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  1. So both rear sills need to be replaced, both bumpers could do with a repaint, 5 to 600 ? How much are these cars worth? Guess this is why cars are scrapped..☹️ shame but reality.
  2. Buy a cared for is300 and enjoy it for what it is, if you want something else, then go and buy something else.
  3. Let's face it, these cars are now old, is it really worth spending excess money on them? Nice as they are, not a good investment.
  4. The sales rep behind you in his new BMW is left fumbling with his controls as you hypospace into the distance..happy days!!
  5. When you put the autobox into manual mode and use the tiptronic buttons on the steering wheel, ....😁
  6. Very nice car, even has the satnav, shame not the 18inch alloys and areo body kit though. I think it's overpriced with 128k, maybe if was 70k would be more like it. Does say it has a full service history, if by a main dealer then that's worth paying a bit more. Go and take a look at it, have a drive, it's nothing like driving an is200.
  7. Drive a 300 before you start dropping money into an endless pit.
  8. To be honest, reckon it would be hard to find a decent is300 now, at least 16 years old! But if you find one, don't hesitate. I've owned a 1986 Lotus for 28 years, will never find another in same condition.
  9. I change engine oil every 10k, never put it into sport mode as fast enough without it, use the manual shift buttons on motorway driving, such a lovely car to drive. Had slightly lower springs fitted last year which has improved the handling a lot, but standard otherwise. Amazes me how the paintwork is still as new!
  10. Bought it at 50k, now at 182k, used for everyday business, engine appears to be absolutely bomb proof, still as smooth and fast as day l bought it.
  11. Push the boat out and get an is300 auto
  12. So the most important thing is the duel mass flywheel, does the car judder slightly when letting the clutch out? If so then then it's £1000, best to get an automatic.
  13. Thanks guys, fitted new radiator today, all okay, will check everything again tomorrow for leaks before fitting undertray