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  1. Infact, the thing that really pisses me off with Wheeler Dealers, is that Brewer never washes his hair, let alone has never bushed his hair in his life!💩
  2. It's always come across as a 'tounge in cheek' Show, Mr B gives the impression that he is a bit of a half witted Arthur daily type of dodgy car dealer, but he clearly knows a thing or two about cars, good ol' Edd is a top notch mechanic, but he can only spend he's given amount to get the vehicle ready for sale. How many times do you see him putting restored wheels back on to corroded calipers! Not a show to be taken that seriously. An aquantance of mine bought the "bullit" Mustang from him, yes the basic work was done to get it through an mot, but cost him a hell of a lot more to get the car properly road worthy.
  3. Standard Is300 is a tad to soft for me , after all, it does say Sport on the rear windows, but it handles like a boat around country lanes, so had H&R springs fitted which lowered a couple of inches, and improved the ride/handling. So yes a standard IS is a 'soft' ride.
  4. What don't you like about Mike Brewer?
  5. So get yourself a code reader on- line for less than £30, plug it in and see what code comes up! I doubt if a dodgy spark plug would make the engine management light come on, you really need to plug a reader in to see what the fault is, not worth just trying to guess at it.
  6. Have you plugged in an OBR reader to see what codes are stored? I assume the engine management light is on
  7. Crikey Gregg, you seem to know what you are talking about, I can remember installing an 8 track player in my MK4 Cortina back in 1977!!!! Had a quick look about, and reckon £250 to fit something else, probably not worth the investment for me. Just ****** me off that I can't find a circuit diagram or some kind of service manual for the CD player as would like to fix it.
  8. So no idea what that wire was for, definitely nothing to do with sat nav or radio system, can only assume it's from something that the first owner had fitted, maybe a Bluetooth phone system. Anyway, the CD player still doesn't want to work, won't even let me load a CD, but at least I managed to get all the cd's out of it. Couldn't see anything wrong inside it , so guess fault is on one of the circuit boards 🤔
  9. That's a valid point! I left the satnav in the car so can't look at the back of it to see if there is a connection, but definitely doesn't go to the back of the music system
  10. So removed the radio CD unit today, as cd hasn't worked for a while now, found this black wire with bared end which has obviously been ripped off something, don't think it was me as can't find the other end. Thought it could be an earth wire to the back of the system but nothing there for it to attach to, anyone seen this wire before or any ideas?
  11. That link has just come through! Thanks for the info
  12. I have this Gates belt on another car, apparently it's guaranteed for well over 100k, but the Aisin belt seems as good if not better, can't seem to find a kit for an is300 though..
  13. Okay thanks, can say that I've ever heard of that make before though 🤔
  14. What is a good named make for a replacement cambelt kit?
  15. Attached photo of one of the old worn tyres, and one of the newly refurbished wheels, powder coated in gloss black then given the disco effect, as soon as the sun hits them they sparkle like mad!!
  16. I totally agree with your humble opinion, makes sense👍
  17. Have used Wheels in Motion, Chesham, to do alignment and it was spot on, but when I had the H&R springs fitted they cannot get it right, had to take it back to them a few times as not happy with the feel of the steering, but have now given up. Have recently had wheels refurbed and new tyres fitted and noticed that both original front and rear tyres on n/s, were worn badly on the outside edge. Also I find when reversing off my driveway on full lock, can feel/hear the front o/s wheel rubbing against the wheel hub arm. Fella at ATS who fitted new tyres, refused to do alignment as he reckoned that having lowered springs fitted would mess up his alignment figures and he couldn't be certain that it would be correct. I really think that you are right, the person needs to know exactly what they are doing when adjusting the alignment on cars, or else it gets worse! I've noticed that Kwik Fit offer a free alignment check, might be worth letting them have a look and see what the print out looks like...🤔
  18. So a few years ago I had lowered H&R springs fitted, since then garages have had issues trying to get the alignment right, they reckon that not being "standard" it throws all the figures out, anyone else had this problem?
  19. Seriously, get on fleabag, not original but work fine for less than £100
  20. Check the tyres! Are they the same make, groove pattern?
  21. Is200 SE, Sport, manual, automatic?
  22. Had it a lot recently, in traffic or just parking, fella wants to buy my car, really odd as it's an old is300, bloke offered me 3k this afternoon, took his number for politeness as don't really want to sell, are these is300's sort after now? If so, why?? Wouldn't get this in your ford Mundao
  23. Sounds more likes relay problem rather than a fuse.
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