanx Steve2006, will try to check and clean up the sensor. Will keep you posted. 😄