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  1. and the faulty injector is seized in place and at the moment cannot be moved.....
  2. My 2006 (55) 220d goes in tomorrow with the vsc/engine managment/traction control issue plus the loss of power/vibration when warm problem that i had a month or so ago that has recurred. Not looking forward to the outcome!!
  3. Sergio Thanks, I will do it at the weekend.
  4. I'll get some injector cleaners and run it at higher revs like you suggest. thanks for the help.
  5. thnaks, the engine management light doesn't come on, and the car has been fine since sunday. Oddly enough the fuel economy appears to have increased slightly too. Where is the egr valve and how do i clean it? Thanks for the tip off re the technicians and dingles! nice to know there is still local experts!
  6. and it didn't occur at all on monday during my wifes commute (38 miles each way). could it just be dirt in the fuel?
  7. Hi I'm new to this but i hope someone can help. Completely out of the blue yesterday my IS 220d lost power and gained a horrid vibration, it was ok first thing but seemed to happen as soon as the engine reached operating temp, same thing this morning. I rang my local dealer (Norwich), but they won't do anything as it shuts on thursday, they advised i ring the ipswich dealer 40 miles away! Any ideas as to what the problem is? Gav
  8. hi new to this forum. had a problem develop yesterday with my 2006 is 220d. When the engine gets hot i lose power and get awful engine vibration, but the car is fine when the engine is cold? any ideas? btw my local lexus dealer shuts on the 30th and they don't want to know! nearest dealer is now 60 miles away! Gav
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