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  1. Hi guys as title suggests my warranty is up in March 2012. I have a new pair of 18" alloya and tyres ready to go. if I put them on will they tell me any issues with suspension is not covered? Thanks
  2. I know this will light a fire.. But is it worth the much higher fee? Is it mainly to do with when you are putting your vehicle up for sale? Thanks
  3. Hi guys, Just a quick question I have an 09 is 220d with 20k on the clock. Love the car . slow as hell pulling off but I can live with that , cause of the overall drive. I have set up a service plan with Lexus Stockport for my next three services. I am due a service @ 23,000 in roughly 3wks. My problem is the scrapping when I depress the clutch preparing to shift from 1st to 2nd then to 3rd, it goes after this... the car is other warranty until March 2012 @ which point I will extend the warranty. is this something to worry about? Or is it just like the tud from 1st to 2nd.. Just accepted it? Thanks guys.
  4. if your car was under the extended Lexus warranty would this not be covered?
  5. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LEXUS-IS220-2006-XENON-HID-CAR-FOG-BULBS-/250868847431?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item3a68f2d347#ht_1834wt_1139 Any good?
  6. Great thanks for your comments... I think I'll go with it, I plan on keeping my Lexus service history because it will have high mileage @ re sale time!!! I get a free full valet and a courtesy car at each service. They took the car yesterday for two hrs and did aload of checks on it for free... I know this is all to sweeten me up for the deal but its good to have copies of all this for re sale!!! £300 seems to be the the going rate for a service? Cheers
  7. Ok have just been to my local Lexus garage. They said the next service which is @ 20,000 would be £347.08 Air Conditioning service £81.60 Right here is the thing I have been offered a contract for 3 services I will average 3services per year. I have to make 8 monthly payments of £115.00 which is a total of £920.11 for my three services. For the 20,000 service If I sign up to the service plan I will get 10% off the 347.00 and the air conditioning service free!!! Does this deal seem reasonable? Due to the high mileage I will be doing I thought I would be better off with a full Lexus service History for re-sale or trade in?? My company give me £80 a month to maintain my car so it wont cost me much more than what i get ... £10 a week, Any comments Welcome.
  8. Hi guys I see alot of commenst from people about this topic... is that true if a car is well maintained and serviced correctly that its not broken in till 100k? I have just bought a 09 220d with 14k on the clock I plan on keeping it for 3yrs but I average 30-35k a yr. i know the car will not have a great re sale value which isnt a great concern.. but how long a life is expected from these engines!!! An off subject question. My car is obviously still under warranty can I drop into any Lexus Garage and ask about noises in the gearbox i'm a small bit concerned about? Thanks very much.
  9. Great thanks, i'll be getting average 3services a yr roughly 30,000 for the 1st yr or two. Thanks
  10. Purchased from a dealer, not a lexus dealer. Great thanks... so the lexus servicing is not worth it? Great does anyone know of a Lexus specialist in Liverpool/Manchester? the NorthWest? Thanks guys.
  11. Hi guys, Seems very informative on there... good work. Right my dilemma is this. I'm thinking of buying a lexus 220d an 09 model. I have been promised an amount of money per week for me to use my own car. with the repayments of a loan met, insurance, tax, I will be left with roughly £20 a week towards maintenance. I know it'll not cover servicing , tyres etc. I will be doing roughly 30,000 miles per annum. What is the best way to safe guard myself against a large unexpected expense? or am I safe enough if I'm getting a car with less than 20,000 currently on the clock? Am I best off paying the extended warranty fee and taking the cost of servicing on the chin? what is roughly the cost of servicing? Thanks in advance for any imput. Regards, Walter.