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  1. Mine has rear camera and a full set of bumper sensors front and back - when you engage it you have to press a button saying you accepts the risks!!
  2. My 54 plate 430 has it and it works just fine tbh... I don’t rely on it though
  3. NeilP1960

    Back on the road

    You're probably right but I to balance that against the fact that my FiL was on his last legs and my wife and I were caring for him for the final 3/4 months of his life and the stress associated with this. My real issue is that the franchised dealer advised against me supplying them with a reconditioned transmission as they couldn't give any guarantee - hence the 'new' box from Lexus that clearly wasn't such a unit - outrageous imho
  4. Welcome to the club and enjoy the miles ahead 😉
  5. NeilP1960

    Back on the road

    The suspension has surprised me, certainly very much on the low side when taken away on the flat bed but since she's been back on the road... a quick cycle through the sport/normal/high modes has resulted in the car air suspension seemingly sorting itself out. I know it's always a major concern with the LS 430 but all seems ok at present... not sure how good an option the coil over solution is tbh?
  6. NeilP1960

    Back on the road

    Here she is btw
  7. NeilP1960

    Back on the road

    Graham, I'll keep folk informed and hope to be smiling for years yet with the 'second car'. Clearly early days still but the auto gearbox company were superb with me and I suspect significantly out of pocket with their time and component costs which weren't passed on. They're Wallasey based and have been around for since 1933 apparently.
  8. NeilP1960

    Back on the road

    Graham, The external cooler replaces the radiator function in cooling transmission oil and sits independently from it leaving the rad to cool the engine and provide warm air to occupants.|Model%3ALS430&hash=item35e88f8460:g:9iAAAOSwnTdaFdxV I'm no mechanic but would guess at £600-800 labour to replace Gearbox at a Lexus franchise and maybe half that at my independent? I still have all the bills from work undertaken on the vehicle by the franchise so if it drives ok in the next couple of months then I'll sit down and write to Lexus UK sharing my disappointment in the initial response of the local franchise and what that does to the reputation of the brand.
  9. NeilP1960

    Back on the road

    Right, Some of you might recall that I visited Lexus Liverpool about 3-4 years ago and spent a relatively large chunk of £££ on a series of jobs including a new transmission and torque converter, new back boxes etc. To be fair to the dealer, they did me a deal on their labour (next to nowt in cost). Some on here quite rightly thought I should have called it a day but the bronze LS430 has sentimental value (never good I know) to me as I'd bought it both for business miles and to ferry my terminally ill parents around with it's magic carpet ride and they loved it which made me feel decent too. Anyway... when I left the dealers I felt like the car was as good as ever but alas I wasn't smiling for too long as some 10000 miles later I was having a day with my camera on the Isle of Arran and on leaving the Caledonian MacBrayne ferry the gearbox seemed to slip a few gears then became stuck in 3rd (?). I drove home stuck in gear (keeping revs below approx 3500 revs) in the snow/sleet and the 300 mile trip to Merseyside was somewhat stressful to say the least. Straight to the dealership the following morning and they confirmed the gearbox was shot, when I produced their invoice for the work undertaken previously they looked horrified but eventually argued that the gearbox was only guaranteed for 10K miles and I'd done 423 miles over that - I was not impressed and told them so!! I thought I'd scrap it or trade in but as my FiL was on his last legs I decided to SORN it and deal with things later. I bought a used Skoda Superb 4x4 for work and kept the LS on the drive... to the chagrin of other family members. Roll on the clock 18 months and a friend told me of a Wirral based auto gearbox specialist so late last year a flat bed vehicle took the LS away and I negotiated a price with the garage for a rebuild to get it back on the road. After Christmas, the garage called me in and gave me their tale of woe... on three occasions they had stripped it down and rebuilt and on each time it burnt out within a couple of miles... they were of the view that there must be a hairline crack in the unit or another inherent weakness, but they did confirm that the 'fitted gearbox' from the franchise wasn't consistent in their opinion with one that had covered just over 10K. They reported that there was no water from the radiator in the transmission fluid. They suggested if I could get another box, they'd fit it for free and see what they could salvage from the old unit though they did recommend an external oil cooler as a safeguard and it was only a small additional cost (£90). So, a low mileage used transmission box including torque converter was picked up from a breaker .... thrown in and test driven for 40 miles.... success! Before celebrating too much, they put in for an MOT the following day and it flew through with no advisories!! They replaced the transmission oil as I requested (not cheap) and so I insured it as a second vehicle for less than £200 and she's now valeted and back on the drive!! I've only driven 200 miles since but she feels and sounds amazing... again..... I'm keeping everything crossed this time. Costs... Gearbox and Torque Converter @ £600, transmission oil @ £170, external oil cooler @£90 ... I insisted on them charging me for some of their labour after all the effort (£250 compromise) plus MOT, 12 months road tax and insurance. Hope I made the right choice and I won't be recommending a certain local franchise dealership to others. Wish me luck and I'll post pictures when the weather improves
  10. NeilP1960

    Back on the road

    Hey, It's been a while since I last posted. 2005 LS430 has been SORN-ed for 2 years since gearbox problems on the Isle of Arran in 2016..... recently put a new transmission/torque converter (breaker @ 43K miles) plus an independent oil cooler and voila... she's back! I put her through the MOT the next day and she sailed though.... welcome back to the quiet beast and special thanks to a Lexus fan in Darwen, Lancs for all your help!! ;)
  11. NeilP1960

    Lexus....a Rare Sight In Europe?

    I've just returned from Orleans in the Loire and the LS did get some curious glances from the locals
  12. Update, another 3000 miles on the clock, transporting daughter to Orleans for a year abroad with Uni and then down to Provence (Avignon) and back for a short break before a toodle around Somme and Ypres.... lifted the bonnet once to top up the screen wash! Still smiling
  13. Nice read, these LS are great aren't they? Just done similar distance around France and Belgium and it (2005 430) hasn't missed a beat.
  14. Dungeness in Spring or late Summer/Autumn has great light for photography