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  1. In a very quick search I found over £400 at one broker for the 300h and high £300's on the 200t
  2. They all come with LED DRL's but there are two different types. On most models they run underneath the headlamp and are split into two parts buy the dip beam projector. Its only on the top of the range Premier version where they are in a single strip due to the Premier's having LED dip beams instead of halogen. Most Models - Split by Projector Premier - Continuous
  3. I reset the trip when I had a test drive and I got just over 31mpg and that was on gentle back roads with 30-40mph limits. I tend to drive like Miss Daisy too. To say I was disappointed was an understatement and the ride was another disappointment too. Such a shame.
  4. I recognise that picture it was posted on this forum last week by Jonathan Smith??? Wonder if the picture has been poached or he is selling already
  5. It certainly stopped me buying, plus not being happy with the ride.
  6. I can only imagine how hard the F Sport must be. I was shocked at how firm the Premier was when I test drove it and that supposed to be the luxurious model, it was totally at odds with the relaxed nature of the Hybrid drivetrain. :eerrrmm:
  7. I agree with the ride on the Q3, I bought the Q5 because it had a much better ride than the Q3, plus its much nicer looking. With regard to the launch, I know I could of just turned up, but I didn't expect not to get something which had been promised from a dealer that has such reputation for customer service. Of course I didn't need to go anyway as I had already driven the car and made my decision not to take it any further. It will be interesting if they call when they have an F Sport for test drives as they said the would..... watch this space ;)
  8. I did wonder that, but I felt it wasn't a ride that would be improved that much by tyre pressures. IT does seem to be getting a pretty poor review for ride from UK journalists. The video review Mat Watson did on CarBuyers Youtube channel tallies up with my experience and that wasn't an F Sport either. Have to say I am disappointed with Lexus that my Invite for the event on Friday never turned up despite them saying it had been posted out.... twice! Maybe Im too fussy
  9. Hopefully coming from an M Sport spec BMW you may be pleasantly surprised. I have to say ride comfort is very important to me, but I can't understand why it would ride worse on 18" wheels than mine does on 20" Other than the ride (for me) the car is stunning.
  10. Spoke to my local dealer in the week and they had just received their two NX's. A white F Sport for the showroom and a grey Premier for road tests. I didn't book an appointment, but just turned up on Sunday afternoon. Initial impressions were it that it looked fantastic. Inside was beautifully finished, but it felt much narrower in the cabin than my Q5 which is understandable as the car is narrower, but a fraction longer. The boot though was noticeably smaller and very shallow. Having said those things it didn't put me off the car at all and I still wanted it. The seats were extremely comfortable. I was really pleased that I was able to have a test drive there and then on the spot in the Premier. I am a pretty sedate driver so the Hybrid drivetrain suits my laid back driving style so I was looking forward to seeing how it drove. Initial impression was that it was very quick off the mark. My Q5 is a 2.0 TDi with the S tronic gearbox which can have a slight delay sometimes when pulling away quickly; the NX had none of that. My NX dream fell apart though once we got out on the open road. The ride was so firm, jiggly and unsettled. This didn't seem to make sense as this was the Premier which I thought was going to be smooth and comfortable. The car only rides on 18" wheels where my Q5 is an S Line Plus on 20" wheels and the comparison between the two is like chalk and cheese. After the road test we did the same route in my car and it just glided over bumps that had the NX had us jostling around in our seats. If it was an F Sport maybe I could of accepted it, but it wasn't. I dread to think how the F Sport is going to ride which is firmer dampers and springs. Why do Lexus insist on making their cars ride so firm. It was the ride that put me off buying the CT when I was kooking to change my A3. I am sure it will sell like hot cakes purely on looks alone, but I feel for anyone who has ordered it blind, lets just hope they like a firm fidgety ride. I have to say I am really disappointed, it's such a shame.
  11. I agree I have never heard of a factory tint being scratched as they are usually a film layer between the laminates. Its only when you go aftermarket that they are applied externally, but on the inside no the outside.
  12. From watching the American reviews several state that the trunk is smaller than the Rav4 and less rear leg room too. They don't specify by how much though. Check out Youtube as there are plenty of reviews on there now.
  13. I saw an Obsidian Black 14 plate CT at my local dealer and the front bumper looked like it had done 50,000 miles, I was really shocked!
  14. Ive had alot in 3 different cars - Q7, A8, S4 I think its like with any car, its the luck of the draw.
  15. Not had any electrical gremlins in any of my Audi's in nearly 8 years