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  1. lexus22

    Warped Hubs?

    But it's really just common sense, things like brake pads/discs/tyres/new engine parts such as pistons+rings all need a chance to "bed themselves in", just take it easy for 200 miles, worth doing mate.
  2. lexus22

    coil springs

    Could be, but those springs are about an inch lower than saloon which is interesting stuff, cheaper than coil overs.
  3. lexus22

    coil springs

    Yeah, also the outer diameter is 2mm difference as well, would suggest firmer ride in the sportscross?
  4. lexus22

    Warped Hubs?

    Yeah, makes sense. Best of luck with ecp though, they like the product back in original packing unopened!! Reckon with new discs (as long as slider pins working and not sticking) your car should be spot on mate.
  5. lexus22

    Warped Hubs?

    Unusual to have a problem with the new disc though, what ecp make was it?
  6. lexus22

    Warped Hubs?

    For the cost of a new disc, I would (did) change the n/s one at least, as this is the side that I found had the initial problem.
  7. lexus22

    coil springs

    Few years ago had to change front coil springs as one had broken, and since then the front has always sat much higher than it should so thought would look into why. The springs I used were Blueprint ADT388394 which have a length of 333mm. I have noticed that the ADT388395 have a shorter length of 312mm but are these just for the Sportscross and not the Saloon? I can't see why there would be any difference as both cars have the same engine..any thoughts?
  8. lexus22


    Code P0430 has come up on my is300, have cleared it a few times but comes back after couple of days., reader shows "catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 2" I assume this is the Lambda sensor that requires the drivers seat to be removed to unplug it..? Anyone done this before?
  9. lexus22

    Sluggish acceleration IS300

    Worth disconnecting the battery overnight, this should clear any "stored" faults in cpu. Also worth plugging in an OBD code reader, might show something like a faulty Lambda sensor which can bugger things up. Has the engine warning light come on?
  10. lexus22

    clocks gone pink!

    Had a pink moment, what you reckon?
  11. lexus22

    Warped Hubs?

    200 miles nothing, need at least 1000 for things to "bed in"
  12. lexus22

    Warped Hubs?

    ..but you didn't have the wheels balanced! As you know, they have the latest equipment for balancing wheels %100. They done mine, after some other muppet done them, and every wheel was out!! Cured a slight (but annoying) steering shake at 65mph. Go back and get them balanced!!
  13. lexus22

    Warped Hubs?

    ..but when these niggles are sorted, the car is the absolute dogs! Assume that you have removed and inspected the inside rims on all wheels for any signs of a buckle/flat spot? I notice you in Sussex, do yourself a massive favor and take car to Wheels in Motion. They are 85 miles from you in Chesham, but motorway miles. They will set tracking to correct spec, check wheels/tyres and then balance them "correctly" (not balanced on a worn out piece of crap in most tyre shops) The car will then drive perfect.
  14. lexus22

    Warped Hubs?

    Wouldn't have thought so, only if you were to brake. Sounds more like Tyre/wheel problem.
  15. lexus22

    Warped Hubs?

    Bit steep, £40ish is about right.