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  1. Its gloss plastic on top and matt underneath. Was really easy to fit with the supplied 3M tape thats pre fitted. Really good quality and a petfect fit.
  2. Its on a white RC, but the spoiler is gloss black. I'll grab some pics for you.
  3. Just fitted a maxton design boot spoiler to my 2016 RC 300h, really happy with the quality of it.
  4. Hey chaps, very interesting. So in a nutshell and taking everything on board we are saying that RC350 lowering springs should in theory work on the 300H?? If so there are some Eibach springs that are available. I will send a message to Eibach to see if they have ever tries these on a 300h
  5. Hey guys, Just picked up a 2016 RCH F sport today and allready started modding with Lexus puddle lights and Maxton design boot Spoiler. The ride height and Arch gap for me is an issue and i really want to lower it. Appears to be a number of lowering springs available for the RC350 but nothing for the 300H!!! So has anyone actually lowered one in the UK?? Any advice appreciated Damien.
  6. Hey, Just picked up mine today, coming from a VW Arteon. What a car!! Drives so sweetly and looks the nuts as a bonus. I mod all my cars and this will be no exception. Its a white 300h f sport. Just ordered Lexus puddle lights and a Maxton design gloss black spoiler. Keen to do something with the front plate too. Was thinking of a sticker style one on the lhs of the grille beneath the headlights. May order one for the sake of a tenner to see what it looks like.
  7. Hi All, GS300 2006 had an advisory to replace the front shocks and i'm having an absolute mare trying to source them.................avoiding the stealers!!! anyone know who the OEM is for the shocks.......i guessed KYB but nothing appears on their site. Just after sourcing the fronts. Cheers in advance for any help, Damien.
  8. Hi all, Just picked up a lovely 55 plate GS300 SE-L but has a really anoying problem with the window switches rattling in the doors, any guide with pics on how to remove on the gen 3 or maybe there is a way to remove the switches without taking the pad off??? just don't want to go pulling at things in case it breaks!!! any help is much appreciated. Cheers, Damien.